Tymoshenko wants to be the president, the prime minister, and the public prosecutor at once?

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It is clear why in advertizing near "Ukraine" Tymoshenko puts the name, - because very much wants to be guided by Louis XIV principle - "the kingdom is I". It will, it would appropriate all key positions in the state - would be at the same time both the President, and the prime minister, and the general prosecutor. Such opinion was expressed by Vladimir Vyazivsky, the People's Deputy, the head of a regional campaign headquarters of Victor Yushchenko in the Lvov area, reports the official site of the candidate for president Yushchenko.

"You remember how on air "Big-time politics" with Kiselyov it told, what at its presidency of a name of the prime minister anybody and the nobility won't be? It because actually the prime minister will be she", - the deputy considers.

He noted that Tymoshenko is an embodiment of authoritarianism. "When by order of Tymoshenko her "democratic" party at the closed congress forms in the "democratic" way lists of deputies in which then there are murderers and robbers, is a line of the authoritative head. When Yulia Vladimirovna gives a final verdict to judgments and individually defines - lawful they or not lawful is a line of authoritarianism", - "nasheukrainets" noted.

"When the head of the government doesn't wish to carry out the law on increase of social standards is a superauthoritarianism. This ruler can be continued infinitely, after all her behavior doesn't hold in any powers", - Vyazivsky emphasized.


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