Survived after blows a knife of robbers 95 - the summer woman gave evidences: robbers attacked old women because thought that those money lenders

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote, that on November 18 in own house in one of Voznesensky's villages of the region of the Nikolaev area the corpse 71 - the summer local resident was found. Having arrived to a place, Voznesensky's employees of the District Department of Internal Affairs established that the death was caused by injuries. On a neck of the woman it was found колото - a reasonable wound which caused death.

Besides a corpse, in one of rooms in an unconsciousness, with numerous injuries, it was found 95 - summer mother killed. The old woman was delivered at once in Voznesenskaya by TsRB.

Attack details on pensioners became known.

Recently imprisonments recently released from places returned to one of Voznesensky's villages of the area two friends. One of them, 25 - summer Vadim, was the inhabitant of this village, and 28 - his summer colleague on plank beds lived in the neighboring settlement.

The former prisoners decided to note the exit to freedom as speak, on - мужски. On a visit at the fellows villager they started taking alcoholic drinks. When alcohol went to the head, before gathered friends started showing and bragging of the knifes. To them usually asked a question, why these knifes, on what those answered - only for self-defense, time now uneasy, them can offend or even to kill, after all they are earlier judged.

After the alcohol ended, men said goodbye with gathered, and went in the unknown direction. After that anybody any more didn't see them.

On November 18, about the 7th o'clock in the morning in Voznesensky's call center of city department of militia the statement that in this village is killed 71 - the summer woman arrived, and it 95 - summer mother with the cut throat remained is live.

On a scene immediately I left it is investigative - task force which revealed in the house of troupes of the woman with колото - a cut wound of a neck.During conversation with mother lost guards managed to renew a picture of events of this night, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

In this house lived aged mother with the daughter. About o'clock in the morning, according to mother, they heard as in the house someone broke glass. Having decided to go to check who there misbehaves, one of women came across two unknown who broke into the house.

Without having managed to recover, unfortunate I was hit blow a knife in a neck from which fell to a floor, bleeding profusely. Women slept in different rooms, mother lost, because of respectable age, couldn't perceive adequately a situation. But thus she noted that one of forwards was with a knife in hands, and the second with a hammer. She didn't see how scoffed at her daughter, but then one of them rushed to it into the room and started demanding from it money.

The woman started explaining that money in the house isn't present then the bandit seized her by the head and a knife put two cuts in a neck. Gore - criminals, on - visible, very much hurried, after all absolutely forgot to be convinced that all their victims are dead. Having rummaged all house upside down, criminals of money didn't find. Hurrying to leave an event place, they left behind not only fingerprints, but also footwear trails of blood that in the subsequent promoted guards in their search.

After such incident the pensioner by miracle remained is live. Being rather afraid to go outside, she till the morning stayed over a body of the daughter, and only went to neighbors in the morning to report the matter in militia.

The commissions of crime which have arrived to a place guards revealed in the house yard also a dead dog. Apparently, the dog started barking, and not to frighten the production, bandits killed him. Four days were required to Voznesensky's employees of city regional department of militia to detain the persons involved in such resonant crime.

It was succeeded to detain suspects while they tried to cross the border with Transnistria. On interrogation at the investigator suspects confessed in deeds and admitted that purposefully went to this house for the purpose of a robbery.

Commission of assault was promoted also by two more factors, in - the first, in the house there live two pensioners who can't show any resistance, and in - the second, on the village gossips went that the specified ladies are prosperous and lend to locals under percent large sums of money.

Having believed such stories, men expected to take away about 70 thousand UAH in victims. When criminals understood that made the house wrong choice, hastened to disappear from an event place. At first they went to Voznesensk where came to the old friend to borrow at it money, and then left the territory of the Nikolaev area, having gone to Odessa.

Both are repeatedly earlier judged. One of them for thefts, and another - for thefts and robberies. At present suspects are in a temporary detention center where with them investigative actions are carried out.

On this fact criminal case according to the Art. of 115 h is brought. 2 (Deliberate murder) that provides a life imprisonment.


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