17 candidates now apply for a position of the head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot"? - newspaper "Business"

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Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine try to dismiss the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot". In any case, quite so about it the newspaper "Business" writes.

Not really clearly, from where there are such conclusions, after all all deputies who spoke concerning a situation with possible violations on GP "The Delta — the Pilot", repeatedly declared that don't set as the purpose dismissal of the acting director.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that two People's Deputies V. Vecherko and R. Zabzalyuk initiate creation of commission of inquiry on questions of investigation of circumstances of rather possible violations of the current legislation of Ukraine from officials of the State enterprise "Delta Pilot" (Nikolaev).

Explaining the position, one of initiators, the People's Deputy of Ukraine R. Zabzalyuk declared: "Our task as authorities - to understand a situation, instead of to destroy the enterprise. Not to execute or put these heads, and to eliminate precedent of creation of conflict situations and possible violation of the current legislation. Nobody sets as the purpose change of the present head".

According to the newspaper "Business", at present in check of state company is engaged control - auditing management, but results of check of CREWE become known not earlier than in May, 2010.

It should be noted that our Kiev colleagues were mistaken a little. Actually, inspections at the enterprise are carried out all the year round. As for CREWE - that, it began at the enterprise since June of the current year, as well as on forty other state monopolies - so-called state audit (in a daily mode) is booked. This procedure is carried out according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of 20.05.2009 No. 5061 signed in May, 2009.

As reports "Business", authors of the project of creation of the commission, found it difficult to explain, officials of the enterprise are suspected of which illegal actions.

Surprisingly, after all some time ago R. Zabzalyuk explained that doesn't understand why criminal cases which were opened on the facts of plunder of budgetary funds in 2007 when the enterprise V. Bezdolny directed aren't investigated.

"Many complaints on the plunder facts gathered during board of the former director of this enterprise. Criminal cases which were excited, aren't up to the end investigated. On a course of our trials I hope that all of us will find out", - R. Zabzalyuk declared.

In turn, the People's Deputy of Ukraine A. Dubovoy who also was among initiators of this Temporary commission of inquiry, declared that wishes to head this commission.

"For me it is essentially important that the situation which developed at this state enterprise, especially at the time of the previous management in the person of mister Bezdolny, was studied objectively and impartially. We can't be silent about considerable abuses, about the situation finished to the point of absurdity on GP "Delta Pilot". Anybody here doesn't peddle old stuff, after all about it openly a number of criminal cases. Personally I would like that this commission was engaged in studying of a state of affairs at this enterprise, and especially activity of mister Bezdolny and that "lawlessness" which the Pilot" dominated on "the Delta during his management of this strategically important enterprise for the State", - considers A. Dubovoy.

As the newspaper "Business" claims, with V. Vecherko and R. Zabzalyuk's arguments deputies were unfamiliar even, whose candidates are offered as members of the commission. So, the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Artem Pshonka nominated on a position of the deputy the head of commission of inquiry, noted that the bases for state enterprise check to it aren't known yet.

We consider necessary to remind that during the recent communication with representatives of the Nikolaev mass media the People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk, answering a question concerning the initiative of creation of Temporary commission of inquiry of GP "Delta Pilot", I didn't keep and I accused journalists that they put pressure upon People's Deputies of Ukraine.

"Sometimes representatives of mass media, seeking to give the first information in the editions, that without understanding, turn separate activities of the power into the base for "cat's fights"", - R. Zabzalyuk declared then.

Unfortunately, most likely, so it turns out and this time …

In turn, other authoritative politician - the People's Deputy of Ukraine A. Kinakh, so commented on a situation: "Ports lately become hostages of raider attacks, attempts to take away to themselves the state property and money.And instead of solving these problems, try to arrange the next repartition in work of the liquid enterprise - "The delta - the pilot". I don't believe in efficiency of such commission. "The delta - the pilot" let is engaged in work its management, that is experts. And the commission which offered, is imitation of search of justice, and actually attempt to redistribute state ownership".


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