Crimea illicit: from historical values and gold to … crocodiles

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That smugglers through the Crimean customs only don't try to take! Both drugs, and currency, both cars, and gold, and historical values, and even … human hair. And these transportations carry out in the most improbable ways.

Quick-selling goods

In recent years the subjects which are of historical and cultural value became the most quick-selling goods in the world black markets. To earn the big money, similar goods try to transport through borders an illegal way. If it works well, smugglers earn the whole states. However our customs doesn't doze. Last year customs services of Ukraine stopped about 200 attempts of illegal transportation of historical relics through borders of Ukraine. More than 1800 objects of art were thus withdrawn. A half of them medals and awards make, the tenth part religious values, the rest - historical values and antiques. If earlier customs officers detained such smuggled goods only during export them from Ukraine, now black exporters often burn and on import of these goods to our country.

The notorious affair when in September, 2006 the Crimean customs officers detained the party of subjects of an ancient life largest in their practice is about it remembered. There was it in evpatoriysky sea trade port during carrying out expeditious actions within the program "Smuggling - stop! ". Then the staff of service on fight against smuggling and violations of customs rules of the Crimean customs together with representatives of state frontier service found in the Mercedes truck which has arrived on the Turkish ferry, about 200 subjects of old times. Nakhodka was sensational, and observation of customs officers helped to reveal it. At car survey they paid attention to a svezheokrashenny compartment under the car bottom. And it was painted only on the one hand is especially guarded. When the box was opened, in it there were four boxes with rare and valuable things. There were a glass and ceramic ware, lamps, figurines, pendents, rings, vases and many other creations of hands Byzantine masters.The protocol on violation of customs rules was right there made, values were transferred to art critics to examination, on this fact at once brought criminal case.

A year before the student from China tried to take illegally to the Crimea a collection of east coins. Then at the airport Simferopol at registration of the flight which has arrived from Tashkent, at it 59 east coins of yellow and white metal of various years of release which he wanted to take on the territory of Ukraine were revealed, without having declared. How coins were packed and carefully laid in a suitcase among personal belongings, field investigators drew a conclusion that before them a collection which tried to import through "green channel" though under the law similar subjects needed to be declared in accordance with the established procedure about what citizens always warn.

More offensively when take out

And nevertheless, you see, import to the territory of our country of historical and cultural values the phenomenon which was much more pleasant, than their export from our country. A year ago only for three days the Ukrainian frontier guards and customs officers managed to prevent illegal export from our fatherland over 1000 subjects of antiques, among which 80 Scythian coins, letters with the sealing wax seals grenadierial and the mushketerskikh of regiments, sabers, dirks, various awards and many other things. Four citizens of Moldova who "Beacons" in Odessa region went through a check point kindly tried to steal all this.

And at a check point "Rava - the Russian" the Lvov area frontier guards revealed two icons executed on a tree. I carried images of saints from Ukraine 40 - the summer citizen of Poland who came back home on the Audi-100 car.

Other icon workers of a customs post "Simferopol - the airport" the Crimean customs withdrew Simferopol from the citizen of Russia during registration of the Moscow flight at the airport. Icon of the Kazan Mother of God of the small sizes (about 6 by 7 cm) in a silver salary (allegedly the beginning X&; X century) the passenger didn't note in the customs declaration and didn't declare it during "green channel" passing.

In August, 2005 from the Simferopol airport the citizen of Russia tried to take out an ancient icon from yellow metal "Jesus Christ with Apostles", allegedly the end X&; X - the XX century beginnings.This icon also was revealed by employees of the Crimean customs by means of a X-ray during customs control of personal belongings of the passengers, departing a flight to Moscow.
In two months there was also other incident: the Japanese tried to take out from the Crimea a church initial cross with the crucified Christ. It was found by employees of customs during check of passengers and flight baggage to Moscow. Unique thing, allegedly X&; X centuries, highlighted a X-ray in personal belongings of the citizen of Japan. From her words, she bought a cross in the Crimean antique shop, however didn't issue necessary permission to export.

I showed lack of patriotism and the inhabitant of Sevastopol. One and a half years ago at the state international airport Simferopol employees of a customs post "Simferopol - the airport" at registration of the flight departing to Tel - Aviv, were found and withdrawn from the woman 2 coins which are of historical and cultural value which she tried to take out from the customs territory of Ukraine, without having found time to observe necessary formalities. One of coins - silver Soviet ruble of the beginning of the XX century, and the second - a coin from yellow metal - was so ancient that the preliminary analysis couldn't determine the period of its production precisely. Practically at the same time the Crimean workers of a customs post "Krasnoperekopsk" confiscated three unregistered ancient Koran from the citizen of Uzbekistan.

Avidity on an invention is cunning

On one historical values smugglers don't stop. Slightly more than a year ago employees the Organized Crime Control Department of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in ARC together with the staff of the Crimean customs detained 20 - the summer girl who tried to take through border 2,4 thousand dollars of the USA and 13,5 tablets "ecstasy" - especially dangerous psychotropic substance. This inhabitant of the Saksky area arrived to the Crimean capital by flight Istanbul - Simferopol. The girl, having filled in the customs declaration, I specified that has at myself no the subjects forbidden to movement through customs border, and also currency. However as a result of personal inspection the condom in which there were illicit goods - money and tablets was found in the Crimean ….

In September, 2005 the citizen of Kazakhstan carried to the Crimea … one and a half thousand cartridges. Such baggage was withdrawn by employees of the Crimean customs during a container search in Jankoi.About 1400 cartridges and caps to them, and also more than 200 grams of gunpowder arrived to a customs post "Krasnoperekopsk" in the railway container. Ammunition was equipped in a special bag - the cartridge belt. The citizen of Kazakhstan declared that didn't know about need to declare similar things.

Less dangerous, but rather expensive freight tried to transport by train Sverdlovsk - Simferopol 22 - the summer inhabitant of Donetsk region. Human hair from 30 to 60 centimeters long were found in capacity for coal in the non-working platform of one of cars, with a gross weight of 4,5 kilograms …. Illicit hair were transferred to customs, experts estimated them in 16 thousand hryvnias. By the way, on this check point it already the second such find: last year the citizen of Azerbaijan who carried to Ukraine of 160 kilograms of hair here was detained.

And in January of this year the Crimean who has arrived from Turkey tried to take through customs jewelry … in laying. Jewelry were packaged in four polyethylene bags, packed into means of female hygiene, and those, in turn, in the general factory packing. As the owner declared, such careful masking of jewelry was necessary for her for one simple reason - the woman was afraid that valuable freight can steal.

That there gold, the conductor of the train Moscow - Simferopol tried to take through border … the helicopter. At the railway station of Kharkov the woman was detained by the general pogranichno - customs viewing group. The conductor filled all empty seats in the car with details of helicopters: hoses, hydrosensors, resistors, brushes, generators, pumps and even fuel tanks.

And the chameleon, ten spiders and six frogs whom transported without the corresponding permissions were removed from the train Kharkov - Vladivostok in September of last year …. The Ukrainian railroader appeared the owner of live freight. But the inhabitant of Palestine surpassed it in an ingenuity. She tried to cross the border with Egypt, having fastened on a waist … three live crocodiles. Frontier guards stopped it for examination because excessive completeness of the woman seemed to them strange. The search showed that hips of the woman dressed in a dress, are twisted with three small reptiles, each 40 centimeters in length.

In the light of all aforesaid it isn't so surprising that the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine intends to create mobile groups which will check all criminal cases concerning smuggling.These groups will be created from representatives of central offices of power structures who will leave to regions of Ukraine and to study criminal cases, as quick search, and that already are in production, and also stopped or closed for 2005 - 2007.


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