Why Simonenko won't vote for Lutsenko's resignation

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The leader of Communist party of Ukraine, the candidate for president Pyotr SIMONENKO declares that wouldn't vote in parliament for resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury LUTSENKO.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he reported about it on Sunday in Donetsk on a press - conferences after participation in the Forum of social safety of Donetsk region, carried out by Blok of the left and left-centrist forces.

Answering a question, what does he think of resignation of the Interior Minister of Ukraine, the Item SIMONENKO told: "I will answer you frankly as on spirit - I understand that on - to a miscellaneous which - who can interpret. I tactically wouldn't vote for it. Also let they among themselves fight and further. The more they fight, the it becomes more obvious who is who in this country".

The leader of KPU noted that these questions only in connection with upcoming elections are heated today. He explained that the facts about the committed crimes of each other on the eve of elections - "it not the compromising evidence, is realities and certificates on criminals", the facts "are pulled out by friends which among themselves before it on the skhodnyakakh divided everything, and then these crimes do public".

The item SIMONENKO recognized that "today nobody is satisfied" with militia work in Ukraine, but the question by politicians in other plane is now raised - in whose hands on elections there will be a militia.

"The speech goes today absolutely about other - want before elections that there was in someone's hands a militia. Well, and what such in a sneeze - that hands militia? Really you don't know that only (militias - the UNIAN) under the law it is authorized to it to protect a public order round the polling station", - the candidate told. Thus he added: "It is a question that clans fight among themselves. If there is a strengthening of one of clans at the expense of another including law-enforcement system, then tomorrow there will be in the country in general a lawlessness".

"Therefore it is necessary to us with you not to speak about it, and it is necessary to come on January 17 and to vote, as in 17 - m to year (in 1917 when there was an October revolution - the UNIAN). And to put the end to it", - I concluded the Item SIMONENKO.


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