Business of "werewolves": silent sabotage

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His name was repeatedly mentioned in the publications mass media connected with elimination of many known organized criminal groups of the capital - Moscow, Savlokhov, the Spot, the Prince, the Small fish, the Skull, etc. Therefore our conversation with the person who for four years personally ensured safety of the main witness in the matter of werewolves - about fight against organized crime.

Readers are well familiar with details of investigation of known business of militia werewolves. Having learned that one of the officers directing and taking direct part in elimination of this gang, was awarded the order by "For Courage" of the III degree, "ZN" made in the Ministry of Internal Affairs an official inquiry. With a request to promote in the organization of interview to this employee - the lieutenant colonel Vladislav Koshmyakov who for four years personally ensured safety of the main witness in the matter of werewolves.

- All affairs concerning organized criminal groups and including known leaders, received the logical end in the form of sentences in many respects thanks to division the BOP in which I serve. It is engaged, in particular, in expeditious maintenance of criminal cases from the moment of development of the criminal, detention and to a court sentence. At a court stage it consists in different actions - from anticipation of bribes, other illegal actions of opponents before physical protection of victims and witnesses and delivery of witnesses in a court hall. It is possible to tell that the majority of these actions has psychological character. But thanks to them the witness and the victim understand that they didn't remain in private with bandits and their highly paid lawyers.

In practice of other divisions after detention of criminals and transfer to their consequence business neglect, and the investigator remains in private with large volume of work and with those temptations which are offered by accused and their lawyers. Therefore business falls at a consequence stage, at best - in court.Though when large interests and large sums come into force, even to such division as the BOP, to finish business very not easy.

From capital groups, perhaps, the biggest bloody loop tried to keep step with Spot group. Long-term operational work on documenting of criminal activity of group of the Spot was conducted almost round the clock. The Organized Crime Control Department was succeeded to put him on the wanted list where it was some years and was as a result detained with the main foremen. We continued daily expeditious maintenance of this business and during the investigation, and in court. In total time having made a mistake, lost the witness. The victim himself, without our maintenance visited investigating authorities, and criminals managed to trace it. It was impudently shot in the place of residence. Despite so significant and obvious fact as murder of the victim, the court wasn't ashamed to let out accused of a court hall, having limited stayed. Despite assurances of the minister that we will defend this business, after all during expeditious maintenance on possibility of such cynical judgment repeatedly reported, it to anything didn't lead.

However, subsequently such judgment, it is possible to tell, played with the Spot an evil joke soon after release. It was shot from giving of "colleagues". The same as in due time it shot the "senior" Teapot.

But happens that all enormous efforts directed on exposure of the criminal, don't lead to anything. So, rather the group of the killers which executing murders by request of the Spot and has got after his death to one of his foremen was detained recently. Criminal case under the article "gangsterism" was brought. Participation in murders in Chernigov, Kiev, Donetsk is established. But suddenly the consequence starts showing, to put it mildly, disinterest in our expeditious maintenance. The investigator ceases to communicate with employees of GUBOP, on various pretexts refuses to carry out any investigative actions on the established episodes of criminal activity. Refuses to sign sanctions on carrying out searches though suspects point to places of storage of the weapon. On one of episodes of murders the investigator doesn't take into account recognition in murder commission, referring to that the suspect stipulates himself, having incorrectly specified color of the car if I am not mistaken - not "gray", and "wet asphalt" … Result:business on 69-й to the article of the Criminal Code (including murder) was stopped on a limitation period …

On criminal group of Timokhi it was succeeded to document commission by its group of murder. After connection of financial leverages murder "turned" in heavy corporal, and then and in. moderate severity damages (that is comparable with a fracture of a finger). It thus that us was revealed the body of the victim which has been rolled up in asphalt on parking. Thanks to persistence of task force the Organized Crime Control Department which was carrying out expeditious maintenance, with huge work was succeeded to defend at least heavy injuries, and accused got real penal.

From the moment of detention of Savlokhov many were sure by us that he will pay off. At a certain stage the frightened witnesses and victims simply ceased to go to court, but nevertheless it was succeeded to receive a real sentence. Though there was one failure - on a sentence the charge claiming that will ask not less than 10 years, perfidiously asked … below the lowest limit.

Divisions the Organized Crime Control Department and other field services do everything possible to punish the criminal a court sentence, and it turns out that we only open cards to criminals, we give lessons: be careful, attentive, differently again it is necessary to hand over money …

- Today law enforcement agencies, to put it mildly, don't enjoy confidence of citizens ….

- The reason for that - dictatorship of bank notes, instead of the law power. It is possible to break it having only achieved that the staff ceased to confuse service to the personal business. Here only separately the militia can't be cured, the uniform solution of all state machinery here is necessary. And when law enforcement agencies instead of service are occupied with business, they become toothless, inactive, on as our fellow citizens complain. If we come to any large criminal community possessing big monetary resources, respectively - communications in the power, at employees works fear. If you take measures concerning the suspect according to the law, with you will just arrive on the contrary. The most part of the organized crime (we don't speak about primitive gangs) belongs for a long time to number of millionaires. In the conditions of present tovarno - the monetary relations the criminal case which has been lawfully excited by the conscientious employee, all the same won't reach court. The question will be resolved by means of officials - up to initiation of proceedings against this employee allegedly for excess of office powers.As happened to one of members of our group major V. Petrunk. The acting minister Yu.Lutsenko and generals knew it as officer exclusively decent and betrayed to service, but even their attempts to achieve justice didn't help to defend it. Not once happened, as the victim refused the indications, having received compensation from offenders. Therefore now the law enforcement officer often is afraid to make the rigid correct decision according to the law.

- The well-known business of werewolves is in court three years. Besides, actually activity of one gang is considered in two "series" - the court studies two criminal cases that in principle it is wrong. Why and how it occurred?

- Emergence of the second business on time was connected with management change in the state and, respectively, change of the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Besides, this business coincided also with attempt at the witness - accused in the matter of werewolves as a result of which we with Yu.Nesterov appeared on hospital beds.

The Prosecutor General's Office, in the official document establishing pressure fact at the previous power on the task force opening business of werewolves, specifies that the group worked "despite of pressure of the former management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" and I gave the chance to us to lift the episodes which haven't entered business on the specified reason. In this regard it was again created quickly - an investigation team led by the investigator of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Its task was to solve other crimes committed by members of the same gang. Than I also began to be engaged after an exit from hospital.

According to instructions of again appointed heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the remains of our group were collected from different divisions because the investigation team which has opened werewolves, at that time any more wasn't. We lifted episodes which already to us were known, carried out detentions of earlier unidentified persons.

- However, that murders in the matter of werewolves repeatedly took cover from the account?

- Practically on all facts of the committed murders separate criminal cases weren't brought not to spoil statistics.

- And how you consider, there is a probability of what police officers to whom commission of tens serious crimes is incriminated, in general will be released?

- Very big.

- Why?

- Besides objective difficulties which the court has, for accused time works.They chose tactics of the maximum tightening of the moment of adjudgement.

- And what it gives them?

- Due to the continuous change of the management there is no interest to put the end in this case, proceeding from reasons: it was to me. And many of acting militiamen in general know about business only on hearings or from the press. Functions people who were engaged in it less. Yes us already remained only two, still engaged in expeditious maintenance of this "irrelevant" for many I put.

- What means the irrelevant?

- This phrase in a context of investigation of the this case sounds in my department since 2003.

- Why opened activity of a terrible gang appeared "strangers among the"? "ZN" not traces the first year investigation of this business, and it is possible to note, perhaps, that, strangely enough, at werewolves in the Ministry of Internal Affairs there are a lot of sympathizing. It was necessary even to hear that supposedly it is impossible to dig against the. It is such shop solidarity? Consequence of division of the world on those who in shoulder straps and the others. Or too much from werewolves bailed, after all case papers are overflowed with mentions of "the persons not established by a consequence"?

- Yes, it is valid, the attitude towards us negative. One of the reasons: many after all served directly with werewolves throughout a row of years, sat in one offices. Other employees know only that "cops detained cops". Without pondering and without understanding that actually we, first of all, solved serious crimes. And only during their disclosure left, to our regret, on colleagues. And the position of the management was sounded soon after the first detentions on this case. One of the heads knowing shots, having sounded a secret position in relation to us, I told: you the disclosure for 10 years forward about... image of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And one of heads of the Kiev central board told: "To you these werewolves will still be hiccupped".

After us on various pretexts dispersed, for all these years silent sabotage proceeded. To us say that we dig in crimes of last years which aren't interesting. Forgetting that, on my deep professional belief, there are no old crimes which already "aren't interesting" and they don't need to be opened. As we officially have such concept of "a crime of last years", meaning actually their irrelevance. Though here the main thing as it is told in the law, - inevitability of punishment.And how many years passed, the criminal has to know that sooner or later we will be knocked to him at a door.

- Now you find more understanding at the management?

- If it is honest, difficulties exist. Misunderstanding of that we do, remains at different levels to this day. Especially commanders change so often, as if on the street 30-е years. And not everyone wants to penetrate into that was "to it". At the same time in service there were people who in a wrong way report current situation. So our expeditious maintenance of three criminal cases from the moment of the last presidential election keeps now that we were supervised directly by the minister and his first deputies - chiefs of GUBOP.

- But what problems if the minister personally supervises this question can be?

- Unfortunately, round the minister is so-called staff which, on - visible, filter part of negative information. On official reports with which I reported on the minister on the problems connected with business, there are its resolutions. But the matter is that its orders are simply sabotaged. Often the same staff are limited to doubtful formal replies, answering the questions posed not in full, tightening dates of performance. And happened, papers in general were lost.

I appealed to carry out an inspection upon illegal, in my opinion, dismissals from bodies of my two former subordinates - the senior lieutenants Egorov and Negoda. Analyzing all chain of events, it is obvious that their dismissal pursued the aim - to paralyze operational work on business.

- But the highest officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs claimed that the group was opened by three quick employees introduced in it whom directed directly ex-the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yu. Smirnov. It was noted also that it is real heroes, worthy the highest awards …

- This publication in the press caused bewilderment and laughter at devoted in real circumstances of this business. We vividly discussed who from us is one of the introduced employees. Then decided that this interview - operational cunning of the management. It wasn't clear only why us didn't inform concerning the version which it was decided to publish. Unfortunately, subsequently we were disappointed, having realized that it at all wasn't "military cunning", pursuing the aim, for example, to confuse bandits.

- On the this case law enforcement agencies gave out unprecedented number of lies, including that is characteristic, the top officials of department did it. The first deputy N. Bilokonya claimed that participants of disclosure of this crime are awarded, raised in positions and carry out especially responsible tasks in GUBOP system …

- This statement is, to put it mildly, a lie. After carrying out a number of checks (from check of transport discipline before unprecedented studying of our operational economy which was carried out by wondering operas of a criminal investigation department) the department was dispersed on various pretexts. And two heads - me and the major Igor Kasyan - lowered to ordinary oper.

- In principle, approximately such course of events was predicted by the late lieutenant colonel Igor Goncharov accused of creation of a gang of werewolves, isn't it?

- Really, he spoke a lot of interesting, but at that time in it wasn't trusted. Such we, of course, didn't expect.

- What from Goncharov's anticipation came true?

- Right after its detention when Goncharov understood that we will manage to bring it to trial, he spoke - not in a hysterics, and quietly reflecting, - that won't live up to court. I promised money for the release of 100 thousand dollars. Its last offer was 200 thousand. Still I asked that to it brought poison for a certain payment. It is characteristic that he offered all this at that stage when the consequence had no still any corpse.

- I. Goncharov said that he works for serious people …

- In ours with it conversations he spoke about other. He claimed that works for structures, and that as it was lit, it will throw out as a shot sleeve therefore it and won't live up to court. However, he told it as - that by the way, quietly, simply established the fact. Pier, I as the officer, the quick worker has to understand it - he won't tell about something under no circumstances.

- Goncharov's sensational death left many questions. Strange circumstances, opposite results of examinations. Personally the sentence on the case of Goncharov's death convinced you what guilty of death are established?

- As the representative of executive power I can't call in question the judgment which has come into force. However as the person having experience of operational work, on service got used to reality, I can tell that for me this situation looks, as in the cheap detective story. It is too much accidents.Beginning from anticipation of the death from the moment of detention, instant cremation of his body after death, lack of interest its native to its destiny - any complaints in spite of the fact that the person died, being in the power of law enforcement agencies, initiations of proceedings in a year after the death fact - owing to scandal in mass media, including in foreign. All this makes against that simple decision which the court sentence gave us.

- And you in general are sure, what he actually died? The consequence had real proofs of his death?

- Upon his death I am not familiar with materials of criminal case.

Strangely enough, any of members of task force in the matter of werewolves at all didn't interrogate in connection with statements of the press that the reason of his death - beating from our party. Observing such detective succession of events against absolute indifference of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we were afraid that instead of Goncharov can bury a corpse of other person. Therefore on Friday evening left in a mortuary on corpse survey. I performed visual inspection, being going to remove on Monday its posthumous дактилокарту, etc. Then I for the first time saw it with moustaches. Now, of course, I regret that postponed more careful survey. But after all it was obvious that the corpse from us already anywhere won't get to. But it appeared differently - him cremated … during week-end without obligatory permission in such cases of investigating authorities, and now as I understand, the consequence doesn't have today anything confirming that Goncharov, except my official report and internal belief of the forensic scientist died.

- I. Goncharov left known letters in which the truth alternated with lie so that eventually to them interest was lost. What in them was the truth, in your opinion?

- Almost everything. Its notes just were based on absolutely real facts. In them real events were stated. But, describing them, it interchanged the position characters. For example, he attributed the actions to other member of a gang, overshadowing itself.

- I. Goncharov repeatedly hinted at the awareness concerning Gongadze's business. You see communication between affairs of werewolves and Gongadze?

- On a consequence Goncharov really started bargaining - that will give evidences in the matter of Gongadze for simplification of the fate. He even under the protocol declared that will tell about it in court. But business of werewolves entirely consists of "accidents" and "combination of circumstances".Initially the management incidentally gave inveracious information on this business. Full-blooded expeditious maintenance of this business was incidentally paralyzed - employees are dismissed and lowered in positions. Incidentally I. Goncharov's anticipation of rather own death came true. On combination of circumstances Goncharov was instantly cremated - in the days off. I managed to write "posthumous" notes. Armed attack on the witness - accused in the matter of werewolves took place a day before detention of the persons now condemned for murder of Gongadze. Incidentally condemned to which incriminated Gongadze's murder, served in the same service, as one of werewolves by which car corpses of victims of a gang and which was in direct submission of the general Pukacha were transported. Etc., etc. Such heap of accidents has to push on certain thoughts. And so, of course, communication any isn't present …

- That is the feeling, what such communication exists, at you is?

- In our work you won't sew feeling to business. But, collecting about it information, we learned, including from employees that when the speech came about unclear for us then the agiotage connected with loss of G. Gongadze, I. Goncharov attentively traced these events, vividly in them was interested, had on hands and showed to people of endurance from interpretations of films of Melnichenko.

Thus, as eyewitnesses claimed, significantly laughed and repeated: "Shershe la Fam".

- Yes, by the way, about women. According to officials, the proof of that Goncharov - the blood-thirsty maniac, served one episode in which there were no mercenary motives. This brutal murder of the music teacher - the husband of the former beloved of Goncharov. Why Goncharov made it?

- I don't know concerning statements for its maniakalnost. I have bases to assume that the motive here was other. It is established, what even after a marriage of this woman Goncharov continued to communicate with her. On - visible, I listened from it to numerous complaints to the husband. And on - I helped the, having exempted it from matrimonial bonds. And it easy could be understood, proceeding from primary complaints arriving from mother of the victim. She reported about it to the officials, however appropriate measures weren't taken. And only years later we in general managed to prove the fact of murder of the person which for several years was registered as poisoned with vodka. This murder, seems to me, testifies only to Goncharov's not indifferent attitude towards this woman.And she which so tragicly has lost the husband, on court doesn't wish to be …

- In the press a lot of miscellaneous wrote about the head of your department Sergey Hamule …

- S. Hamule was necessary to retire, and, apparently, it isn't really pleasant to it to remember this business, probably, for the objective reasons. I can tell one: on my strong belief, this business at all wouldn't be if in due time the colonel Hamula didn't become the chief of "gangster" department the Organized Crime Control Department of Kiev.

- Safety of participants of criminal legal proceedings usually is entrusted to "Griffin" or "Alpha". Obviously, the State Office of Public Prosecutor was compelled to charge to the Organized Crime Control Department safety of the witness - the accused Nesterov as too many law-enforcement structures were bound in this case in a criminal ball?

- It is valid so, and this case actually unprecedented in practice of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Unfortunately, even we are compelled to explain to big heads it, and repeatedly.

- With Nesterov you are sure of a case that you guarantee it everything what promised when convinced to go to a cooperation with the investigation, and first of all its safety?

- Unfortunately, not all that is stated in the law, feasible. First of all, because of lack of finance. There is also a number of other, purely legal and technical reasons, since registration of the birth certificate and finishing pension. But in our case to the last presidential election everything kept only on personal enthusiasm of employees. After elections, with support of the new chief of GUBOP, we started applying real points from this law. Though now Yu. Nesterov Marii Sambur's professional, skilled lawyer at our request should work for free practically every day. And after all in this case the role of the lawyer, strangely enough it sounds, has to be reduced to formality. As the law-enforcement system gave to Yu.Nesterov accurate guarantees, being guided by the law. And the law provides partial or even liberation from criminal liability even to the member of criminal group who gave special help to a consequence. And it not domestic ноу - Hau, on such way goes for a long time world practice.

It is possible to tell that Nesterov was lucky as the Organized Crime Control Department was engaged in disclosure of these crimes.And GUBOP division - one of the few who can carry out all complex quickly - search actions for maintenance of criminal cases from the moment of detention of the suspect - initiation of legal proceedings to a sentence in court. As it is specified in the Law "About Fight against the Organized Crime", and in GUBOP system we even have the division which is engaged in maintenance of especially important criminal cases.

- Whether the truth, what during the investigation of business names of known politicians in our country were repeatedly mentioned?

- Yes, it is valid, at a stage of a pretrial investigation and in court - high-ranking officials are even more often mentioned. But it is less than politicians, generally - generals.

- You can tell the names?

- No. Because to give it any estimates - not in my competence. These questions weren't investigated by an investigative way and while, except statements, anything isn't present.

- How you consider, whether the court had to become interested in such statements?

- Yes, for comprehensive, impartial investigation of case papers the court has to call many people with loud surnames. However the court is very limited in the real opportunities. In - the first, it can't "digest" more than three years already available volume of information on business. Additional data it is stretched meetings. It will be possible not to give at all lifelong terms - business and so will be considered for life. In - the second, you understand, is how real at us not that to make responsible people of such level, but it is simple to invite for evidence.

Only on the second, small business we in court delivered more than 70 witnesses. And it on the volume doesn't come within miles of so to speak main business of werewolves.

- As for sensational attempt at the witness - accused
Yu.Nesterova, repeatedly was necessary to hear that the management of your native department - the Kiev management - adheres, in any case in private conversations, the version about a performance …

- However, as well as all defendants who insist on it. Curious unanimity. Continuing this version, it is logical to claim and the following about what it is also constantly spoken: that the gang of werewolves was thought up by our task force, killed people and dug in bodies employees the Organized Crime Control Department.And that we took out defendants to places of burial of bodies and under the threat of physical violence forced to specify these places to a consequence and to assume these crimes …

The people who aren't knowing all materials of criminal case can approve it only.

And in itself risk this business - to catch splinters in a bullet-proof vest. We with Yu. Nesterov spent then more than a month in hospital. By the way, until now, after three years, the consequence couldn't carry out objective expertize on establishment of severity of the injuries got by us.

Also this situation like to compare, especially "staff", to M. Kurochkin's known elimination, noting that if really wanted, would clean. Only thus forget that killed him far not from the first.

- As far as we know, after attempt at your client when at an entrance of a house the fighting grenade was blown up, at you firefight was given up the attacking. Whether there corresponds to reality information what during the investigation of this incident the consequence refused to record indications of witnesses about this firefight?

- Yes, it so. For the unclear reasons for me, already being in hospital, I learned that as residents of this house explained, during apartment poll employees refused to fix the firefight fact, explaining to witnesses that it makes no difference for a consequence. And these events were recorded only after the official address to the prosecutor of the area. Moreover, can't still carry out comparative expertize of samples of the bullets withdrawn from a place of firefight, in any way and the samples which are available in the matter of werewolves.

- Whether and the truth, what, according to the same residents of the house, the car by which you moved with the victim, after incident was robed by people in shape, arrived to a scene? People in shoulder straps were capable of such marauding?

- In the war, as in the war. Most likely, those people decided that these things any more won't be necessary for us.

- How you consider, today there is a threat of your life?

- Yes, such threat remains. One only the fact that attempt isn't opened, the persons threatening my native, aren't established speaks for itself. Not to mention that materials in the matter of werewolves concerning unspecified are allocated with a consequence of persons. And they more than have enough bases to feel hostility to me.Though it isn't clear to investigation authorities.

- You asked for the help?

- I addressed. But as it was officially told: why to me the help if I am the quick employee. Obviously, for this reason of a bullet have to jump aside from me.

- Coming back to the decree of the president, I want to ask: why you received an award after so many years after an event?

- Earlier prize documents on me were filed by chiefs of GUBOP - generals Kornich and Belozub. There were also corresponding instructions of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yu.Lutsenko, but they were sabotaged and lost in a human resources department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- It turns out, what you awarded not from giving of your department, and at the initiative of the president and his administration?

- Absolutely truly. I received an award without thanking, and contrary to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- And all - receiving one of the highest state awards, always assuming a little special situation awarded, and that fact, what, contrary to fashionable nowadays tendencies, your award not bought, changed the attitude towards you in your department?

- It is unlikely. Many, to put it mildly, were upset. Especially, I think, the employees of the personnel device who were persistently sabotaging even decisions of the management in this respect. Thus after the decree of the president, but, yet without knowing about it, as usual, under a specious excuse, they reported on the management that I can't be recommended for this decoration.

- But the Ministry of Internal Affairs though as - that had to encourage the employees who have opened activity of a gang.

- Any order in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this respect doesn't exist. It is a pity to me that people with whom I worked on this case, many of which made more, than I, and risked the lives not less, than I not that weren't appreciated, to them even "thanks" didn't tell. And for many of us this business became the career end. Most likely, it is a principled stand of department in which I serve. Though this question was repeatedly brought up by the management, including me. The small part of members of group was encouraged only on an initiative and insistance of the State Office of Public Prosecutor - medals. And after all from the moment of gang elimination, within five years the capital of Ukraine isn't in a fever any more from systematic captures of hostages with the repayment requirement.

Reference of "ZN"

Militia lieutenant colonel V. Koshmyakov. 19 years of a period of service. On operational work - 15 years, from them 11 - in divisions the Organized Crime Control Department.Directly I directed and I took part in detention of a gang of the militia werewolves accused of gangsterism. At the time of elimination of a gang of werewolves - the deputy chief of department of fight against organized criminal groups and their leaders the Organized Crime Control Department of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev. In total on criminal business is arrested about 20 people, 13 murders are opened.


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