In Donetsk the gang, on which account more than 25 robberies and robberies is detained. Nikolayevets was a part of a gang

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Staff of criminal investigation department of the city of Donetsk prevented attack on office of one of banks in Kalininsky district of the regional center. As a result of carrying out expeditious actions it was detainedgang from five people, age from 28 to 40 years which member there was also an inhabitantNikolayevshchina. About it"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"reported in a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to the chief of criminal militia of the Donetsk gorupravleniye of internal affairs, malefactors arrived to cancelled "business" to days on "Toyota RAV4" jeep. Hardly they managed to put on masks as the staff of the city Department of Internal Affairs approached to their car. On the offer to leave salon the driver of "Toyota" instantly blocked all doors and pressed a gas pedal. Having damaged some cars, the SUV at a mad speed rushed the streets of Donetsk filled with transport.

Considering that around there were many people, and criminals could be armed, the decision them "was made not to pursue". Later this car found thrown in the neighboring area. Criminals hurried and left in it everything, than planned, but didn't manage to use: two gas cylinders, two baseball bats, specialsuits with inscriptions "Protection" and "Protection a complex", two masks of black color with cuts for eyes and a mask from female panty hoses.

In seven days the organizer of attack which didn't take place, was detained in Odessa. During a search in rented it in Donetsk garage withdrew three units of firearms: the fowling piece, rifle with a riflescope and a carbine. Slightly earlier behind a lattice there were also participants of the crew created by it. In total five people entered it, age from 28 to 40 years, all are judged for different crimes earlier. They made robberies and robberies in different structure, for them carefully prepared. It is vainly not to risk, chose for attack only "reliable", i.e. potentially monetary objects.

In December, 2008 the foreigner who had the changes in Donetsk fell their first victim. Having tracked it some days, robbers waited for it near a house entrance. When he got into the car and put the portfolio on passenger sitting, one of criminals opened a car door, grabbed a portfolio and almost under way jumped in "Daewoo LANOS" which waited for it with not switched-off engine. The debut was very successful - the sum stolen made 290 thousand hryvnias and 50 thousand American dollars. It was the uniform case when the direct performer "worked" without mask. In all further crimes bandits carefully masked appearance.

Among their crimes two robberies of women which operated expensive cars. In both cases robbers "propped up" their "Lexus" and "Mercedes" by the car, and, each time another (BMW and Chevrolet Lacetti), and openly was abducted by bags. Money interested them only - phones and other subjects jumped out at the first opportunity.

"Exit" robbery was carried out by group and in Lugansk. Check left after unsuccessful attack on Toyota bank helped to establish it. As it appeared, in the summer of this year she was kidnapped at 38 - a summer luganchanka: near a supermarket strangers in masks violently seated future victim in the car, plots to her on the head a bag and keys demanded from her car. Having taken control of it, landed it in a deserted place and disappeared.

Also, big production was brought to bandits by attack on other foreign citizen who changed currency. Criminals several times used its services and knew that it serves rather narrow circle of clients whom meets only after the preliminary arrangement by phone. Having invited him allegedly for an exchange of money, bandits arrived to a place by two cars - "Daewoo LANOS" and "Mercedes". In "Mercedes" left the pregnant sister of one of criminals, counting that the woman in such state won't cause in "speculator in foreign currency" of suspicions. He really quietly got to it into the car and changed the sum necessary to it. At this moment in salon there were three husband's in masks, threatening with the gun, to the foreigner plots on the head a bag and took away all money which it had at itself, - nearly 200 thousand. But it it seemed to them a little. Having beaten the speculator in foreign currency, at him selected flat keys and threatened to finish with the wife and the child if he doesn't tell where in the house are stored savings.Being afraid for life of relatives, the man told everything, and robbers took out from his housing of 100 thousand more hryvnias.

Is later on interrogations the woman who, without knowing that, I became the supernumerary at commission of such daring crime, I admitted that only then I understood, from where at her brother big money undertakes. And that for the sake of them he risked her life and life of future kid, simply shocked it.

According to the investigator of the Donetsk gorupravleniye of militia who is engaged in investigation of acts of a gang, 40 - the summer leader of a gang has two higher educations and claims that in the past he is art teacher. It only who took part in all crimes, is more than that, he was the ideological inspirer and the think-tank, but during commission of crimes, always remained only at a car wheel.To the leader not to occupy impudence as on bank he organized attack how police officers detained some participants of a gang. For their replacement it "tightened" the acquaintance from the Nikolaev area whom after a while and detained in the homeland.

The leader after attack on bank which came to grief, left to Odessa, from where was a sort, but he didn't manage to cover up tracks. Him detained directly on the embankment where he quietly went out with with the friend. Its attempt to escape wasn't crowned with success though to field investigators who arrived behind it from Donetsk, and it was necessary, stopping its resistance, together with it to plunge into the cold autumn sea.

Today in "track record" of this group seven proved robberies and robberies (including not carried out attack on bank) are registered.

In total on the account of its participants more than 25 crimes. The measure of participation in them each of persons involved will be established by a consequence.


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