The Odessa teacher plundered rich Donetsk citizens

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38- the summer leader of a gang took in Odessa by swimming

In Odessa caught the leader of a gang which for a year kept in awe Donetsk beau monde and I plundered generally rich young women. Modern "Robin Hood" tried to disappear from militiamen in the Black Sea.

"The thunder-storm of celebutantes was 38 - the summer inhabitant of Odessa with two higher educations and a criminal record for weapon storage who in the past worked as the art teacher in one of the Odessa schools", - I told a press - the secretary of Donetsk militia Marina Goldynskaya. And on rich victims the Donetsk businesswoman gave it aiming, setting up the acquaintances. Robbers tracked down wives of officials and businessmen at expensive boutiques.

In Donetsk the foreigner - the moneychanger fell the first victim of a gang. His robbers waited in the morning at an entrance and took away 290 thousand UAH and $50 thousand. After criminals switched over to wealthy women. According to our source in Donetsk city department of militia, under a sight of robbers the daughter of the deputy of BP, the spouse of one of chiefs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the daughter of the mayor of one of the cities of Donetsk region got.

"Robbers propped up elite foreign cars by the cars, got into salon and selected a bag at the victim. Women were so frightened that couldn't remember machine numbers of criminals" at all, - Marina Goldynskaya explained. Robbers took only money, and expensive phones or jewelry threw out under way that them didn't calculate on exclusive accessories. Soon bandits decided to hit a big jackpot - to rob bank in Kalininsky district of Donetsk.

The desperate four took with itself gas sprays, baseball bits and "Protection" put on a black camouflage with inscriptions. However patrolmen decided to take an interest in documents of pseudo-security guards in jeep salon "Toyota". The driver instantly blocked a door of the car and gave to gas, on the way ramming cars. The thrown foreign car found on a roadside. In seven days in Donetsk detained ordinary bandits. And the leader covered in Odessa. He walked along the sea and when saw militiamen, pushed away the companion and plunged into the water. Militiamen caught up with it by swimming. As it became clear, in a year Odessa "teacher" replaced five rental apartments to foul the trail.


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