To make pleasant to the members of the same party, the governor of Nikolayevshchina continues to deceive the President?

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On December 7 on the official site of the President of Ukraine the Decree No. 1003/2009 - "About assignment by the state awards of Ukraine", signedwas publishedVictor Yushchenkostill on December 3.

According to this Decree, for a powerful personal contribution to development of local government, long-term work and high professionalism the award from the President of Ukraine also got to one our compatriot.

So, an award of the princess Olga III of degree, it is awarded as it is specified in the Decree, the deputy of the Nikolaev regional councilIrina Sycheva.

In total anything, and, apparently, it is necessary to congratulate simply awarded, but not everything is so simple.

Business all thatisn't presentamong deputies of the Nikolaev regional council of present convocationSycheva Irina Evgenyevna.It confirms the official site of the Nikolaev regional council.

It should be noted, as deputies whom we asked aboutTo Irina Evgenyevna,comprehended, to put it mildly, easy confusion. All unanimously declared that don't know such deputy and, in general, hardly understand about whom there is a speech.

As it was succeeded to find out a bit later, the happy owner of an award of the princess Olga III of degree appeared the former mayor of Pervomaisk which was remembered by that didn't finish up to the end the mayor term and with scandal it was dismissed by the May Day City Council. Instead of it to a position May Day the heads it was chosenLyudmila Dromashko.

So for what received I. Sychev's award? No, we not in which to a measure don't strike to doubt its personal contribution to development of local government, long-term work and high professionalism, but then there is a question - and what the others didn't deserve? Why didn't award the Chairman of the Nikolaev regional councilT. Demchenkoor someone else?

It is possible to assume that it is all about party accessory of "nominees".

We will remind, we already paid attention to this problem.The whole article - was devoted to itAwards - for "it is national - party" accessory, or by what principle the governor chose the most worthy nikolayevets?, but it seems that things are right where they started.

Business all thatIrina Sycheva- member of People's party, in other wordsmember of the same party of the present governorNikolayevshinaAlexey Garkusha,and all know that documents for rewarding with high state awards prepares exactly YEAH.

In the Nikolaev regional public administration one is responsible for this direction of vice-governors, namelyD. Oboronko.

There is a question is an annoying mistake or officials simply forge documents and mislead the President of Ukraine? The events why that declines to the second because many mistakes in these questions makes Nikolaev YEAH more and more.

pro the version about influence of party membership on receiving or not receiving awards is said also by that fact that itselfI. Sycheva,with which to the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" it was succeeded to communicate by phone, I decided not to answer a question of the party accessory. Being en route from Nikolaev to Pervomaisk, it with pleasure accepted congratulations, but, having heard a question of party accessory in a regional council, sharply began to complain of "vanishing communication" and "heard nothing".

Many speak, receiving a such award, it is necessary to pay the considerable sum of money. But we don't want to believe that it was and in our case.

But here to law enforcement agencies it would be necessary and to pay attention to unauthenticity provided inSecretariat of the Presidentdocuments - it after all will be enough even for initiation of legal proceedings ….


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