Lutsenko specified Yushchenko that bough on which all country sits

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Suggesting to cancel general ranks in power structures, the President "Offends" law enforcement agencies.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN, about it transfers today in interview to journalists in Kiev after end of celebrations on the occasion of 21-й anniversaries from the date of creation of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Golden eagle", making comments on the yesterday's statement of the head of state, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO told.

"Any statements for cancellation of military ranks in militia don't do credit to anybody. Would advise Victor Andreevich at least time at night to leave on disclosure of murder or on capture of the criminals who have taken the hostage, and to think, whether it is necessary to carry shoulder straps or not", - I told Yu.LUTsENKO.

Also he expressed opinion that before making similar statements, the President "should read laws at least sometimes".

"There it is absolutely accurately written that such "the general of militia" and that such "other ranks". According to the existing Ukrainian laws, which guarantor the President would have to act, officers and generals of militia have on it (on a rank) full authority", - the minister noted.

Thus it reminded that as - that it had a conflict to V. Yushchenko when that "nadtsaty time reproached our employees that they fastened stripes and seated in a hall".

"They didn't fasten stripes! They deserved them and carry according to the charter which is approved by the law of Ukraine. Therefore it seems to me, to offend law enforcement agencies are to cut a bough on which all country sits, and it not adequately any politician, especially the guarantor of legality and the rights, safety of our citizens", - I noted Yu.LUTsENKO.

As reported the UNIAN, yesterday, on December 3, the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO expressed confidence that military ranks have to be appropriated only in Armed forces of Ukraine.

The president emphasized that he already holds legal consultations to initiate settlement of this question. At the same time the head of state didn't specify, whether there is a speech about introduction of the bill of cancellation of military ranks in other departments, except VSU.

"I am not the supporter of that where wouldn't go in Ukraine … went to a bog - I mean a water management - generals, went to the wood - with stripes you will find the general, went to customs service - generals, went to tax service - generals", - V. Yushchenko told.


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