The son of the honourable citizen Dyumin suggested to fence the square "Komsomol"

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To return to constructive dialogue on the square "Komsomol" after session of city council - to such decision the son of the honourable citizen and the owner of the Ukraine market Dmitry Dyumin and initiative group of inhabitants of nearby houses came during the round table which has taken place on December 10 in the hall of shopping center "Mark Plaza". Action, the very representative needed to note. The chief architect of the city Alexander Bondar and the deputy of the mayor Vladimir Guller came to meeting of a round table except "both parties of the conflict". Were present on a round table and two women representing interests of businessmen for which actually and the new trade pavilions which have "snatched" part of the square were under construction.

Speeches of both "town governors" were reduced to one - the territory of the square of JSC Universal-Yug was given under improvement, but in any way under its building by malls, and those constructions which now appeared except as samozastroy it is impossible to call. In turn, Dmitry Dyumin tried to prove that everything became only with good intentions, a pier "we after all provide workplaces to inhabitants of Nikolaev". For a confidence dense forest even the address of dealers by flowers to the mayor Vladimir Chaika in whom "dealers in flowers" ask from Vladimir Dmitriyevich assistance in construction of "modern, civilized trade pavilions" was shown them. By the way, Dmitry Anatolyevich showed present and the outline sketch of improvement.

But, as the son tried to convince "the honourable citizen" city stroitelno - the architectural administration, and at the same time and initiative group, they were unshakable, a pier samozastroy "it in Africa samozastroy".

- So we will agree before that it is possible to justify also murder or if the doctor on the operating table kills the patient, it, was allegedly made of good intentions, - Vladimir Guller emphasized. - Everything needs to be done within the law.

Concerning demolition of self-willedally established pavilions, the deputy of the mayor declared that for this purpose there is the accurate procedure registered by the law, and before "at us hands are tied".

In turn, Elena Grudkovskaya (the inhabitant of the nearby house), in the open declared to Dyumin that any playground and furthermore the children's cafe on - to the neighbourhood with eloquent institutions with names, like "The vodka world" and for nothing isn't necessary to them. And the prospect as other member of initiative group was expressed, to contemplate during walk in the square the "back" party of the market of very few people can please. Especially as construction of new trade pavilions finally turned the square into market boondocks that in itself will provoke tipsy citizens to empty the overflowed bladder from the back party of these pavilions. As a result, the square has a cheerful prospect to become free "latrine" in the middle of the city. Besides, according to Elena Grudkovskaya, it is inexpedient to establish a playground in this place also from - for proximity with Lenin Avenue: the gas contamination big also exists danger that the child will please under the car.

Remembered to the owner of the Ukraine market and that under improvement rented the square "Komsomol" of JSC Universal-Yug 2006 more but just in respect of "improvement" in three years anybody did nothing.

"Dejectedly", having listened to all statements Dmitry Dyumin noted that, in principle, though the owner of the Ukraine market and is the owner of pavilion in which "razlivayka" settled down, but in them others are engaged in trade activity. Pier, businessmen "at us" leased floor spaces, got permissions to trade in alcoholic drinks and "work in the pleasure". However, Dmitry Anatolyevich specified that if people strongly don't like an institution with the name "Vodka Sea", it can quite be reorientated under other goods. As for proximity of the prospectus, that, according to Dyumin, according to the project is supposed to fence the square... fence with gate. Thus, in opinion of "the honourable son", it will be possible to kill "two hares" - and as a toilet it will use less, and children playing at a playground won't be run over by a car.

After almost one and a half hour "negotiations" the initiative group suggested Dmitry Dyumin very constructive proposal - to wait for the solution of session of the City Council.After all if at JSC Universal-Yug firm select the right for square rent, all further conversations lose any meaning.


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