"Thieves in law" in Ukraine. Where live where sit where go

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Precisely it is possible to count them only for any concrete moment, because thieves - people mobile. For example, Lera Sumskoy approximately carries out equal quantity of time in Ukraine and in Russia, quite often leaves Anti-Moscow … Nevertheless, in a certain approach, it is possible to tell that in Ukraine usually are from 10 to 15 thieves in law. Three from them serve the sentences in colonies and prisons.

Average thieves' "common fund" in Ukraine makes about one million dollars, and "meeting" can't almost be carried out from - for pressure of field investigators.

Last week the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko sounded names of seven "thieves in law" living now in different regions of our country. It warmed up (once again) interest in society to this closed "caste" of criminal authorities. The Segodnya newspaper made own journalistic investigation to understand: how many them, "legalists", in general in Ukraine, than they are engaged …


The thieves' caste arose in the USSR in 30-x years, and since then the set of thieves' "laws", or "concepts", underwent considerable changes. (By the way, in professionally - the criminal environment the phrase "thief in law" practically isn't applied, it is rather simple to tell "thief" - and everything it is clear, who it). Nowadays, for example, "legalists" aren't forbidden to make a family, in general, to lead "secular" life.

And quite recently, for about a year - two back, testify professionals from GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, thieves decided to give themselves one more ease. Field investigators claim that from now on the thief without loss of authority can even … renounce the thieves' rank if it is a question of the statement to militiamen. "To cops not западло" - this decision which is deciphered as follows approximately is so formulated: to deceive militia - sacred business, even in such delicate question, as "renunciation of a crown". The aim is thus pursued the quite clear: that militiamen lagged behind, didn't "press" the legalist. Pier, it any more the thief, bribes are smooth … Thus in the environment the thief remains "in a crown".

However, speak in GUBOP, the thieves' environment isn't uniform, and there on - to a miscellaneous treat an innovation.Part of thieves with it it agrees and will read "renounced" as true "legalists", part - consider that removed "crown" voluntary as though degraded itself and to respect them there is nothing. In any case, in materials GUBOP some such thieves that "renounced" appear. But cunning it was or a sincere rush - difficultly to tell.


Habit to solve all important questions on "skhodnyakakh" or "skhodkakh" (that is large-scale meetings of a large number of thieves) too I remained with 30-x years of last century. But now in Ukraine, field investigators of GUBOP testify, it is almost impossible to carry out "meeting" from - for a rigid operating control. For example, in 2007 "сходняк" father who has specially arrived from Russia and the son Hoyetsyan (both are "thieves in law", nicknames, respectively, "Hui" and "Ruff") tried to carry out in the Crimea. A year ago, in May, them detained on the peninsula the opera and right there deported back to Russia. Similar attempt was and in Odessa, according to the employee of GUBOP, thieves arrived "on a visit" to Antimos, but that had to leave from - for pressure of field investigators. So "meeting" also broke.

Happens, of course, that some thieves gather in one place literally for an hour - another, and field investigators physically aren't able "to block" such meetings - even if in time learn while will reach, there already all ran up. For example, there was a case, one very "authoritative" Russian thief arrived from Moscow. It stayed in the Borispol airport literally hour, someone met and at once departed …


Precisely it is possible to count them only for any concrete moment, because thieves - people mobile. For example, Lera Sumskoy approximately carries out equal quantity of time in Ukraine and in Russia, quite often leaves Anti-Moscow … Nevertheless, in a certain approach, it is possible to tell that in Ukraine usually are from 10 to 15 thieves in law. Three from them serve the sentences in colonies and prisons. It, first of all, Artur Eroshevsky, "hero" of notorious bloody Odessa affair. We will remind: On May 1, 1997 Artur (his "sobriquet" coincides with a name), having decided that him fatally offended in the bar "Suvorovsky", I returned there with the machine gun and I shot a set of the people. Slaughter result: 4 corpses and 18 wounded, including are heavy. Him sentenced to life imprisonment. Sits 44 - the summer thief in Vinnytsia prison, and to nullify contacts with other convicts and to reduce influence on "contingent", him support in the camera - the single.

One more murderer among thieves - 58 - summer Nikolay Hivrenko ("sobriquet" of "Hivrya", "Ukrainian", "Duke", was crowned in Moscow by "Shakro" and "Chistokrovk's" thieves). It is sentenced in 2004 for murder of the businessman to 16 years of imprisonment (besides, he participated in kidnapping of the known businessman Arkady Tabachnik in the past who was released from captivity later, and after it shot). "Hivrya" in the Sokalsky colony No. 54 near Lviv sits.

The third condemned thief - 49 - summer Avtandil Antadze by nickname "Car". I received five years in November of last year for the weapon, drugs and counterfeit documents.

Some thieves voluntary left Ukraine and didn't come back any more. It, for example, Vladimir Krzhevitsky ("Dry biscuit", 55 years, went to Russia), Oleg Fedorenko ("Chistokrovka", "Gray-haired", 69 years, went to Poland), Valery Dzhavakhadze (Valera Kutaissky) and some other. In general, the Caucasian thieves in Ukraine is a separate subject, we will return to it in one of the next numbers.


From left to right: "Антимос", "Hivrya" (the top row); "Artur", "Lera Sumskoy", "Lenya Krasnodonsky" (the bottom row).


1. Kukhilava Antimos Hutayevich - "Antimos", "Antik", 1956, the Abkhazian, lives in Odessa. We judge, has considerable communications among political and economic elite of the region and Kiev.

2. Mamedov (Pakhomov) Sergey Aleksandrovich - "Mamed", 1967г.р. the native of Kiev, lives in Donetsk. We judge four times, it is crowned in Donetsk in 2000 - m, honors thieves' laws, tries to appoint looking on region zones. It is very rich.

3. Lysenko Sergey Ivanovich - "Lera Sumskoy", 1954, is crowned in 1993 at Vechornytsi restaurant in Sumy. We judge 6 times, the last sat down in 1998 for 7 years at extortion. I organized disobedience actions in a pre-trial detention center and zones Kharkov and Lviv. Zealous adherent of old thieves' traditions.

4. Sheremet Valery Andreevich - "Sheremet", "Ball", 1949, the inhabitant of Odessa. Supports thieves' movement, controls pickpockets.

5. Kramarenko Vyacheslav Vasilyevich - "Kramar", "Mikola", "Demon", 1957, lives in Poltava. Nowadays president of firm and founder of a casino, offender. It is crowned in Dnepropetrovsk by two Ukrainian and the Moscow thief in 1998.

6. Rusan Vasily Aleksandrovich - "Vasya Ushaty", 1974, lives in Kiev and Odessa. It is crowned by Caucasians, including allegedly Antimos. The youngest thief of Ukraine. We judge three times, the last time received 5 years.According to operational data, tries to influence racket, robberies, burglaries in the capital, trade in perventinom drug ("screw").

7. Epiploons Alexey Viktorovich - "Lenya Krasnodonsky", 1973, lives in Lugansk. In the sphere of criminal interests - smuggling streams (in particular, from Russia through "transparent" borders).


1. Eroshevsky Artur - "Artur", 1964, serves lifelong sentence in Vinnytsia prison in a solitary confinement.

2. Hivrenko Nikolay Leonidovich - "Hivrya", "Ukrainian", "Duke", 1950, is crowned in Moscow. Sits in the Sokalsky colony No. 54 near Lviv (the term of 16 years, the beginning of departure of 27.11.2003).

3. Antadze Avtandil - "Car", 1959. Serves five-year sentence in Vinnytsia region.


1. Slyusarenko Alexey Timofeyevich - "Cudgel", 1929. Lives in the basic in Odessa.

2. Dubinets Vladimir Ivanovich - "Big-eared", "Cut", "Izya", 1951, lives in Boyarka. On hearings, is related to investments into Salyut hotel (Kiev). Has solid communications in the politician - economic beau monde of the capital.

Source: data GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


"Common fund" - money for "operational" expenses of criminal community, and also the help to those who serves sentence (today is usually bank account). In GUBOP claim that uniform "the All-Ukrainian common fund" doesn't exist. That is "the obshchakovy cash desk" is formed practically round each "thief in law". Speak, there is "common fund" at Antimos, at Lera Sumsky and at others. The average size more - less serious cash desk comes nearer to one million dollars and above. By the way, it is dangerously to have too big "common fund". Field investigators tell that "Boots" in the Crimea Victor Bashmakov moved away the leader of the well-known gang just from - for such cash desk where more than 10 million dollars accumulated at that time (the middle 90-x). And the cash desk where - that disappeared …

"Common fund" from assignments which have to bear to the thief all those who commits crimes in this region ("a share small"), and also from "voluntary" contributions of local businessmen is formed. By the way, there are also really voluntary contributions from businessmen - when respectable businessmen, in the past sitting and honoring "concepts" still, deduct in "common fund" that "to heat a zone".

Today functions of the thief in law - "to earn" (different ways) money to itself and the people.Besides, it has to hold "common fund" and to be the arbitration judge in criminal "neponyatkakh". Plus, speak in GUBOP, control of a "operational" situation in the region that there were no murders and other loud crimes, differently field investigators and special troops of all "put on ears". It is to the thief it is unprofitable.

Edition congratulates GUBOP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with coming 17-й anniversary and thanks a press - department service for the help in preparation of materials.


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