The Nikolaev maniac - "gourmet" preferred realtors

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This history began in October of last year, it depends time inflamed financial crisis. After a collapse in the housing market the majority of room brokers remained without work...

Not only that the prices fell, so also lodgers was reduced. Nobody hurried to rent not only apartments, but also modest rooms.

39- summer Valentin, only - only gone out of prison, instantly thought up how to derive benefit from a deplorable situation. Having bought the newspaper with announcements of delivery of apartments for rent, he called the realtor and reported that looks for housing. Wants to lodge in Nikolaev for any time together with a family, will pay by the day, and money for all term of accommodation will place beforehand. That the client the apartment, and the realtor interests at all, none of Valentin's victims didn't guess at all...

"Future victims the tyrant chose only on a beautiful voice"

- To make due impression, Valentin phoned to the realtor that the price not really excites him, - Tatyana Nebozhatko, the investigator of the Central regional department of militia of the city of Nikolaev tells. - The main thing that the apartment was, in - the first, cozy, and in - the second, safe. At windows lattices, plus an armor door are obligatory. The client agreed about a meeting, and the realtor, naturally, with keys came to show housing. Giving out for the tenant the criminal only it also needed - to remain with the victim alone. As soon as the door of the apartment slammed, the man put to a neck of the woman who has appeared in a trap, a knife.

Tatyana Nebozhatko started investigating case of the maniac "specializing" only on the rieltorshakh. Then I submitted the case to the colleague - the investigator Elena Li - Zlotina therefore Elena Vladimirovna knows about the tyrant much more.

- Well, what to tell about it? - Elena Li - Zlotina shrugs shoulders. - At the person it was died not very successfully. From the 39 years Valentin spent 24 years behind bars. At it directly on a face it is written that it from other world. Why the women, hurrying to hand over it keys from apartments, didn't notice it? I at them, of course, was interested. Answer one: "If not crisis... "

By then the criminal already repeatedly was imprisoned.And it was condemned and for rape of minors.

- Having released once again, Valentin went home, to Zaporozhye where there live his parents, - Elena Vladimirovna continues. - First of all I decided to satisfy sexual hunger. On freedom to find the woman it is much simpler, than in the conclusion. "I was too poor to begin the serious relations with any woman", - explained to me. Having bought once the newspaper with announcements, I read: "Apartment to let with the hostess". "In as affairs are now!" - I was surprised. It turns out, it is possible to rent housing with the hostess in addition. Having called by phone specified in the newspaper and having understood that to what, slightly I was disappointed. But the thought already started working in this direction, and soon Valentin thought up rather simple scheme. It is possible to meet under the guise of the employer the woman in the premises which is subject to delivery! Here the most important - to disappear in time after rape. Who - who, and the person who was repeatedly brought to trial for sexual crimes, well knew how to behave in a similar situation.

One nuance deserves attention: selecting future victim for phone, the tyrant couldn't know, the woman or not really, young or elderly is attractive. But it had the selection criterion: if the voice was pleasant, at once passed to business. Valentin right there started telling that arrived to Nikolaev with the wife and children - to family people always more trust. I reported also that the apartment is necessary right now, they have no place to spend the night. The plan, as a rule, worked. "Having bought" on a legend, room маклерши hurried on a meeting with the client.

Don't get to the criminal the newspaper with advertizing, he would puzzle how to take a fun and earn, and here - two in one! Having raped the next woman, the inhabitant of Zaporozhye as an additional bonus took away to himself her mobile phone, money, jewelry. In a word, I left satisfied both physically, and morally, and it is material. The country big, today here, tomorrow - there. Life was presented to it by the huge Christmas sock full of gifts.

"On confrontations victims behaved is held extremely down, and the criminal absolutely ungirdled"

Charge is brought to Valentin of Nikolaev on four episodes though injured women across all Ukraine it is much bigger.

- As it appeared, my person under investigation before arrival to Nikolaev managed to visit eight areas of Ukraine, - Elena Li - Zlotina tells.- In Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kherson and some other the regional centers it rang round риэлторш, whose phones found in advertizing newspapers and magazines, on a voice found out, whether they will suit it as partners, and insisted on an immediate meeting. Women gave up all affairs to conclude the bargain with the client - to issue housing delivery by the day. Nothing the suspecting woman came into the leased apartment, the man asked to show housing - examined a balcony, rooms, kitchen, a bathroom. Having convinced that strangers aren't present, got a knife and started the conceived.

In Nikolaev the maniac raped absolutely young women, the most senior 35 years. Each of them has husband, children.

- Its victims not only didn't come to militia to write the application, but even to the relatives didn't report about trouble, - Elena Vladimirovna continues. - After the first crime committed in Nikolaev, the tyrant instantly sat down in a minibus and went to Kherson. I returned in five days and I began to look for the new partner. The last victim appeared the clever woman. Having remembered phone number from which the criminal to it phoned, I told it to the colleagues in Nikolaev. Soon this number was highlighted on a mobilka of one more private businesswoman which, having agreed with the client about a meeting, right there reported about it in law enforcement agencies. On a meeting with the client the woman was seen off by our employees, and this time Valentin managed to be grabbed, as they say, on the hot. Once again I will emphasize, it was succeeded to detain him thanks to sharpness of the girls working in Nikolaev at the market of real estate.

- Elena Vladimirovna and how the realtors hunter after detention behaved?

- Quite impudently. The lawyer didn't begin to employ, but as crimes serious, to it the state defender was put. Valentin submitted the petition that its protection was assumed by the known lawyer from the Crimea, and differently refused to give evidences. When to the tyrant explained that it is impossible, rested that provided not one, and two lawyers. In a word, constantly I cooked water. On confrontations with victims who behaved it is held extremely down, absolutely I ungirdled. "So you money offered me for such wonderful sex! - I shouted them in eyes. - You remember, I left, and you after begged: where you? Return! " Yes it is terribly to look at it, not that... The person very limited, imagine, almost all life on prisons. He can't put two words together, however the rights knows well, is able to swing them.

The investigative department in which Elena Li - Zlotina works, is directly in the building where local management on fight against organized crime is located. When to Elena Vladimirovna's ward time came to examine materials of criminal case, she didn't find it possible to go to "the hero - the lover" to a pre-trial detention center, and asked colleagues to escort it to the Organized Crime Control Department.

- The volume of business absolutely small, but the tyrant flatly refused to meet him, - the investigator speaks. - I told that there is nothing to read there - materials are all the same forged. But the court of the Central district of the city of Nikolaev considered differently, having sentenced the sexual maniac to ten years of imprisonment. "For what? - the tyrant was indignant, having heard such verdict. - I didn't kill! I loved all these women! ".

"On the Internet there were photos of victims, and also their real names"

- The court dealt only with episodes which occurred in your city?

- Yes, crimes from another town here weren't investigated. Still when the defendant was in my maintaining, I permitted to the colleague from Zaporozhye for communication with it in a pre-trial detention center where the police officer brought charge to Valentin of similar episodes around the city Dimitrova to the Zaporozhye area where it too, appears, "went behind happiness". After a sentence, as far as I know, it there also transported under guard. On other episodes will understand other eight regional centers, where handwriting of crimes exactly - in - exactly same: call to the realtor, attempt to entice the woman to the empty apartment, a robbery and rape.

Victims flatly refuse to meet journalists after in one of the Internet - editions in this regard sex - their photos, and also real names and surnames appeared scandal. Having tempted that materials of investigation are read as the detective, authors of the publication didn't stint juicy details. Moreover, on one of forums, exchanging opinions, someone from men dirty called victims: say, "most likely, she also got".

- Victims of violence complained to us, - Li - Zlotina speaks. - That occurs on the Internet, simply disgustingly. After all each of women in the city know.And if how at you mocked also "cinemas" twist how after that to live?

- The problem that maniacs are released sooner or later, - sighs Olga Perederenko, the chief of the center for public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. - The article "Sexual Violence" at us isn't considered heavy. These deviations the medicine doesn't treat, long ago is proved. In the West to maniacs after release put on a bracelet. Their movements about the country trace. At us such control is absent. In Germany, say, there is a national register of such criminals, in it addresses and photos of those who at least once committed a crime on the sexual soil, and details of adventures are specified.

Similarity of a pillory is and in the USA. In the State of Texas, for example, the pervert is obliged to expose on a lawn before the house the poster with an inscription: "Carefully, the registered sexual maniac here lives". The same inscription has to be on its car. The person has opportunity to choose a residence so that not to appear any American Chikatilo's neighbor.

We have a criminal who spent the most part of the life behind bars for similar crimes, freely drives about on the cities and settlements in search of new victims. While we won't toughen the domestic legislation while surnames of persons with sexual pathology - all each and all - won't be specified in the same, say, the Internet, anyone can fall a victim of the maniac: realtor, teacher, judge...


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