The Ministry of Internal Affairs accuses Evropeysky and Natsionalny standart banks of theft of 200 million at Fund of guaranteeing deposits

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Staff of Department of Public service of fight against economic crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine exposed the criminal scheme of assignment by group of malefactors of money in especially large sizes under the pretext of receiving monetary compensation for the lost means in connection with liquidation of separate banking institutions.

About it reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the management of Ukrsotsbank joint stock bank about possible illegal actions of natural persons who under powers of attorney of investors of two commercial banks receive the guaranteed means at the expense of Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals became the basis for close attention of militiamen to these financial institutions and their careful check.

According to received information, liquidators of Evropeysky and Natsionalny standart banks in Fund provided lists of natural persons according to which means in the sum of 7,8 million UAH on behalf of 50 citizens of Ukraine (on the average 150 thousand UAH on one person) received two citizens - "With" (which works in Evropeysky bank at a position of the chief of one of managements) and "Ф". Further the specified financial resources accumulated on JSB Ukrsotsbank opened in office the settlement account addressed to the twenty-five-year-old swell.

For the purpose of prevention of abuses at implementation of the specified financial operations the management of JSB Ukrsotsbank blocked 14,7 million UAH and addressed in Fund for explanations. In turn the Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals directed the appeal of JSB Ukrsotsbanka to Security service of Ukraine which, in turn, directed the specified appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

At the time of obtaining this address DGSBEP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of the account of the above-mentioned chief of the department of Evropeysky bank were already unblocked, and means are drawn from account (according to letters - confirmations of validity of the provided lists of investors by liquidators of the specified banking institutions and Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals).

The inspection which has been carried out by staff of Civil service of fight against economic crime, it is established that at the request of two young people, allegedly for increase of a rating of banks among the attracted investors, citizens urged to open accounts in the specified banking institutions for remuneration of 100-200 UAH. For opening of accounts by the specified persons copies of passports, identification codes were provided to bank workers, however funds for deposit accounts weren't brought (it excludes their right to the guaranteed sums at the expense of fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals). In particular, it is established that accounts in the specified banks opened in August, 2009 in the working days after 20 h. Directly from the city of Cherkassy there arrived the overflowed bus in which there were more than 40 people who took part in opening of accounts for remuneration.

For the purpose of poll on the specified facts one of officials of banking institution was invited in GSBEP Department. According to him, personally he with investors of Evropeysky and Natsionalny Standart banks who provided it powers of attorney on obtaining the sums at the expense of fund, isn't familiar. The specified powers of attorney to it were provided by two acquaintances, having promised after obtaining the sums to pay the material remuneration which size didn't make a reservation. As the bank worker explained, he personally received about 10 million UAH from which it gave 1,5 million UAH to above-mentioned familiar faces without drawing up any documents on receiving means. Means of about 8,5 million UAH allegedly were in the cell of joint-stock bank opened on his name.

According to preliminary information, owners and officials of Evropeysky and Natsionalny Standart banks are involved in plunder of fund. In particular, only addressed to the head of one of managements of Evropeysky bank it was issued powers of attorney from natural persons for the sum of 36 million UAH. According to preliminary estimates, the general sum of illegally appropriated money makes more than 200 million UAH

Materials of check are sent to GUMVD of Ukraine in.Kiev for the purpose of initiation of legal proceedings on signs of structures of the crimes provided by Art. 191 and 358 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. At present the specified materials of a pretrial investigation are summoned by prosecutor's office of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev.


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