After meeting at the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the chief Nikolaev militiaman V. Uvarov assured that any committed crime doesn't remain unnoticed

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About need of strengthening of work of militia concerning disclosure of property crimes it was spoken yesterday during meeting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the participation of the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, chiefs of GU - Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in areas and on transport. About it reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

As it was noted at meeting, digital indicators of a crime rate were affected substantially by legislative changes by which at the beginning of summer of this year level of causing the material damage necessary for initiation of legal proceedings was considerably lowered. Therefore now property thefts for the sum over 60 hryvnias already are penal. Such changes gave the chance to struggle with criminals, especially in rural areas where the sum of the stolen property, usually, isn't too high, however causes essential damage to needy citizens. After the introduction in action of this law the percent of the brought criminal cases, so, and an indicator of the general crime rate considerably grew. At the same time load of police officers considerably increased.

- In proportion to growth of an indicator of crimes has to grow and an indicator of their disclosure, - the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukrainenoted at meetingYury Lutsenko.

Despite of that growth of level of thefts is generally observed, the Minister exposed the subordinate the requirement to intensify disclosure of robberies and robberies including last years. The minister also noted observance registration - registration discipline, need to register all messages of citizens. The picture of crime has to be objective, the Minister noted.

During meeting level of scheduled maintenance underwent criticism. Need of activization of work for this direction was noted. After all now every fourth crime is committed earlier judged, over 93 percent - locals, and it, in turn, speaks about weak work with citizens who are under the adminprismotry.

Yury LutsenkoI set the subordinate the task to speed up work concerning such to itself organizers rural гуралень "with an industrial bias", withdrawing moonshine stills from those who produces moonshine on sale. Also the minister noted need to check rural areas on existence there playing machine guns which could remove there from the city.

At meeting the question of fight against corruption manifestations was considered also. Only self-cleaning of ranks of law-enforcement bodies can be an effective remedy of fight against negative manifestations which sometimes take place in militia, there was a speech at meeting. The minister noted need of more rigid punishment for employees of militia which to compromise itself during service.

Also during meeting questions of efficiency of innovations in State traffic inspectorate work, in particular introduction of new system of examination when an examination course on the right of driving by the car can watch in a mode it - a line by means of the automated monitoring system directly from Department that eliminates opportunities for examiners in any way to influence an examination course were discussed.

At the end it is worth sounding rather interesting offer "from below" which sounded at meeting: to initiate legislative changes, that according to which, for attempt to bribe the employee of GAI from the driver withdrew the driving license.

It should be noted that at this meeting there was also a chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the Nikolaev area the militia colonelVladimir Uvarov.

In particular, after meeting, in comments to the correspondent"Crime. There is no V. Uvarov",I noted that, really, in comparison with last year the number of thefts made in the territory of the Nikolaev area increased. According to him, statistically, this growth made 70%.

The chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev areaV. UvarovI explained that the economic crisis has an effect and the people inclined to commission of crimes went outside.Vladimir UvarovI assured that any committed crime doesn't remain unnoticed. All statements of citizens which arrive to the Nikolaev militiamen are registered and on everyone investigation is made.


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