Yury Lutsenko: "Despite everything, we could improve a criminogenic situation, find more murderers, robbers, robbers, thieves, plunderers"

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About a condition of fight against corruption I there was a speech on December 9 in time a press - conferences in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the assistance of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko. Reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

- To fight for Ukraine in words is one, and to do concrete acts are another. I have the right about it to speak as annually materials on 600 employees - traitors are transferred to prosecutor's office with initiation of criminal cases, - Yury Lutsenko told.

Also the Minister told that only this year on materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the prosecutor's office brought 632 criminal cases concerning police officers.

- All previous years of my stay at a position of the Minister there was approximately a similar figure - 500-600 cases. In these affairs nearly 680 employees of law-enforcement bodies are made responsible, and now they wait for sentences, - Yury Lutsenko told.

According to the Minister, "among 1,5-1,8 thousand bribe takers which we annually fix in Ukraine, concrete imprisonments, unfortunately, receive only 50, last year there was a record - 120 people, from which half - the staff of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And on prosecutor's office, and vessels, of course, depends, as quickly and as severely they will be punished. But from militia we dismiss not only those who already has a sentence on criminal case, and even against whom it is excited. If the court finds him not guilty, then we will restore it, but I can't imagine to myself a situation that in militia the person who goes to prosecutor's office on interrogations, for example, for rape worked, plundering, beating of people and waits years for a court sentence - such can't simply be".

In general law-enforcement bodies for 11 months this year continue to take the measures directed on the termination of willfulness of corrupted officials, exposure of the facts of bribery and corruption, first of all, in the central and regional authorities and managements, and also from officials who have allowing and regulatory powers.The analysis of a state of affairs testifies to high-quality increase of efficiency of counteraction to office crimes and bribery.

So, 600 workers regional and the district state administrations are convicted today of commission of crimes on plundering of public funds or other office crimes. In the sphere of office activity 17 738 crimes, from them an economic orientation 14 590 with damage over 8,1 billion hryvnias, including over 3,8 thousand - connected with abuses of the power both official position and excess of office powers, and also 2 778 crimes connected with bribery are revealed.

The minister emphasized importance of work of militia though it is traditional it and isn't highly appreciated in society, however the percent of unsolved crimes is in all countries, so, respectively, there are people who are dissatisfied with work of law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the militia, contrary to scanty financing of its activity, comes the first to the rescue.

- If this force at least for some days descends from streets of Ukraine, the dam will fall, and the chaos will set in in the country, - the Minister emphasized.


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