BYuTU seems the absurd twice judged Supreme Commander

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The Ministry of Justice ask to explain, whether has the right twice judged Victor Yanukovych to run for presidency of Ukraine. The corresponding inquiry to the minister Nikolay Onishchuk was sent by the People's Deputy from BYuT Sergey Sobolev.

About it reports a press - service BYuT.

The parliamentarian reminds that in 2002 in the autobiography the candidate for a position the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yanukovych personally specified that in "1968 juvenile was condemned and sent to a colony for minors", and "in 1970 was condemned for causing injuries of average weight".

"In this regard I ask to provide information on, whether has the person condemned for criminal offenses, even provided that they are cancelled, the legal right, according to the Ukrainian legislation, to run for presidency of Ukraine? ", - it is spoken in inquiry.

Sobolev is interested in legal side of business, being thus convinced "that Yanukovych precisely has no moral right to stand".

Sobolev also asks the minister to inform what in general "restrictions are imposed by the current legislation of Ukraine for persons who were condemned for criminal offenses, at employment on the public and diplomatic service, at transfer on service in law enforcement agencies and Armed forces, at receipt in higher educational institutions, at adoption of children, etc.".

"It is known that the current legislation provided certain restrictions on employment of earlier judged persons. In particular, it concerns service in law enforcement agencies and Armed forces. Therefore the situation when to a position of the President of Ukraine - the Supreme Commander has the right to stand earlier judged, looks, to put it mildly, absurdly", - Sobolev told.


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