Tymoshenko's task - that silly persons had no access to the power?

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We wrote down this interview in the sky over Europe - coming back from Bonn. - it wasn't represented by the candidate for president to other opportunity to communicate "under a dictophone" to the Prime minister long four months. In view of difficulties of a format - in the plane in general it is difficult спродуцировать something distinct and deficiency of time - in the sky conversation forcedly "kept within" half an hour whereas on the earth similar conversation lasts not less than an hour, many questions weren't asked, answers - aren't received. So, we didn't discuss communication between promised most "successful and effective" to heads of electoral commissions of places in the BYuT 30-lists го May and threat of falsifications (clearly, at such incentive, temptation "to draw" the correct result considerably increases); didn't clear selectivity of return and a non-return to VAT business; didn't estimate opportunity and probability of the appeal of BYuT of result not only the second, but even the first round in vessels. In a word, this interview you won't call program. "Legal set of formalities" - too.

It is more correct to call it sign. In conversation with Tymoshenko's "LB" for the first time accurately I let know: doesn't exclude cancellation To - reforms. Her dislike for editings of the Basic law from 2004-го is well-known, however earlier it didn't encroach on them so resolutely. Possibly, not casually the next day in mass media there was article … Victor Medvedchuk who has recognized own constitutional mistake. Still every other day - Roman Zvarich explaining ways of cancellation of grown hateful reform. Also the Prime minister promised: in case of a victory - a hand to Yanukovych won't give. In its coalition, even for the love of Ukraine, won't call. Though earlier, again - - for the love of Ukraine, I called. And not once. It is sure: "regionals", this time, will support her - "will trample" on Victor Fedorovich from a fraction and party post of the head, so it bothered them. As a result the President Tymoshenko will receive the constitutional majority, with completely accountable Cabinet of Ministers and all responsibility will charge itself.

Well, and how differently - "the country supports the presidential - not the parliamentary form of government, it is felt"? As we flied from ENP summit, began, logically, from a subject of a foreign policy factor in the Ukrainian elections.

Victor Fedorovich - an embodiment of all of the worst that was in the past and is in the present"

Intensive dialogue with the prime minister of the Russian Federation Putin increased number of yours симпатиков in the east of Ukraine, in the West - reduced a little. With support you European people's party exactly on the contrary: in the West it inspired Tymoshenko's supporters, in the east - upset. Too sharp maneuvers, the risk is great to lose "nuclear" electorate, you don't find?

Harmony, balance, aspiration to balance, are put in each Ukrainian. Only politicians, recently, so disturbed the people, so disoriented that harmony, balance and tranquillity should be restored. The country can't choose between "mother" and "father", the West and the East, friendship with the certain any states or with EU - all this absolutely contradicts the principles of civilized creation of the relations, rules of diplomacy.

Many countries, including - integrated, build now policy of "reset". Means: they are open for all, but remain are true to the fundamental national interests. I think, it isn't necessary for Ukraine of other recipe.

Means, you "counterbalance": serially you are on friendly terms with the Russian Federation and with EU, increasing chances to be pleasant both to "Westerners", and pro-Russian citizens?

It is a little not so. Interests of Ukraine - in all doomsday. We are capable to defend them, keeping, thus, the good, peace relations with all. It, actually, that I am going to do. In other words, "to pull out" the Ukrainian interests - to look for them and to protect, it is absolute in all territories. It will allow and stronger to make and strengthen our country friendship with all who wants to be on friendly terms with us. My purpose - to return balance, harmony to souls of Ukrainians; so that they hadn't to choose: they with those or with those. The choice has to be one: they - with Ukraine. And I - with them!

ENP calls ours "progressive forces" before the second round to unite - in favor of the most rating демкандидата. You, that is. Knowing structure, features of the Ukrainian politicum, really you believe, what someone will hear this appeal? Consolidation if is possible - under certain conditions, most likely - personnel. Conditions which as practice shows, public happen extremely seldom.

The European people's party - the most numerous and influential political force of united Europe. For me it is very important that ENP officially declares support of the European vector, the European aspirations of Ukraine. I as the politician, I am for them an embodiment of realization of this vector. ENP offered quite adequate formula of achievement of the purpose: regardless of the one who will win the first round, all демсилы have to unite for support of the single candidate. To unite for the love of Ukraine, instead of on the basis of unofficial "parties" any there, graters: who whom becomes.

If our politicians really love Ukraine, really support its European way, they are simply obliged not to pass in Victor Fedorovich's power - an embodiment of all of the worst that was in the past and is in the present. Otherwise will rule one powerful clan having accurate, criminal and mafia signs. Really it is possible to bring this person into the power, to give the chance to it to plunder again the country as it robbed "Mezhigorye" and "Sukholuchye"? ! By the way, "Sukholuchye", is 34 more hectares of the state earth, grounds. Victor Fedorovich there hunts...

Kushnarev too hunted... The love to Ukraine - well, of course, only guarantees - is better. Hold together the coalitions more reliably. Your colleague, Nikolay Martynenko, declared recently in interview to "The left coast": the following guarantor who him wouldn't become, surely has to try to create the union of all parliamentary political forces. Inclusive with KPU and so forth. Whether you are ready, in case of a victory, to give a hand to Victor Fedorovich, to offer him and all to the rests, to live in peace and friendship, one coalition? For the love of Ukraine, certainly.

To Victor Fedorovich - No. And categorically! With its Paleozoic representations that for the country - happiness that - the misfortune that - is good that - is bad. he as it seems to me, a little bit in life should be engaged in another.

At the same time, in all fractions of parliament, including, I am convinced, of PR, there are professionals, statesmen. For this reason I will make everything in order that People's Deputies rallied in BP round idea of creation of the strong European state, idea of fair justice, idea of really independent mass media, ideas of association of market and social economy.

How you will make it, interestingly? The coalition is formed by fractions.If Yanukovych loses, will try to use a resource of the head of the largest fraction to the maximum. The largest it because behind "regions" - support of a half of the population. It is necessary to reckon with it, especially, you speak: PR not consists of one bandits.

For me there are two axioms. The first: Yanukovych will lose these elections. The rivers don't flow back, time doesn't turn back and in general, anything live doesn't go counter to logic and common sense. So Ukraine will move forward and only forward.

The second: after Yanukovych will lose, and with a big separation, in its fraction the majority without Victor Fedorovich is formed. Yanukovych tired any more only Ukraine, but also own team.

In case of loss, Victor Fedorovich "will degrade" from the head of PR, how loser, so?

I think, it isn't required to initiate anything - everything will pass the turn: organically and quietly.

"After elections in parliament there will be a majority in three hundred people"

As about other potential subjects "super - the coalitions": communists, litvinovets, remains "orange"? The speaker Litvin, again - in "LB" interview, stated doubt in success of attempts to create in BP the new majority to 30-го May. Pier, fighters of the second and third echelons battle now not for presidency - mandates of deputies of all levels. Therefore, on the eve of local elections, to them it is unprofitable to convert the, and without that insignificant, points, in support "the senior companions". And not only before the second round, but also after inauguration. The voter supposedly will remember and won't forgive.

Planned local elections - not a hindrance of quiet, harmonious life which will come in the country at once, after completion of presidential race. Parliament, believe, it will quickly be restructured therefore we will receive the majority in three hundred, and more, the person.

Constitutional, that is, necessary for carrying out reforms?

Quite so.

Who your main competitor - it is clear. Interestingly, whom you consider as the serious rival in a democratic field. Serious not because it is capable to play you;because in the first round "delays" on itself many your voices. In the summer technologists of BYuT seriously were afraid of Yatsenyuk. Nowadays about it, of course, forgot partially, but remembered Yushchenko, it isn't groundless applying for the third post. In general the third place - the greatest intrigue of campaign, agree?

Who will occupy the second, third, fifth, seventh place, me not really excites. I have one purpose - not to allow in the power of the real mafia. It is the main task. As the tail of election campaign changes, whether it wags to the left or to the right, I don't think at all. Ukraine knew not one presidential campaign, but today hardly anyone will remember who was the third, the fourth or the fifth in 2004 - m, in 1999 - m. This race will end - will leave and artificially created low-rating candidates.

It is favorable to play the third place in fight for premiership. Why to key candidates already today not to tell the name of the person whom would like to see the Prime minister at the presidency? It is honest in relation to the voter. Personally you, still parliamentary 2006-го proclaimed "elections of the national Prime minister".

The country supports a presidential government - not parliamentary, it is felt. Means, it is necessary to get used to that the president, winning elections, assumes not only the power, also all responsibility. Instead of throws it as baked potato, to someone to another, doesn't look for whipping boys. Trying to cover, thereby, the insolvency, lack of talent, sometimes in addition and corruptibility - as today.

No, the head of state both can, and is obliged to answer, including, for government work. And if I say that the country even shouldn't know a surname of the Prime minister, I mean not Constitution violation, and that the President has to bear responsibility for the events.

At the Prime minister of powers everything is more. At least, under the existing Constitution.

Not absolutely so.

It isn't powers - in the personality?

The Prime minister - the minister - I it on myself feel activity, will paralyze three factors.

The first: The president can appeal, cancel or detain implementation of any decision of the government.

The second: The president can veto any law initiated by the government.

The third:the present Constitution actually cuts the Prime minister - the minister from an executive power at the local level vertical.

All this would do what impossible realization - that there were strategy, establishing order. And precisely you won't tell that the Prime minister, under such circumstances, is allocated with the power bigger - the President always will have tools more feasibly, in a counterbalance.

Davnym - long ago it was necessary to hold a referendum, to ask the people, what form of government is more preferable: parliamentary or presidential. By results of a referendum - to order the power, that is to change the Constitution.

The new Basic law - that in a co-authorship with "regions", in BYuT since spring lies. Only with it there is too much efforts where it is simpler to cancel the constitutional reform of December 2004-го. Necessary for its appeal in KSU of the signature of deputies accumulated in the safe of Turchynov in 2005 - m

After elections it will be necessary to consider all ways of ordering of the Constitution. To live in such chaos further - to continue to pull down the country, creating the favorable environment for shadow clans. For them now - the best time: speculating on opposition each other power branches, catch in muddy water any small fish, continue to appropriate the state resources, property. I will stop it!

One of "ways of ordering" - cancellation of editings 2004-го, huh?

Only one of. It is better to adopt new, more logical Constitution, of course.

"Society or perceives of this kind as Yanukovych on a post of the President, or - No. If perceives is not my problems"

You know, many are afraid of you. Promises "to twist parliament in a mutton horn", "to turn inside out", "to impound a fat", increased by role "the rigid leader", guard. Dictatorship, autocracy, autocracy and so on. Especially the oligarchs too well still remembering 2005-ый worry.

For the last five years all imperious "party" so dismissed itself, the environment разбаловала, so was discredited by the power that the order should be brought. Only the speech not about repressions, persecutions or personal prosecutions - about an order when it is possible, on a law and Constitution letter, accurately to write out rules of life of the country. Not concepts - rules! Rules which all adhere:taxes pay, don't steal, don't appropriate a mineral deposit, don't swindle with financial streams state. If the power and business together these rules - on the basis of the adopted laws, fulfill, here and there will be the order called by dictatorship of the law. Rule of law, more precisely.

The rule of law - is good, only a way to it remote. And in 2005 - m lustration began literally right after Yushchenko's inauguration. In 2010 - to Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Firtash BTRY on a visit to wait for m or they can sleep peacefully?

Rest in Ukraine will set in when everything, without exception, will accept these honest and transparent new rules. Without trying, by means of the influence in mass media, in a politicum, to destroy them. The true rest, instead of the permissiveness based on mutual responsibility when all the friend - the friend cover, receiving, including, material benefits.

Meanwhile all polls give to Yanukovych, on the average, percent ten bigger. Experiment of the previous campaigns shows: "decisive breakthrough" you always undertake in recent weeks races. What it will be this time what exactly you plan to carry out? Or you hope for "silent electorate", earlier adding to you from 7 to 10%?

Civil consciousness of the Ukrainian nation, being formed all years of independence, is shown on each elections. For this reason I am convinced: Yanukovych never will win presidential elections in such country, as Ukraine. Never! I don't believe that our people are capable to elect the head of state of the person, twice, and maybe three times - on it argue still, the offender; not the quite educated - diplomas and professorial ranks can be bought, unfortunately, but intelligence, understanding of how it is correct to operate the country, they won't add. Without saying to that making the way in the power, Yanukovych surely tore up something from the country. In 2007 - m, the last time - the generation companies, "Mezhgorye", an oil field and gas.

It isn't necessary any special technologies in order that Ukrainians didn't choose to themselves the guarantor which portrait even at school before pupils can't be hung up.

Technologies are required not for Yanukovych's loss - for your victory, I asked about it.

The pre-election game store absolutely doesn't justify itself.You look as the political game store is constructed at some young inexperienced candidates for president …


Give without surnames and it is so clear. And so, when the people saw: this its game store - the foolish technology which doesn't have not a soul, contents, a leader component, the rating as it was inflated - right there and was blown off. That is why I don't believe neither in technologies, nor in "breakthroughs". Society or perceives of this kind as Yanukovych on a post of the President, or - No. If perceives is not my problems.

Predict figures of the first and second round: for itself and for Yanukovych.

I don't want figures and forecasts. I want to trust: Ukrainians won't choose Yanukovych as the President.

Donetsk, as far as I know, to you it answer: your main enemy - not Yanukovych, your main enemy - crisis.

Certainly, crisis adds to people of problems, and to politicians doesn't add popularity. But, to tell the truth, I am happy that, during so enormous tests for Ukraine on a post of the Prime minister there was I. There would be on my place someone another, we would return to the ninetieth: with nonpayments of salaries and pensions, with debts for gas, with full destabilization of life of the country

Partially so it also turned out. Here, for bank, let us assume, sector, I don't answer - it disorganized, arranged the real financial Famine-Genocide. I don't exaggerate: in the country really financial Famine-Genocide! Have I opportunity though a little to affect policy of NBU and a banking system, it wouldn't be.

At the command of Yanukovych - too most. They, thank God, aren't responsible for the country, but are responsible for separate commercial banks which too completely disorganized and scoff now at people. In a word, showed on what are capable! In general, let's look as territories work, departments where the power - Yanukovych …

Territory - Crimea …

Department - the Prosecutor General's Office.

What you so against Medvedko took up arms? What it Donetsk? He is a servant of all misters. Especially - Bank. However, at the President Tymoshenko, it won't rescue him from resignation. The candidate of a relief already planned?

I will consult on young professionals from public prosecutor's system.If above something decays, the younger generation which is compelled to observe this rotting, grows, as a rule, more seriously, more honestly, poryadochny. Among such people also it is necessary to look for.

Young, honest, decent - Portnov's group, whether that? All right, I want to ask about other. If something is impossible to you, you, often, explain: "I wanted, to me didn't give". I don't challenge ponderability of argument, but, - that you understand: having come on Bank, you won't be able to use it any more?

I repeat: after elections I will assume all responsibility. Unlike the men directing the country earlier. Moreover, today I am responsibility too to anybody I don't shift - I try to hold independently blow, even if powers at me a minimum even if artificial systems of blocking to me create … But, I don't complain - I accept blow and tests.

And you don't feel sorry for yourselves? You the woman everything is. Why to you this plowed land? To fill up in a chair at the hairdresser, white not to see light … And it - in prime ministers, and in presidents? ! To men - that all the same: the house, family, how many fell down that fir-trees as look. The woman - absolutely another.

It is a pity, certainly! Happens, there is a wish to have a rest longer. And to have a sleep, happens, too there is a wish. So that not to fill up, really, at the hairdresser in a chair and though in a mirror to glance - that there with a hairdress turns out. Much for that else there is a wish. To return to morning jogs on the wood, with dogs to play … When, by the way, I saw them the last time? A year ago, whether that? Not to mention a family … Yes, the truth to lead full-fledged life, the life, there is a wish. On the other hand, I too well know all Ukrainian politicians, especially - running for president. I know their moral, intellectual qualities therefore I can't leave on them the country. It all the same what to pass by when any criminal forces the girl! Not to stop, not to help - to pass by. I so can't. For this reason at me and forces vital are, and will. You understand, it is impossible to leave the beautiful girl, Ukraine that they didn't rape her, God forbid on their hands.

So you will remove a braid?


Simply journalists have a sign: Tymoshenko let hair down - any desperate oppositions approach. Earlier, at least, so was. By the way, recently Yushchenko asked: whether he trusts Tymoshenko. I told:long ago any more I don't trust, but, there was time, trusted. And you, here, when ceased to trust Victor Andreevich?

The people of Ukraine - the judge Yushchenko, instead of I. I in general don't want to tell anything about it - neither bad, nor good. I prefer to be, in this case, the big man, than some politicians who walk in trousers, but behave as noisy women. People will give to Victor Andreevich an assessment in the first round. And this assessment will be much more rigid, than my words, words of other politicians.

There is an idea: take it on re-education. Quite so you once explained emergence in team of former "kuchmist". Gubsky, Osyka, Zadorozhny, Medvedchuk … Re-educated! Undertake now Yushchenko. Well, and Firtasha - for the company.

In the country there are a lot of people with a miscellaneous and surnames. My task - not to re-educate separately taken silly persons, and to create rules at which these silly persons won't have access to the power.

Author: Sonya Koshkina


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