Who is silent about white spots in the biography of the nikolayevets of Roman Zabzalyuk approached to lady Yu?

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"Pull a lot, the Lord, pull a lot,

It is identical to silks and to otrepiya,

And if the poor,

again lose

Here not the system is guilty, and destiny …"

The poor, no doubt, will lose. And she also couldn't win. Because the lots are already cast, and "the outline will come true". And business is even not so much in percentage expression of an accruing "national" oglupleniye (that, probably, too is foreordained), how many in degree of slavish humility of the above-mentioned poor to "elects" of all levels and colors. The degrees, the depressing size also it is very difficult explainable. If at all giving in to a reasonable explanation.

When "general public", arguing on advantages or shortcomings of this or that candidate for president of the country, thinks categories: "it it seems responsible and not the thief, not the bribe taker, but it has no money and therefore many percent won't type …", it not simply the diagnosis of a dangerous illness of society. It is a sentence and to this "society", and that not very long ago was called as the state of Ukraine.

Already almost nobody troubles itself(himself) with reflections about an origin of very large sums with which "rating candidates" operate. At best, "not the evil silent word" remember any "oligarchs". Which shy mentions of them in even yet not acquired by them (mostly as superfluous) mass media, are absolutely indifferent.

"Everything was silent, everything without dust and without noise", "grandly and nobly". Big money doesn't love noise. Large businessmen realize something like investment projects. How there at Marx, "goods - money - goods"? Certainly, to call the theory of the person, whose thoughts live, and will remain for ever into question because anybody is cleverer than nothing thought up and, obviously, any more won't think up, it is extremely incorrect and even is silly, but the Ukrainian realities to a certain extent where - that even disprove the doctrine of the great economist. For example, ноу - Hau - a formula "money-goods-money". Where the goods are votes. In other words, in this or that form buying voices, the desired purpose transformation of these "goods" in, again, money seems. Absolutely on ильфо - Petrovsky: "Panikovsky will sell you, will buy and again will sell, but is already more expensive".

Thus, the vast majority of "people" of this country turned into goods. "Meaning", and simply having these "people" without the slightest accounting of his desire and orientation.

Taking into account the above, the conclusion arises by itself. By and large, no basic difference between real applicants - "It" and "Leader", exists. As well as there is no policy here actually and, respectively, politicians. "Policy" on - Ukrainian is only the function, derivative of big business. Naturally, guarding interests of this business. Well, and "people" …

But all - objectivity for the sake of, I want to emphasize that "working" madam Premier, owing to her opportunities "to drive" the budgetary financial streams, is much less dependent on "monetary aces", than her main opponent. And, in case of a victory, considering its psychophysical characteristics, it becomes independent of them absolutely. And here everything will depend on it, including and these "aces". Which, at adverse combination of circumstances for them, can quite repeat the destinies, appeared in "the fine is far", Gusinsky and Berezovsky, and come to be in, by no means, not fine "nearby" Khodorkovsky.

First of all because Big Yulya - already in itself is the phenomenon extremely extraordinary and unpredictable.

Advantages it are well-known, about numerous, well, say, shortcomings today I will hold back.

However I will make bold to claim that if YU.V. was the citizen, let us assume, Germany or France, its prompt ascension on an imperious Olympus would be as is inevitable, as well as in this mad country. And who knows, Angela Mergel or Nicolas Sarkozy would hold the present posts, it appear with them nearby as the competitor Yulia Timoshenko. And if the destiny disposed differently, and Yulya would appear on a theatrical stage where there would be those coryphaeuses of a scene …

The talented person - is talented in everything. This axiom in relation to lady Yu, as, perhaps, to anybody to other of "a nice cohort" the Ukrainian establishment.

Yes, slightly was I didn't miss very essential "nuance" in a difference between YU.V. and V. F. in case of Yanukovych's victory and Tymoshenko's leaving in "irreconcilable opposition", the following presidential election will take place much earlier than "constitutional" five years. In case of triumph of "the princess Olga of the third millennium", it will sit down in a presidential chair for life.In any case, until this country won't fall to pieces by the Yugoslavian option. Previously having endured (or without having worried) sample accident Argentina - 2001. So, the Reader, is more than optimism in the views turned into the future. And in general, everything only begins, and everything will be very good! Or not. But then everything will be very bad …

Well, for now chances "coryphaeuses of national policy" can be regarded both as 50 on 50. In the second round. "To dive" in which YU.V. in case the gap between V.F. and it in the first exceeds 10%, to it it is almost deadly. Certainly, it is a question not of political death as it, giving out wished for valid, the President acting still declares. Certainly, Big Yulya - the personality strong, and nerves at it from Damask steel, but I wouldn't undertake to determine depth of its personal tragedy in case of defeat. And quantity of time necessary for psychological rehabilitation - especially.

That time throughout which "The girl of my dream" will turn into the wounded royal cobra killing any who will occur in the path. In particular it concerns those her vassals who won't provide the "planned" percent "on places".

Recently I had an opportunity to watch how a notable share from tens of millions dollars spent for pre-election political advertizing of "party" leaders, turn into a dust, thanks to actions and personal qualities of provincial "vozhdishka", in separately taken region.

Yes here, as an example. Whether will begin to vote for the leader of PR, the candidate for president V. Yanukovych, and, especially, to support this party on local elections the majority of workers of the Nikolaev association "Dawn — Mashproyekt" after the known actions made in relation to them and their enterprise by "notable" "regional" by Dyumin? With full support of its actions by the PR fraction management in the City Council. The question rhetorical, isn't present?

But about it, and about many other, concerning the "policy" pursued Nikolaev "it is white - blue", and consequences of such "policy" for Nikolaev and his inhabitants - as - нибудь another time.

Today there is a wish, especially taking into account my deep personal (not to confuse with "political") for sympathy for the Charming Woman, to pay attention to her "plenipotentiary" representative in the Nikolaev area R. Zabzalyuk. "One and only", representing in the Ukrainian parliament Nikolaev "beloserdechnykh".

I very attentively studied Roman Emelyanovich's officially declared biography and couldn't but pay attention to some roughnesses and discrepancies in it.

In the modest opus "Hayl, Yulya! Herd - in a stall, or "Silently aloud" the first circle of a hell" only casually it was mentioned - not to Zabzalyuka.

However own proximity constantly emphasized by it to the true First Lady of this country caused, to some extent, keen interest. And not only mine.

The cloudless childhood and the cadet youth which has been carried out in barracks and educational classes LVVPU, we will lower. In R.E. autobiography claims that for years of study I acquired profession of the political scientist. I don't remember something that in the diplomas which are handed over to graduates of political schools of MO USSR, such entries were made. Officially the specialties "political scientist" in 80-x not in general existed.

Further, naturally, service in the Soviet Army and even Afghanistan 85-86. Well, adequately also deserves sincere respect. However, and now I don't understand, how Zabzalyuk could appear zampolity "a separate reconnaissance company" moreover and "special purpose" (the quote from with own hand stated autobiography) when the Lvov school trained all - navsy narrow-purpose experts of club craft and military journalism. Though, in "the limited contingent of the Soviet armies" in Afghanistan happened and not such metamorphoses.

In 1993 (according to other data - 94) in a rank of the major R. Zabzalyuk leaves ranks of VS USSR. Here already there are certain strangenesses. 33- summer, especially, fighting officer before whom quite good opportunities for career growth opened, suddenly appears out of, so to speak, "an army family". In this connection the transfer to the reserve took place? Zabzalyuk claims that was комиссован on the wound got a few years ago in Afghanistan.

However, any documents confirming his words, in MO archives of Ukraine it wasn't succeeded to find. Though to find them many tried (and, as far as I know, attempts of these don't stop). Probably, "much" ever-increasing appetites of the deputy Zabzalyuk ceased to be pleasant to these. And the similar fact of lack of physical examination and the conclusion obligatory at a transfer to the reserve on wound or an illness, the one existence can already raise serious doubts … However, at present to take such "trifles" into account, the right, isn't necessary.Many from present "the priderzhashchikh", to put it mildly, veiled the power, and some of them even is quite successful, the impartial past. But there are such things which can't almost be hidden.

Further - tireless activity on a fight field for bright future. The people, it is natural …

Briefly I will list. Youth association "Internationalist", sports club "Molodezhny", voluntary national team "Cascade". Founder of regional public organization "It Is Southern — a Bugsky Cossack Palanka", owner of a high rank "colonel of the Cossack armies". (By the way, me it was always curious, and whether there are in these "armies" privates? )

It was elected the chairman of the board of the Nikolaev regional office of All-Ukrainian public association "Union of Peaceful Forces "Batkivshchyna"".

With 1999 it was chosen in structure of presidium of political council of Batkivshchina party. It is repeatedly noted, encouraged, awarded, awarded, etc.

I fulfilled duties of the assistant to People's Deputies, including Yu.V. Tymoshenko.

Then, naturally, "Ukraine without Kuchma! ", "Get up, Ukraine! ", and, at last, "People force".

And, as a wreath of its long-term works just, election in 2006 the People's Deputy whom he to the present also is - the member of BYuT Fraction in BP. And in it - the member of the committee concerning fight against organized crime and corruption.

All above-mentioned - the official data provided by g - number Zabzalyuk.

Generally - that, ordinary, in any case, nothing the remarkable biography of the ordinary party functionary of a provincial origin with "low start" in already far not early age.

Not absolutely understanding force of hostility which feels an average and the senior generation of the Nikolaev journalists to R. Zabzalyuk, it was necessary to make some digression to history. Also the curious facts to the most interesting of which the history of bygone days is represented emerged. One Nikolaev journalist desired to take from quickly progressing "public figure" of interview.

Having arrived to the place specified by Zabzalyuk, the journalist was invited to a certain room. In which, after a while, instead of the expected interlocutor, there were absolutely unexpected "not interlocutors". Namely - two combative dogs of very frightening look. "The joint coexistence" proceeded, according to the journalist, quite long time until there was "benefitsiant".Full interview, certainly, it didn't turn out.

But this history that is quite natural, became property "colleagues on a feather". What was it? How doggies appeared in that room? And mainly, what for? "He forced to respect itself(himself) and better couldn't invent …"?

Really, it is "better" to think up difficult. Here the special internal contents is necessary.

Or rather, its total absence.

Truly, "each step leaves a trace".

And "traces" Roman Emelyanovich left much.

That costed by its only one excessive activity in attempts of initiation of any creations of VSK BP. Attempts, at the first unsophisticated look, it seems, and unsuccessful.

As it was with "consideration of illegal acts of the Nikolaev mayor". The commission wasn't created, and "about apartments illegally acquired by V. Chaika's family" and other "small things" the Nikolaev mayor easily got out of trifling charges of business, having added "as the curtain fell": "And who such Zabzalyuk? " But it only for public, as well as all other statements which are made by "incomparable" Vladimir Dmitriyevich.

However, after, owing to mentioned "unsuccessful action", "modest family" V.D.'s budget "grew thin" for a certain sum, between it and Zabzalyuk "equal business" the relations were established again. However, we won't distract.

Become quite widely known attempt of creation of VSK "on investigation of actions of officials of the state enterprise the Delta-the pilot" in general laid down, I will call things by their proper names, an indelible shame both on the head, and on already far not faultless reputation of the deputy Zabzalyuk. And if only its one.

"The senior companion" of R. Zabzalyuk A. Kozhemyakin immediately disproved then R.E. statements about allegedly coordinated with it, Kozhemyakin, the project of creation of VSK. Though Zabzalyuk tried to deny even Kozhemyakin's published on the Internet together with an audio recording of telephone conversation the comments.

The history with "The delta - the pilot", to put it mildly, didn't add popularity in Nikolaev not only to Zabzalyuk, but also Yulia Vladimirovna. Very much all this smelled slightly of ordinary blackmail.Generally - that, long ago any more isn't "the state secret" the fact of that ordinary "elects", and nearby not standing with serious financial streams, "do the small business" on similar "actions" and deputy inquiries, mainly, to heads of security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General's Office and numerous vessels of the highest authorities.

Certainly, "commissions" "according to Yanukovych" and "on the firing facts at restaurant with participation of the son president Yushchenko Andrey" "commercial projects" aren't. In this "holder" the greatest interest is represented by the only VSK really existing with the participation of Zabzalyuk on "Lutsenko's business" in connection with grandiose scandal at the international airport of German of Frankfurt am Main. Which not sounded conclusions shortly and extremely simply it is possible to treat as "all this slander, provocation and attempt of discredit of Yury Lutsenko". That this commission officially at all didn't submit any draft of the resolution, highlights purposes initially set for it and tasks. And any desires of Mother - the law for the deputy Zabzalyuk. The "party" discipline obliges. And, again - "you won't throw love a muzzle into snow April …"

Communication of the member of the committee long, close and very useful to both parties concerning fight against organized crime and R. Zabzalyuk's corruption with three times (!) condemned for the crimes committed at different times, very known in "certain circles" (including Nikolaev) M. Mikhney is extremely curious. Which has the status of the official assistant People's Deputy Zabzalyuk and quite often "resolves issues" in buildings on Grushevsky streets and Garden.

Yes, is in BP and such tandem of "fighters" with organized crime.

And to Roman Emelyanovich, really, is for what to fight. The deputy, as - in any way … No, it has no system business, and never was. It "only", "on wave of a magic wand", "suddenly" arisen residence in Balovnom, and the Kiev deputy apartment which has already become property, and office in expensive center of Kiev, both quite expensive cars, and opportunity, in combination with ardent desire to place "the faithful small fry" on "grain places" in entrusted to it "party" and personally YU.V. the Nikolaev region and still many other things. And - well Zabzalyuk should know that these small fry "true" not always is able to be silent …

Sometimes aren't able to be silent even what profession many years were "to look, listen, be silent and not to trust".Especially as on their "correct" understanding of a situation and model of behavior corresponding to it depends not only wellbeing of "the sea power", but also that for these people it is immeasurably more important, their personal wellbeing. Here so openly to flaunt a surname the prime minister - the minister as "roof", is, whether you know, it is unsafe not only for further career.

It is necessary to pay tribute to Roman Emelyanovich, it lobbies interests of NMTP is much thinner, than, for example, its former "sofraktsionnik", all where - that the "going" Gennady Zadyrko. But we won't overestimate Zabzalyuk. Not "refinement" absolutely peculiar to it can quite speak that it - only the intermediary between the management of port and "party" cash desk of BYuT. Or it it is simple "on a trifle parts" Vasily Kapatsyna. Argument in any of two options following - for Vadatursky - Yushchenko, for you - "we with Yulya". It isn't excluded also that both options are combined. And in cash desk - "stream", and "streamlet" - in Zabzalyuk's pocket. And it is possible, actions of the "national" deputy in this "question" are planned and coordinated by very fairly clever adviser, and "a sacred name" Big Julie - only a screen.

And in general, It should be noted that, as well as all people of an emotional warehouse, Roman Zabzalyuk anyway needs some management.

The informed people are perfectly informed that Oleg Bogomaz was such head for Zabzalyuk long time, the personality, widely known is far outside the South of Ukraine.

The based R. E. and any associations deliberately listed here, clubs, teams and other public organizations and furthermore, shy attempts to break through for a start at least in provincial "political" figures, "were patronized" by Oleg Nikolaevich. And, reasonably, were financed. And here in the Nikolaev area Bogomaz assumed BYuT 2006 and 2007 pre-election company financing almost completely. Orgrabot - business, generally - that, important, whether but much was cost by Zabzalyuk's "heroic" efforts without Bogomaz's "modest" material support?

Oleg Bogomaz - a figure odious, very inconsistent, and it is possible to speak about an origin of its capitals long and much. And people, to it similar, these capitals never waste. Certainly, Bogomaz staked then not so much on Zabzalyuk, how many on his Hostess. However, "patron" didn't provide that, having appeared about "mighty of this world", the deputy Zabzalyuk will start forgetting about "fatherlike care".Those who came to the power from cellars, as a rule - are ungrateful.

In the course of acquaintance with "subject" of this modest material, one curious photoshoot caught sight to me. End of October, 2009. Anniversary of the Maidan. On a tribune - Yulia Vladimirovna. And close up - the person of - on Zabzalyuk. How many the faithful delight turning into ecstasy, was written on this face. Well, to the slave Bozhyem the Mother the Blessed Virgin here came true, was. Such it is inaccessible to mere mortals. It is the privilege and destiny really chosen. Well, at the worst, not God's, and "people's deputies". Of course, YU.V. have simply improbable, inhuman intuition in the most difficult business of selection of confidants.

Though I am far from thought to associate R. Zabzalyuk with his "members of the same party"

- the murderer Lozinsky, "elects" - pedophiles and some other characters from "the building under a dome". It wouldn't be absolutely correct.

And the last. Each of us is the one whom and than it became in twenty years. All the rest - positions, ranks, awards and other - by and large only tinsel. Perhaps, exhausted with back-breaking toil of making an abstract of volumes of founders and cramming of the charter of CPSU, the lieutenant Roma Zabzalyuk of that time also realized that this such - honor of the officer.

Sooner or later all made by us in this world to us comes back. Both good, and bad. Don't consider, the Reader, for naivety and idealism why - that there is a wish as it is strange to hope that present Roman Zabzalyuk is still capable to understand it. Even in ours boughs time. Time in which "also there is no law at thieves, and isn't present thieves in law, and except money - any entertainments …"

Anton Tikhomirov("MYKOLA.NET")


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