Into the shelf of the president hit soldiers and took requisitions

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Recently military local court of the Kiev garrison condemned two officers of a presidential regiment for requisitions and mockeries at soldiers.

Most of all the second-in-command of a company of a guard of honor, 24 - the summer officer Vladimir Kravchenko "caused a stir", writes "Today".

From a sentence of court follows that Kravchenko from December, 2008 to July present repeatedly and cruelly beat soldiers: that one incorrectly approached to the officer, another - stammered at the report, and the third - made a mistake in the book of daily details.

In total in business - 28 victims. There were cases when Kravchenko beat soldiers for the slow answer, the wrong placement of slippers and that one of the military personnel couldn't find the necessary disk with movies.

Bill fists, feet, pillows and even the tubes weaved among themselves from blood transfusion system. Quite often - being drunk, writes the edition.

In Kravchenko's court I told that thus he wanted to humiliate the military personnel and to show the superiority over them, but recognizes that worked illegally and repents of the perfect.

The court took into account that Kravchenko actively promoted crime disclosure, on service was characterized positively, and also it has a juvenile child. All this commuted a penalty.

"The court sentenced the officer to three years of restriction of freedom and "the senior lieutenant" deprived of a rank - punishment it leaves in the corrective center of open type", - the military prosecutor of the Kiev garrison Nikolay Lysy told, under whose management this criminal case was investigated.

He noted that the facts of violence were elicited by the commander of military unit Victor Plakhty and at once reported about it in prosecutor's office.

"As far as I know, to a regiment it is the first such egregious example which, first of all, painfully struck on the commander. I know that it sticks in the shelf for 12-14 hours per day, many consider him as the perspective and talented military", - the chief told a press - services of the Ministry of Defence Igor Halyavinsky.

At the same time informally military agree in opinion that the regiment is a huge economy, hundreds people and to glance in time to each barracks commanders have no opportunity.

The military local court of the Kiev garrison condemned also 29 - the summer captain Andrey Melnik, the commander of a platoon of a presidential regiment and in combination the officer - the psychologist.

As appears from a court sentence, Melnik in the days off created to soldiers a ban, and for the right not to observe them, by means of the subordinate, received money.

The court punished Melnik two years of restriction of freedom. The captain (already degraded by court) doesn't admit the guilt and submits the appeal.


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