V. Yushchenko: It is necessary to change behavior of law enforcement agencies regarding counteraction of corruption

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will demand urgent changes in the management of law enforcement agencies. He will sign the relevant proposals by the end of the day. The Head of state reported about it today at meeting on questions of counteraction of corruption in which took part the Deputy Glavy Sekretariata President of Ukraine - the Representative of the President of Ukraine concerning control of activity of Security service of Ukraine P. Shatkovsky, the Acting General prosecutor of Ukraine S. Vinokurov, the Chairman of SBU V. Nalivaychenko, the deputy minister of justice of Ukraine L.Efimenko, the acting chairman of the Public customs service A.Mukhin, the Chairman of Audit Chamber V. Simonenko.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that in recent years Ukraine significantly worsened the rating of respectability - from the 99th place in 2006 to 146 - in 2009. According to him, for the first time for the last five years within ten months of the current year the tendency of reduction of quantity of the exposed corruption offenses for 13,9% and the corrupt officials brought to administrative responsibility - for 15,4% keeps.

The president accused heads of law enforcement agencies of imitation and a divergence in fight against corruption. "I would like to tell that you are dull ministers and heads of departments. You humiliate with the work, the incompetence all nation", - V. Yushchenko emphasized. The president noted that 46 million Ukrainians expect from them effective fight against corruption, however these officials can't justify their hopes, "as can't professionally head this fight".

He, in particular, emphasized that today considerable easing of activity of fight against corruption happened at the expense of law-enforcement bodies and tax police. So, by data, which V. Yushchenko gave, number of the corrupt officials made responsible, on materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, was reduced more than by 40,2% - with 1433 to 858 persons. Thus quality of collecting proofs of corruption activity sharply worsened. Specific weight of the closed administrative materials in the current year grew to 22,3%.

It is 29,9% less made protocols by bodies of tax police (with 335 to 235) and it is 28% less brought persons to administrative responsibility (with 200 to 149), and the specific weight of the closed affairs grew to 25,6%. "Dear, that incompetence can illustrate more?. " - the Head of state asked.

Today, he emphasized, corruption in the country begins "with the highest government officials". "That is why I speak about the minister one, the second, the third why I speak about the government - as in each nation fight against corruption is conducted by the government. How it can be conducted in Ukraine, this fight if 22% of affairs in the relation of employees of militia and 25% of affairs - concerning customs officers are closed? " - V. Yushchenko asked.

The head of state expressed serious concern about work of law-enforcement bodies in providing a law and order and legality. He noticed that if in the first half of the year 2009 the quantity of unsolved crimes increased by 0,7%, as of December 1 these indicators increased to 32,2%. There are unsolved nearly 7 thousand murders, 18 thousand robberies, 216 thousand robberies made last years. "So it can close the granary lock that militia, and let the last forty days not мордует the nation? " - V. Yushchenko asked.

According to him, vessels acquitted this year 24 persons on criminal cases which were investigated in law-enforcement bodies, from them 6 was in custody. The head of state didn't exclude that it becomes to intimidate people.

Speaking about a condition of respecting the rule of law in the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, the President emphasized that by estimates of experts level of shadow economy in Ukraine in the first quarter 2009 increased in comparison with the corresponding period of last year by 7% and its specific weight makes 36% of an official assessment of the gross domestic product (GDP). "The shadow economy occurs when the tax specialist, the militiaman "are spliced" with criminals", - V. Yushchenko emphasized.

The head of state also declared that is concerned by strengthening of a tendency of collection of taxes from businessmen beforehand. So, according to him, if in 2008, according to the Ministry of Finance, at tax revenues in the general fund of the budget in the sum of 155 billion UAH of advance payment of taxes and fees it is collected by 8,9 billion UAH, in 11 months 2009 of an overpayment already reached 11,8 billion UAH."It not corruption? Tell, please, what law the government led by the prime minister - the minister beforehand took 12 billion hryvnias? Why the law doesn't work? Where prosecutor's office reaction? "

As for it, according to the Chairman of Audit Chamber V. Simonenko, fiscal bodies of the state collected beforehand about 25% of all taxes and other obligatory payments which have arrived in the state budget.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that "the bribery and corruption become way of existence of tax authorities". The president noted that during 2008 in the sphere of office activity concerning employees of bodies of the State Tax Administration 303 criminal cases, 51 of which, or every sixth - for bribery are brought. In 9 months of the current year on the facts of receiving bribes employees of bodies of the State Tax Administration already brought 57 criminal cases, or nearly every fifth crime (21,8%).

"To whom do we charge fight against corruption? That who creates it? " - the President stated.

Not better a situation, according to him, and with corruption counteraction in bodies of the public customs service. "In 11 months 2009 for commission by employees of customs service of crimes in the sphere of office activity 74 criminal cases from which on 26, or 35,1%, to affairs production is closed are brought. By results of consideration of 99 administrative reports 15 customs officers are brought to responsibility" already, - V. Yushchenko told. It charged to the Chairman of SBU to deal with the organization of prevention of corruption in system of bodies of the state customs and tax services.

Speaking about corruption of customs, V. Yushchenko called as an example a situation with customs registration of goods from the invalid company Fargo Overseas Inc. (USA) to the state enterprise "Resurssnab". For 2008 the state enterprise "Resurssnab" (Kiev) imported for Goskomrezerva more than 2 thousand tons of meat with a total customs cost more than 13 million UAH from the Fargo Overseas Inc company. (USA) which since January, 2006 is considered invalid.

By results of check by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine criminal case upon smuggling is brought.

Despite it, in September, 2009 by check of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine on a customs post "Odessa - port" the Southern customs it is again established that in August of the current year customs registration of 26 tons of a frozen sardine on the basis of an invoice and the specification issued by the staying idle Fargo Overseas Inc company is again carried out.

V. Yushchenko also declared that the Prosecutor General's Office reacts to inappropriate use of budgetary funds the prime minister - the minister Yu. Tymoshenko insufficiently. The president noted that the State Office of Public Prosecutor doesn't carry out the direct duty - supervision of observance of laws during decision-making by the Cabinet and the central authorities. V. Yushchenko emphasized that today the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine uses 200-400 million dollars not on purpose. "Who answered, what the prime minister - the minister regularly organizes inappropriate use of billions hryvnias of public funds? Or you don't understand, what the budget of the country are means not the prime minister - the minister, and means of the state? " - I noticed V. Yushchenko.

In turn, the Chairman of Audit Chamber of Ukraine V. Simonenko informed the Head of state that the state financial system as a whole, and the sphere of government purchases especially, - the most attractive field for commission of corruption actions. According to him, it is promoted by manual control by the Government management by financial resources, especially in this sphere. According to its information, about 60% of public funds are distributed by the Cabinet in a manual mode. He considers that the system of corruption is built in in a chain of decisions of the Government regulating questions of purchases.

The head of state recommended to the Prosecutor General's Office to take additional measures for strengthening of public prosecutor's supervision via levers прокурорско - procedural response to current legislation violations by separate executive authorities (Ministry of Economics, Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, etc.).

The president also emphasized that several times paid attention of the General prosecutor to monopolization of the market of the address with waste of container and packing by "Ukrekokomresursa's" state enterprise. "The government assumed competence to be engaged in garbage! It in market economy! 800 structures which were engaged in it, are thrown out from the market", - V. Yushchenko emphasized.He added that in spite of the fact that the relevant government resolution (of May 20, 2009 No. 508) was suspended by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, the joint order of Ministry of Economics issued in its execution, Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources and Gostamozhsluzhby on whom customs registration of goods is carried out only after the conclusion by the importer of the contract with "Ukrekokomresursami" still works.

V. Yushchenko also urged the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to undertake necessary criminally - procedural measures for acceleration of completion of investigation of resonant criminal cases concerning Zvarich, Lozinsky, Pukacha, Bakaya, Bodelana and others. Society was tired to wait for results.

The president of Ukraine also charged to SBU to check information on plans of BYuT to carry out bribery of members of district election commissions. V. Yushchenko noticed that since the beginning of election campaign to it information that BYuT develops new system of encouragement of members of election commissions arrives. In particular, according to the President, representatives of BYuT promise that in case Yulia Timoshenko will win first place on this or that site, to provide to the member of the commission which it will provide, the first place in the BYuT lists on local elections which are planned for spring of 2010. "It is threat of the Ukrainian democracy, I ask SBU to organize total verification of this information", - V. Yushchenko declared.

Also he paid attention to that fact that the prime minister - the minister on the eve of elections raised a salary to those categories of citizens which usually take part in work of election commissions - to mail carriers, to librarians, teachers, etc. He asked the Acting General prosecutor Sergey Vinokurov - whether "the sign is corruption? Where your reaction? "

During meeting the President also charged to law enforcement agencies to check, whether there was diversion a yesterday's shutdown of national channels. "Why there was no yesterday's translation of my performance in the Volynsk area why in two seconds prior to my performance the transformer burned down? Dear, that the country in two hours prior to counting of votes" didn't burn down, - the President noticed. He obliged law enforcement agencies to understand and report on the nation, "who stands behind this provocation".

The president of Ukraine charged to cochairmen of the Interdepartmental working group on questions of counteraction of corruption within 5 days to be prepared and report on a condition of fight against corruption for 2009 on each department and to submit the relevant proposals.It also charged to the Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to finish work on creation of Coordination Council on prevention and crime and corruption counteraction.

Today, on December 9, the international community celebrates Day of fight against corruption.


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