Lutsenko called Shufrich "chmy"

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"National self-defense" published the case papers, Nestor Shufrich excited in the relation in May, 1998 for infliction of bodily injury to the wife.

They appeared on a site of the party created by the present Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, on Sunday, after skirmish between Lutsenko and Shufrich in the night of Friday on Saturday.

Among the published documents - Natalya Shufrich's statement with a request to take measures concerning the husband; conclusion of the expert that at her closed cherepno - a brain trauma, concussion and a fracture of a jaw which could be received "owing to action of stupid firm subjects or when falling on a firm covering".

Witnesses of incident aren't present therefore to prove that Nestor Shufrich beat the wife, it wasn't possible, and in June, 1998 due to the lack of a crime event business was closed.

On a question, whether publication of materials of criminal case by retaliation to Shufrich who hit the Interior Minister in a face is, Lutsenko declared to the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper:

"The blow to Shufrich is struck by Shufrich's life. He poses as the macho, though on life - the schnook".

It is known that on the night of Saturday, on air of the Schuster Live program the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Nestor Shufrich and the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko quarreled.

Shufrich reminded the Interior Minister of the conflict to the German police officers at the airport of Frankfurt am Main and asked when Lutsenko will permit for receiving materials of investigation from the German prosecutor's office. In reply Lutsenko declared: "And when you how the man, you will publish how you cruelly beat the wife, having broken her a jaw, and were covered with parliamentary immunity? ".

During a program break Shufrich punched Lutsenko in a face when the minister left studio with the security guard. According to the head a press - services Ministries of Internal Affairs of Inna Kisil, Shufrich provoked Lutsenko shouts: "Yura, give! " - but that answered that they "will talk on - мужски" when Shufrich will remove inviolability.

Shufrich calls it "man-to-man talk". "We spoke, looking each other in the face. After the first word to Yury Vitalyevich everything is it was succeeded to get on feet and, hiding behind the back of protection, to escape to me unclear, than my political inviolability prevented Lutsenko to protect the man's advantage", - заяв


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