Interior Minister of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko: "I don't consider party accessory of this or that criminal"

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko is on December 14 45 years old: on World Health Organization classification, youth comes to an end, and there comes a maturity. However, it treats age philosophically, feels young because the younger son is 10 years old, but in exclusive interview to "Profile" emphasizes that "it is possible to live much and to be in time nothing, and it is possible few and to be in time all".

Yury Vitalyevich what, so to speak, textures of destiny and episodes of the past are remembered to anniversary?

Destiny washing it developed so: mine the father and mother - from the Chernigov villages. Their fathers, my grandfathers, got acquainted under Reichstag walls. Then their children went to one class, graduated from higher education institutions in Kiev and went to the Western Ukraine. I was born already in Exactly, the father was the engineer of the food industry, then - partapparatchiky. Mother was a veterinarian, it had a post on a market, and she was able to talk to men who strove without turn to get permission to sale.

I went to one of the best Rovno schools, with training English, on foot almost through all city, the father for all years only once gave a lift to me. The class was amicable, 42 persons therefore me now surprises when complain that 30 people are a big class. I remember the two for the multiplication table when didn't learn, then I wrote off at the neigbour - it had a ruler with this table, but as a result was ashamed and learned.

I was the Komsomol organizer of a class, the Komsomol organizer of school, the excellent student, the gold medallist. After the elder brother I went to the Lvov Polytechnic University to faculty of electronic equipment, the specialty "Electronic Devices".Recently colleagues found my examination-paper in archives on the higher mathematics - I can show!

Judging by this fact, operational work on check of authenticity of diplomas of our politicum affected all without exception …

The diploma can be even real, and here works for all years can't be forged, and higher education institutions store them in archives …

And so, Lviv shook me - the ancient city, very narrow small streets are an improbable city in which it is possible to walk, looking under feet, directly before itself and having lifted up the head up, and it will be three different cities. From here the student I left to serve in army - this one of the most important in life of milestones. Recently I went to Lviv on anniversary of native higher education institution, I visited fighting 616-ю the hostel room. So in 20 years there changed nothing: our bedside tables, our lockers and our crack on a wall! I will open history of its emergence. On the second year of my neighbors very much interested girls - first-year students from the neighboring room. And Slavik with Yuzek then so knocked to neigbours that the wall burst. It after all were years of Gagarin, from 42 guys on a course was 12 Yuriyev therefore one was Yufa, the second - Yuzek, and I was Lutsa. Yes, by the way, here when a wall broke, it appeared that among neigbours - first-year students and my future wife!

And what was your first earnings?

It was the third year, all of us already had girls, money was necessary, student's tradition - Carpathian sorties with the Hungarian wine. So all went to work. Though I had a grant and raised, not 40 rubles, and 50, but all the same was a little. The most successful then managed to settle in yard keepers, especially in new quarters where and to sweep - that nothing. And we with the friend went to Lvovpribor plant, worked as transporters of stamps. It looked so: the mountain of pig-iron stamps, small and big, all shapeless and when you start them shifting, aim to fall, having crushed a hand or a foot. But then I in a month earned 120 rubles, plus a grant so to a paste I put future wife in the train and carried it to Leningrad: museums, channels, Peterhof. Since then in our family of a trip - the best gift.

In total - about earnings:exactly a year ago you declared that the militia itself will earn that to it doesn't give the rest of the state, having reanimated a wave of jokes about the sergeant Petrenko who was given the gun, and a salary to it was already not necessary …

It was a question of lawfully allowed surcharges of militia for paid services. We are compelled by it to be engaged and, of course, with pleasure of it wouldn't do because any earnings for the militiaman - it is already bad. I would prefer that militiamen simply worked, and financed their state. But, unfortunately, now the militia receives budgetary funds only for a salary and partially - on a form and food. On all the rest, from gasoline before repair, have to earn.

Paid services are certificates, including of non-conviction, allowing documents on the weapon, passports, checkup and so on. There is no other exit if means from the budget arrives for 25% of her real requirements. On the militia car in day 10 liters of gasoline are necessary. And last year of means under this article it was allocated for 100 grams. This year - it isn't allocated not. So far you won't leave. But there are many politicians who constantly complain of insufficient funding, for example, Armed forces. We don't complain and we carry out the duties. We understand that neither the president, nor the prime minister can't attribute a zero to our budget, and we don't want to look for the extreme.

Whether in it the problem reason with completion of resonant affairs, since search of the run-away deputy Lozinsky?.

In the beginning we will find out together that such "resonant affairs". Example: the boy rode the lake on the mumpish camera, the motorka by went, brought down it, and the boy drowned. While conversations that there could be a deputy from BYuT were driving, business was resonant for the president. When it appeared that responsible for the tragedy has no relation to policy, business stopped being the resonant.

If Lozinsky - an unconditional resonance for society ran away. And if in the center of Kiev the dog to death bit to death the child - not a resonance, because a dog - not the member of BYuT.

I don't recognize such double standards.The Ministry of Internal Affairs for the political reasons can't find Lozinsky? ! So why if politically allegedly engaged Ministry of Internal Affairs isn't capable, it allegedly not engaged SBU, after all won't make politically a task for search at us the general? Yes it is simple because search and detention isn't made by button pressing, it is the large-scale difficult project for which success the huge package of measures and besides good luck is necessary. And politicians do resonant that is favorable to them. Anybody also doesn't ask as thousands murders about which they not at all don't know, tens of thousands of robberies and robberies, rapes and other reveal.

How the Ukrainian political and economic crisis was reflected in rise in crime?

Both before crisis, and after it all last five years we consistently reduce number of murders, and also heavy injuries with a deadly outcome. For 6-7% annually. Last year there were 2 thousand murders, in they are 1 896, from them already opened 95,5%, that is 1 800 murderers are detained. It is work, which not резонансна. Slavish operation, human trafficking - decrease to 10% decreases, is 7% less than rapes. Crisis since the beginning of last fall and this year is experienced by increase in robberies, robberies and thefts, so-called property crimes. It is reaction to mass million unemployment and accompanying hardest conditions of a survival of citizens. But as for 30-percentage increase in number of thefts, really to estimate a situation while it is difficult because at the end of spring the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law under which criminal liability for theft comes, beginning not from 1 000 hryvnias, and from 60-ти. Therefore if earlier not all thefts of mobile phones were subject to investigation, now crimes theft of an empty purse is among even. However I consider correct this law because with its help we only in Kiev could detain 120 pickpockets who were inviolable before - very few people from their victims carry more than 1 000 hryvnias in pockets. Therefore all figures are relative. Main thing one: the militia this year detained for 10% of criminals more, than in the past.

In due time, taking up a post, you declared: "I am appointed political terminator, I am not familiar with mentality and the specific parties of work of militia. I hope, my human and political qualities will be enough for rapprochement with the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs".How affairs with love of the people and colleagues are today?

I especially also didn't expect love to from citizens. Not only in our country, anywhere in the world don't love militia and police. At any completion of investigation one will be satisfied, others - No. To achieve love and popularity on a post of the head of militia department in principle it is impossible. Certainly, if I instead of increase of penalties - and thus on roads - them reduced decrease by a third of mortality, I would gain popularity, but for a while. If instead of detention twice bigger number of plunderers of budget money I didn't pay attention to such crimes, would be popular among politicians.

For these years I sewed to myself huge number of enemies. Earlier in parliament I shook hands with all, at the moment absolutely other situation. Call today though one political force, except "National self-defense" which completely would support me …

Each time when voted for my resignation, this offer was supported by deputies of all without exception of fractions. It means that I honestly fulfill the duties. If I on each call: "You know, there my son (the brother, the godfather, the matchmaker) flew. You won't help? ", I answered: "Yes, certainly", the situation would be absolutely another. However, such calls are extremely rare - all already know that they are useless. I don't consider party accessory of this or that criminal.

So, the hell with her, with popularity, it is important to me to keep the working atmosphere in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Just I met employees of "Golden eagle": these people detained more than three hundred murderers for 2009. Look them in eyes and ask as with it it is worked in conditions when the president dares to declare: "It is necessary to remove shoulder straps from all, except army" or "The farther from militia, the better" or when "regionals", trying to discompose me, put on a tribune a bottle of vodka and put a militia peak-cap though I never carried it? How to them it is served in such atmosphere? ! And after all militia today - one of the last dams on a chaos way. And similar statements of politicians testify that they cut a bough on which all sit the others. It is possible to abuse me, and is for what, Lutsenko can try to remove and to appoint another, but to destroy militia is a madness, a way to uncontrollable bloodshed over all country.

The biggest public response at your reform of the State traffic inspectorate.What will be still made?

When in 2006 - Lutsenko's m ousted, for 2007-й 9,5 thousand people one quarter bigger died in road accidents, than in former years. Therefore I came and told: "The direction of the main blow - an order on roads! " Road accident, victims, victims is 30% less already today. On roads there were more GAI officers, they left offices, the automatic devices of reading which aren't distinguishing pensioners and millionaires were installed. And the penalties which have become notable for personal budgets, played a role: it not the former 17 hryvnias which weren't exciting even judicial performers. At us for this year the written-out penalties on one and a half billion hryvnias paid of 855 thousand. From the fined - a quarter of cars extra - a class. This obvious certificate of that the law already nearly one for all!

Still it is necessary to bring an order with examination to GAI. We enter electronic tracking with video surveillance of the process of examination that the rights were acquired by those who all - is able to drive, instead of those who will study then on roads at the price of personal and others' life.

In programs of all candidates for president on elections-2010 there is point on removal of parliamentary immunity. As far as it is necessary?

It is absolutely necessary. Our political slogan "To bandits - prisons! " still remains outstanding. You judge: in due time Yushchenko and Yanukovych agreed about introduction of immunity of deputies of local councils - as a result of one hundred affairs were closed from - for new the status of suspects. I can call tens and hundreds surnames of deputies of local councils who were condemned shortly after from them removed this status. The same should be made and for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, and the situation will repeat. But not only for them - for judges, state officials, the president, - the law has to be one for all.

Corruption problem - not in punishment toughening as offer many of the same present candidates for president, and in its inevitability. After all today only at 15% drunk at a wheel select the rights, only 20% of narcobusinessmen put in prisons, only 3% of bribe takers bear punishment. The inevitability problem not militia, it concerns all law-enforcement system. Our solvability of crimes is higher, than in France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Moldova, Georgia.And here that happens to these affairs in prosecutor's office, in vessels further - doesn't give in to any criticism!

Since the spring 2005-го, we annually fix 1500-1 700 bribe takers. If for today for bribes went to prison of 5 000 people, and all would know about it - the country would be another? ! If due punishment incurred 50 000 officials plundering milliard budget money? ! The militia eats the bread not without reason. The question - that happens to criminals then? Therefore I now so protect the humiliated and low-paid employee of militia, don't finish him, and that Ukraine will fail in general.

Five years ago you told journalists, what, putting tents on the Maidan, thought only of that is I quote, - "That I will be told by my eldest son when will grow, years through five, and will ask where I was when the country slid in a chasm, in dictatorship? And I put this tent that, at least, to the son was what to answer". And so, whether the son asked this question?

My sons see that I do. They see all efforts. I managed to keep a professional kernel in militia, it is the last dam before chaos in the country. We annually detain 25 divisions of murderers, robbers and the thieves who have declared war to the Ukrainian people. Stopped drug mafia approach, brought an order on roads. But satisfaction isn't present. Yes, me recently asked, what I will do if people again go for protest actions? I answered that if the authorities won't stop confrontation, and people will take to the streets, too I will be there. With the people.


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