Today Birthday is celebrated by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko

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Today the 45 - the anniversary is noted by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko.

Yury Vitaliyevich,accept sincere congratulations from the edition"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT",we wish you success in service, a good health, good luck and family happiness and wellbeing!

Let in your house always there will be a family cosiness, harmony and an order, and in the our country - only a quiet operational situation! Let friends and a family will be the reliable back, work takes away less than forces and brings more pleasure, and all conceived comes true.

Let your creative plans and plans will be carried out, and all your undertakings are accompanied always by success!

Yury Lutsenko and редколлектив "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the lake Hortitsa, 2009


Birthplace, education.Native Rivne. In 1989 I graduated from the Lvov polytechnical institute as "an engineer of electronic equipment". In a break between study (in 1984-1986) I served in army.

Career.From 1989 to 1996 of Yu.Lutsenko - the process engineer, the job foremaster, the chief of technical bureau of shop at plant of 60 - the anniversaries of October, the chief designer of Gazotron plant in Rivna, the vice-president of the Rivnensky regional council, the chairman of committee of economy of the Rivnensky regional state administration. In 1997 - 1998 - the deputy head of the Ministry of affairs of science and technologies. Since September 1998 till April, 1999 - the assistant Premier - the minister of Ukraine Valery Pustovoytenko. Then Yu.Lutsenko works three years as the assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy, the leader of Socialist party of Ukraine Alexander Moroz in the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada. The secretary of political council of SPU in 1996-1998 Was the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Socialist party in parliament of the IV convocation.

Since the end 1990-x and up to Victor Yushchenko's victory in 2004 - Yu.Lutsenko's m spoke at presidential elections as the active fighter with Leonid Kuchma's mode. In 2001 I was one of heads of loud protest action "Ukraine without Kuchma", accompanied by serious skirmishes of demonstrators with militiamen. In the fall 2004-го was among direct organizers and heads of an action of civil disobedience in Kiev, often I addressed people on the Maidan. On a wave of "orange revolution" on February 4 2005-го came to a post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Yu.Lutsenko became the civil head of this power department first in the history of Ukraine. I held a position in three governments in a row - Yulia Timoshenko, Yury Ekhanurov and Victor Yanukovych.

To pleasure of political opponents, on December 1, 2006 it was dismissed from a post of the Minister of Internal Affairs. It was replaced by the former member of the same party, the member of the anti-recessionary coalition Vasily Tsushko.

After Yu.Lutsenko's resignation I declared creation of oppositional social movement "National self-defense" which former "nasheukrainets" Nikolay Katerinchuk and David Zhvaniya, the adviser to the President Taras Stetskiv joined. And after this followed the search organized by the State Office of Public Prosecutor in the apartment of the oppositionist and recognizance not to leave capture from it on suspicion in illegal, unreasonable distribution of prize guns. However, this fact only promoted growth of a rating ex-the minister.

Having handed over a portfolio of the minister, Yu.Lutsenko twisted about need to hold snap parliamentary elections and, on - essences, began election campaign of "National self-defense". Not casually hotly I supported the initiative of the President of early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the V convocation. When unplanned elections became reality, the electoral bloc "Our Ukraine - National self-defense" was created (NUNS). The list of candidates headed ex-the Interior Minister.

On December 18 2007-го, soon after coalition creation between BYuT and NUNS, it is appointed the Interior Minister in the second government Yu. Tymoshenko.

Views, acts, estimates.In the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005 - Yu.Lutsenko's m began activity with serious cleaning of shots. The first order of the new Minister concerned creation of Department of internal security to which he subordinated inspectorate for staff and the former department of internal security, and also "Falcon" of the Organized Crime Control Department which before was engaged in neutralization of especially dangerous criminals gave (for a while) special forces. The new chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was sure that, without having brought an order to the department, it is impossible to achieve a law and order in the country.

In one of interview in February 2005-guo Yu.Lucengko told: "At my family is both the apartment, and the car. We aren't burdened by giving and office to me isn't necessary. Except protection for my children for which I pay itself, more it is necessary nothing for me. If only to pass this year live". Soon after appointment Yu.Lutsenko there passed a wave of messages on excitement of a number of the criminal cases as which persons involved many known politicians and the businessmen supporting the former power acted. However after "affairs" of loud trials didn't follow. According to thousands of Ukrainians, the revolutionary slogan "To bandits - prisons! " I remained unrealized. About it Yu.Lutsenko justified more than once: many cases investigated by militia got stuck in bodies of prosecutor's office. Nevertheless, in September 2006-guo Yu.Lucengko it appeared in the three of statesmen (together with V. Yanukovych and the leader of BYuT Yu. Tymoshenko), whose actions Ukrainians support most of all (according to Center opinion poll of Razumkov).

In July 2006-guo Yu.Lucengko condemned the line of the leader of SPU A. Moroz and I tore with the party which has entered the parliamentary coalition with the Party of Regions (PR) and KPU. Being the Interior Minister in the government of "regional" V. Yanukovych was as a bone in a throat for many political opponents. We will tell, for one of leaders of PR, the People's Deputy Boris Kolesnikov which some months in 2005 - the m carried out in a prison cell under a consequence on suspicion in extortion. Or for his influential colleague on fraction Evgeny Kushnarev appearing in criminal case on suspicion in separatism. The last even told that for Yu.Lutsenko's candidate in V. Yanukovych's government members of fraction of Party of Regions voted, "having gritted teeth and having closed eyes".

To Yu.Lutsenko's many drivers it was remembered by the reforms in GAI. For example, check point elimination on approaches to settlements, attempts to put an end to use of "criminal" registration plates, personal checks of road posts. The second arrival on a post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was marked by cleaning of ranks of GAI and thousands selected for violations of the rules of traffic of driver's licenses. And still - initiatives of creation of National anti-corruption bureau which would be engaged in investigation of "feats" of the high-ranking officials, deputies, judges, and on integration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the expense of boundary and customs services.

With return to a post of the minister at Yu.Lutsenko tension with the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky (by the way, observers consider the Interior Minister as the potential candidate for a post of the capital town governor) was fueled. On January 18 meeting of Council of national safety in general ended with frank fight between politicians in the presence of many high-ranking officials.According to Chernovetsky, Lutsenko lashed out at it with with fists that the mayor at meeting of the National Security and Defense Council remembered "criminal" history. How in due time the Interior Minister extorted from him a site of the capital earth and I threatened to put behind bars of the son of the mayor. According to the minister, Chernovetsky publicly slandered him, knocked a foot on a sore knee, for what in reply at witnesses received a slap in the face and the unflattering characteristic: "брехун and it is simple падлюка".

In a week after incident it became known that the capital prosecutor's office brought concerning the high-ranking politician criminal case on ч.2 Art. 125 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (deliberate slight injury), the most rigid sanction on which is arrest for up to six months or freedom restriction for up to two years.

Family.Yu.Lutsenko is married. Brings up two sons.


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