The curator of the Nikolaev area from National self-defense O. Novikov is afraid that Yushchenko will destroy the Ministry of Internal Affairs as before I disorganized SBU

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The parliamentary representative of "National self-defense", the curator of the Nikolaev area from this political force, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Novikov is afraid that Victor Yushchenko will try to carry out pressure upon system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that is a consequence of its failure attempt of manual control by power structures.

It gave an example of destructive influence of V. Yushchenko on one of power departments of Ukraine: Whether "This tactics of the President led to something good? No. On the example of SBU we see that the enormous system stopped carrying out functions of security service of Ukraine, and is engaged only in investigation of circumstances of the Holodomor, and sends affairs to court on long ago died people".

"Officers of SBU instead of being engaged in the direct duties, compete who will hang out more flags in the Crimea or on Goverla", - O. Novikov reminded and continued: "The disorder of SBU begun in due time by Kuchma, finishes Yushchenko".

The People's Deputy expressed fear that "if V. Yushchenko or his followers will reach system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Ukraine this system doesn't become. We remember that happened to GAI when only "zabaganka" sufficed to deprive Ukraine GAI division then it was covered by a wave of road accident and death on roads".

According to Oleg Novikov, only drastic legislative measures taken by Parliament, and Yu.Lutsenko's actions on a post of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, allow to stabilize a situation and now to say that in Ukraine growth of mortality from road accident considerably decreased.

"And to say that the militia бездеятельна, can only the person regretting that it doesn't pursue people on political convictions. Probably, this person very much wants that after verification of the party membership card against the person automatically brought criminal case", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine O. Novikov noticed.


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