Yury Lutsenko removed a portrait of the President, as it "the poseur and the actor"

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko last year removed Victor Yushchenko's portrait as was disappointed in his moral qualities in the office.

He declared it on a press - conferences on Wednesday.

According to him, last year after his son was seriously ill, the president Yushchenko offered Lutsenko the help in spite of the fact that at that time their relations already significantly worsened.

"He called by phone and asked, than to help. I told: "Give me, for God's sake, two - three weeks that on your calls the prosecutor's office didn't drag me as I on two fronts am not in time". For the second day after I went to Vienna to do operation and I stayed at operational six o'clock, Victor Andreevich called in court and asked to consider representation (concerning excitement against Lutsenko of criminal case)", - he told.

According to Lutsenko, in case of initiation of proceedings against it there was an opportunity for its discharge from a post and appointment of other head of the ministry "At that time already cleaned stripes some candidates", - he told.

"Fortunately, the judge made everything under the law though I never knew it, later to me transferred the invitation to visit it, and I received this information", - Lutsenko told.

"I told nothing to anybody but after that simply I removed a portrait of the president as I consider that conversations on moral simply superfluous", - were told by the minister.

Despite it, according to Lutsenko, he continued to carry out decrees of the president, however "the human relation" since that moment "was cardinally changed".

"I understood that it is more poseur and the actor, than the real moral and basic head", - the minister told.


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