How we fight and what we build?

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The day before 17 - the anniversaries of service BOP Ministry of Internal Affairs one not the stranger to service of people modestly so took an interest: "You though in the address the Organized Crime Control Department won't write any mucks to commemoration of festive date? " Question strange: as it is possible to tell to the birthday man something impartial! Especially, if you know it from the moment of the birth and this acquaintance already stepped long ago through a formal framework.
For last years our hero managed to cause a stir in the different - heroic and scandal stories. There were loud detentions, rescue - without exaggeration - hundred lives, but was and participation in " stocks throw Grigorishin and Sivkovich on asphalt", and strange murder of the colonel Yerokhin's Organized Crime Control Department, both "protection" and "arrivals". In general, the child was difficult and grew not as at school of militia learned.

In 17 years to the birthday man wish the long and happy road in adult life. And this wish for the Organized Crime Control Department very actually. Again its destiny under a big question. However, it happened more than once. The Organized Crime Control Department permanently wish to reallot, reform, reduce and disperse. Recently its number and without that considerably cut off. And now the president Yushchenko in nadtsaty time remembers mythical National Bureau of Investigations which should be created and at once to overcome the organized crime. And though claim that it is necessary to create NBR on base the Organized Crime Control Department, finally everything can sadly end: service will simply disperse, having created other retaliatory structure - now with other, subpresidential, submission.

However, conversations on creation of NBR are had since the prime minister Kuchma and as always come to an end with anything. The present power has a distance from words before business even more. Therefore experts unanimously predict that if NBR and will be created, not earlier than at the end of presidential elections. And the new president will have mass of other urgent matters, and terrible body on fight against a mafia and will remain a certain mythical idea.

And what our almost full age birthday man? Why it for all these years doesn't suit the power why it it continually wish to get rid? Official version:inefficient work. We have pier, the Organized Crime Control Department, and the mafia is live to this day, grows and is well. Who is guilty? For these 17 years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs the train of ministers, chiefs of central boards of service BOP, in the country already the third president was replaced, and all these changes aren't reflected in any way on health of the Ukrainian mafia which grows and gets prettier.

No doubt, it is possible сжеть the BOP completely, to create on the ashes new formation with the loud name, to recruit highly paid employees and... not to touch a mafia.

Recently, at least, judging by a press - to releases, the Organized Crime Control Department actively undertook korrupitsoner of the bottom and average link - to heads of district administrations inclusive and, as the exception, the second persons in the management of the cities and areas. The sums of bribes pass for half a million. It would seem: the service on lifting, is time to applaud, distribute awards and ranks. But thus it isn't necessary to forget that at us suddenly all peasants a vodnochasye became owners of virtual hundreds thousands and million dollars. Rare land the plot on suburbs of Ukraine is estimated at the sum less than tens of thousands dollars. Purchase - sale of land became very favorable business. And now each land operation is accompanied by repeatedly increased "kickbacks". Therefore the Organized Crime Control Department remains to officers of investigation a real trifle: to set in motion to operational information about bribe transfer. And similar transfers accompany today literally all large deals. Because the mafia already finally took everything under the reliable control.

Whether it is possible to constrain a corruption shaft permanent identifications of bribe takers in authorities? Obviously - No. The only way - to destroy the corruption scheme. But thus it is impossible to be limited to arrest of the official of regional scale. Because it is covered and shared with it an injust bribe by the official of regional level. And as information from absolutely independent sources, concerning absolutely various structures testifies, all cash flows flow to Kiev - on streets Bank, the Grushevsky street, the Pilgrim, Vladimir.

But well informed high-ranking sources speak about it having lowered a voice, "not for the press". As know: to give effect to this information - means to give up as a bad job the career. Because for identification of the corrupt official of the highest level of awards - for medals don't wait. You will simply tear and will crush. And to that there is a mass of eloquent examples.

Tell, whether we have the right after that to demand from law enforcement agencies of accurate performance of the professional duty? Whether it is possible to blame the Organized Crime Control Department what it for nothing eats the budgetary bread? I am not confident in the answer. On the one hand, it is possible to tell: serve on conscience and if don't give - leave on the citizen: work as the lawyer, trade in "snickerses" at the end - the ends. Actually, so made the vast majority the Organized Crime Control Department - ovets of "the first flood" with whom I got acquainted at the end of 80-x in then still experimental department of fight against the organized crime at Ugra the Department of Internal Affairs of Kiev.

On the other hand is not an exit for the state: to disperse the most worthy and decent to keep control over structure. But after all at all everything who goes today to serve in system the Organized Crime Control Department, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in whole - the burned corrupt officials and laymans. And at the end - the ends, they detain the armed gangs, really risk life and so forth. Other business what to fight against gangsterism in power and to gangster department of classical criminal investigation department which nobody cancelled. To it to pour in a few shots and means and the lion's share of that, than the Organized Crime Control Department is occupied today, will be able to execute a criminal investigation department. But the last isn't able to destroy the corruption schemes which have sprouted on the highest levels of the power. It can do the Organized Crime Control Department, but to it don't give. Yes unless the parliament if there on every second assessor the Organized Crime Control Department cries will go once to it!

However, there is a president - the arbitrator and the guarantor, the lord of the Supreme power and (according to the assumption) - the owner of political will. Here only, as showed years of board of Yushchenko, it has a power, and the will isn't present. But it undertakes numerous efforts on NBR creation. Well let speaks, that anything I didn't touch the main thing.

And finishing the festive speech I will try to express the obfuscatory opinion on further destiny of the Organized Crime Control Department: it is so necessary or not? In an ideal - it is unconditional, just as militia, court, prosecutor's office, the free press. But, we have not so ideal state. In it the judicial branch of the power turned into commercial structure, the press happens free only for money of the customer, and people in shoulder straps sometimes it is more terrible than criminals. But we have a mafia which is total changed for itself all these nonexistent institutes of the power. Let's be defined: we build the constitutional state in which the court is independent and objective, punishment inevitably, and militia and officials are incorruptible;or we keep the status кво at which we have the state of mafia type?

Here only it isn't necessary to hurry with the answer! Not the fact that the first is more preferable to Ukrainians. Among other things, not the fact that we are able to build the constitutional state. Not Kuchma or Yushchenko, and all Ukrainians who a vodinochka silently bribe and at opportunity seldom refuse them which silently will hang the head instead of having legal proceedings with the head сильрады, or it is at least simple to give to it in a muzzle. We want to live as we live, then to us to anything the Organized Crime Control Department - why uselessly to spend taxes which and without that mercilessly plunder. And if we think the same as we speak: type, you give democracy of the European type! - then the Organized Crime Control Department oh is useful to us.

In general, with a holiday you, soldiers!



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