Litvin told about "the fundamental law of survival of mankind"

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The presidential candidate of Ukraine, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir LITVIN considers that the power has to bear damage liability of ecology and to human health.

As reported the UNIAN in a press - V. Litvin's service, he declared it in Lviv during International scientifically - practical conference "Global climate changes: threats to mankind and prevention mechanisms".

He also emphasized need of adoption of any state decisions only on the basis of expert conclusions of scientists and the scientific commonwealth.

"In order to avoid a possible ecological disaster and the problems connected with environmental pollution, politicians, statesmen, making the decision, have to be guided by installations which would be defined in conclusions of scientists", - V. Litvin added.

In his opinion, any laws, decrees of the President or the government resolution have to be accepted taking into account "an expert conclusion of the scientific commonwealth, instead of political expediency". According to the speaker, then "we will have no such problems, as floods, a devastation of lands, pollution of the rivers and air".

V. Litvin noted that "in Ukraine especially difficult ecological situation as all without exception of area of Ukraine suffer from dangerous wastes, a musorosvalok, conditionally drinking water". According to the chairman of BP, the power in Ukraine "consciously harms to country ecology therefore it has to bear damage liability of ecology and to human health, up to criminal liability of the authorities".

The chairman of BP notes that "a shouting problem", in particular, for ecology of the Western Ukraine, is unauthorized deforestation. In his opinion, deforestation should be forbidden. V. Litvin added that the decision concerning it has to be made "on the basis of the corresponding conclusion of experts and consider opinion of the people living in that territory".

Participants of conference accepted the statement for support of adoption of the Ecological constitution of Earth developed by the Ukrainian experts and scientists at the international level. Century.LITVIN noted that it is a question of "the fundamental law of a survival and development of humanity" which will regulate all contracts on protection of ecology and ecological activity on a planet.


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