Authenticity of films of Melnichenko confirmed and approach Litvin?

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In the State Office of Public Prosecutor the translation of results of fonoskopichesky examination of films of Nikolay Melnichenko from English on Ukrainian is complete.

"The investigation team got the transfer of the conclusion of a fonoskopiya of records which were investigated by the group of experts of one of institutes of Germany", - the head told a press - services of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Yury Boychenko, writes "Today".

"These materials are attached to others, already being in criminal case", - Boychenko added, having refused to confirm or refute Melnichenko's statements that examination recognized films authentic.

Referring to others "competent sources in law enforcement agencies", the edition reports that experts confirmed authenticity of voices of Leonid Kuchma, Vladimir Litvin, Yury Kravchenko, other known people in Ukraine, secretly written down by Melnichenko.

"The State Office of Public Prosecutor keeps mum not to make any sharp movement which will cost too expensive both Medvedko, and to his deputy Golomshe, the curator put Gongadze", - one of the former deputy public prosecutors speaks.

"But actually GPU is defined how to be with Litvin who isn't to the head of an investigation team Alexander Harchenko", - he notes.

"On the one hand, the speaker - one of key persons involved put Gongadze, with another - the person inviolable. It is impossible to deliver it to Harchenko forcibly. But the consequence all the same approaches it. And it is better for it to come most", - one of the former deputy public prosecutors speaks.

On earlier published films which were checked by the German experts, neither ex-the president Kuchma, nor the head of his administration of that time Litvin, someone doesn't tell other directly about murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze.

But records can "play" complete with Alexey Pukacha's indications. According to edition sources, the general showed that obtained the order from ex-the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kravchenko to kill Gongadze shortly after that left Litvin's office. Though this in itself doesn't prove fault of the present speaker.

Press - Litvin's secretary Olga Chernaya told that doesn't know, whether called her chief in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and whether it is going to go there.

And the member of his block Oleg Zarubinsky considers that the speaker has nothing to be afraid.

"Litvin has no relation to Gongadze. It is further from this business, than (the present president, in 2000 the prime minister Victor) Yushchenko, (ex-the speaker Alexander) Moroz and others", - is spoken by him.


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