Lutsenko: around Arselor Mittal 15 criminal groups

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The chief of a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Krivoi Rog, the militia colonel Alexander BILOUSOV received strict reprimand for insufficient scheduled maintenance on neutralization of criminal groups which were engaged in steel products plundering from combine "Arselor Mittal Krivoi Rog".

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about it today on a press - conferences in Krivoi Rog were reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO.

"After acquaintance to investigation of affairs on plundering I made steady impression that goes competitions between external forces which want to plunder steel products from the enterprise, and internal forces which want it to plunder even more", - the minister emphasized.

Yu.LUTsENKO connects steel products plundering on "Arselor Mittal Krivoi Rog" with resonant attempts at murder of leaders a top - managers of combine in 2009.

The minister emphasized that now the consequence fulfills the main and perspective version concerning attempts at a top - managers. Final investigation of this version, according to Yu.LUTsENKO, will be complete in a month - one and a half, and even earlier.

The minister noted that isn't satisfied with work of krivorozhsky militia after murder of local criminal authority known as Draft which was involved in steel products plundering.

Yu.LUTsENKO specified that the local militia found murderers of criminal authority, but didn't expose members of criminal groups in the city which continued the illegal activity.

According to the minister, it is now established that in Krivoi Rog about 15 criminal groups which worked round iron and steel works worked.

According to the minister, operational data on participation in steel products plundering on "Arselor Mittal Krivoi Rog" officials of the enterprise who were connected with criminal groups are now obtained.

Yu.LUTsENKO emphasized that soon on these facts a number of criminal cases will be excited.


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