Prosecutor of Nikolayevshchina N. Stoyanov: "I don't want to offend police officers, but, unfortunately, not all those lawyers who has diplomas"

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Since the beginning of year in bodies of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area more than 9 thousand addresses of citizens arrived. The prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Stoyanov reported about it.

According to him, in prosecutor's office the special attention is paid to a question of consideration of addresses of citizens.

"It is very large volume of work. 9 thousand addresses it is impressive, after all it isn't necessary to forget that at us is in staff on area of only 320 quick employees", - Nikolay Stoyanov noted.

But, despite it, the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area doesn't complain of a situation and declares that to increase the staff there is no opportunity.

According to him, most often come to prosecutor's office with complaints on the land questions. Very often complain of work of bodies of inquiry and a consequence.

"Generally ask why excited or why didn't initiate proceedings. Today we cancelled 454 resolutions on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings. At the prosecutor when he studies a material, the outlook is slightly more … I don't want to offend police officers, but, unfortunately, not all those lawyers who has diplomas", - N. Stoyanov noted.

Also, since the beginning of year, 144 resolutions on initiation of criminal cases were recognized as the unauthorized.

"I don't want to offend our colleagues, but quality and professionalism sometimes suffers. But for this purpose also there is a prosecutor's office that behind it everything to supervise, - N. Stoyanov declared, and right there decided to break "fall", - despite it, it is necessary to pay tribute to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after all the main work on tranquillity maintenance in society lies on their shoulders".

He emphasized that before prosecutor's office don't put plans for number of the brought criminal cases, after all the prosecutor's office watches also that business got to court.


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