The Nikolaev monster a fork, a knife and a stool tortured the old mother in the face of 70 - the summer father.

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The fear - feeling which does even the strong person weak-willed, forces to submit to the one who causes this fear. Fear of death - threat which is posed only by the enemy. But it is actually terrible when threat proceeds from the own child... 43- summerVladimir Rudskoywith special cruelty I beat to death the mother in the face of 70 - the summer father, afraid to be risen to obsessed with vodka and anger to the son. It saved to the old man life, but forever imprinted in his memory a terrible picture of that April night...

For the first time Vladimir was condemned for seven years of imprisonment in the 31 year for theft and a robbery. Having served sentence, in 2002 I returned to the parental house where on - former all conditions to start new life loved and tried to create it to the son. But Vladimir didn't seek to find work, "earned some money" casual earnings, and the gained money spent on drink. Sometimes I used drugs. In 2005 I received punishment in the form of 1 year of 6 months of imprisonment for theft, with a trial period one year, but on a right way I didn't become. Even the sonny wasn't spent for products - lived on pension of aged parents. And on vodka I took money from parents. I didn't earn, I didn't ask, and I demanded. If didn't receive money - I could beat parents.

- That day Vladimir Rudskoy with friends for day took alcoholic drinks. But drunk it appeared a little, - the prosecutor of department of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev areatoldVasily Omelyan,holding the state charge of court on this case. - Having come back home in the tenth o'clock in the evening, Vladimir demanded from mother of 100 hryvnias. 67- summer mother refused to the son, having explained that she has no money. Having got used that money always gave it, the sonny decided that money is, but mother simply doesn't want them to give. Then he demanded 250, and then and 300 hryvnias, thus offended mother and threatened her.

Having aimed to force the woman to give it money, Vladimir approached to her when she sat on a chair between an oven and a sofa. The monster seized mother by hair and started beating her the head about room and furnace walls, thus continuing to demand money. The woman tried to persuade the son to release it, promised to find money for the next day, but money was necessary to the son right now.

At this time in the room on a sofa I lay 70 - the summer father of Vladimir. When the son started demanding money, the father tried to intercede for mother, but having seen atrocities which the son started repairing, remained on a place.

- The father was afraid to rise. The son told it that if he will try to approach - with it there will be the same. And its intentions were serious, - toldVasily Omelyan.- The son repeatedly beat the father and mother - Rudsky' neighbors testify to it. Therefore the father understood that he has no opportunity to prevent actions of the son.

The old man was compelled to remain the silent observer of a cruel picture which was developed at him in the eyes.

As then will explain in court Vladimir, he understood, what sufferings brings to mother. He also understood, what sufferings brings to the father in the face of whom it tortured the native person - and wished it...

Having taken from a floor a glass bottle and having broken it, I put a keen edge of the broken neck to a throat of mother and with a force I pressed. And then I hit with same "rozochka" the woman on a neck, continuing to demand money.

The tortured and tormented woman asked the son not to beat her, to stop, but the son before it any more wasn't. As well as Vladimir didn't see mother - before it there was someone who doesn't want to give it money for vodka.

The flown into a rage man, without having received treasured money, I grabbed a kitchen knife and a fork and I returned to mother. The woman tried to escape but in order that she couldn't repeat the attempt, the son sat down to it on knees and put kitchen devices to her throat. With a force pressing them, the monster tried to pierce mother, driving it into the corner. After that, having beaten mother fists, it pressed the head of the old woman to a sofa and a knife cut off it hair. And then again, having pulled together mother on a floor, I began to beat the unfortunate woman.

- Vladimir struck it not less than 60 blows, - the state accuserreportsVasily Omelyan. - Continuing to demand money, the son made the decision to kill mother.

For this purpose it armed with a wooden stool with metal fastenings for legs.It approached to mother and with a force struck with a stool a blow to the head of the unfortunate woman. With special cruelty the son, despite of entreaty of mother, continued to beat it a stool until that didn't break.

Then the monster grabbed a leg from the broken stool and with special cruelty continued to beat slightly the live woman while it didn't cease to give life signs at all.

The death was caused by it opened cherepno - a brain trauma in the form of multiple fractures of bones of the arch and the skull basis, the subarakhnoidalnykh of hemorrhages and a brain bruise.

- After that Vladimir laid down on a bed, but after a while noticed that mother suspiciously silently breathes - explained then to court Vladimir. According to him, he decided to check, whether the help is necessary to it, - tellsVasily Omelyan.

Wishing to be convinced by that the woman was lost, it poured out her on the head water - mother didn't react. Then it checked pulse, felt that hands already cold and after that disappeared from a crime scene.

The monster tortured the mother from a half of the eleventh evening to three o'clock in the morning.

In militia the heart-broken father reported the matter. On the same day Vladimir was detained.

It didn't deny the fault and though the murderer who has made these atrocities, it is difficult to call the person, it was quite responsible and understood that made.

In court Vladimir couldn't explain why it suited a rough handling over native old mother, blamed for all alcohol.

- There is no more son at me, - the widowed father told at court session. Now he lives in loneliness.

The behavior Vladimir Rudskoy didn't leave to the state accuser and choice court at the solution of a question on a look and the amount of punishment.

Having agreed with a position of the prosecutor, for threat to kill the father, assault on mother and her premeditated murder committed with special cruelty and from mercenary motives, to Vladimir Rudsky the court appointed the most severe measure of punishment - lifelong imprisonment with confiscation of all property belonging to it. It didn't challenge a judgment.

Strangely enough, but even the condemned counted this sentence fair.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"thanks for provided фактаж and comments prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.


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