Congratulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko by Day of militia of Ukraine

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Dear employees and veterans of law-enforcement bodies!

On the eve of Day of the Ukrainian militia, addressing to three hundred-thousand army of guards, to two hundred thousand veterans of law-enforcement bodies, I with pride want to tell that we can look honestly in the face to citizens of Ukraine because for the last year did everything possible to provide rest, a law and order and justice in the country.

I remember last fall when some politicians prophesied to Ukraine a bloody flood and invasion of street crime from - for crisis and mass unemployment. However the militia as a result of heavy, often ungrateful work managed to provide public rest and to investigate the majority of the committed serious crimes. As the result, in the state decreases the fifth year by 7-8% number of murders. We exposed and detained the vast majority of forwards who put heavy injuries with deadly consequences. Therefore the resistant tendency to reduction of noted massif of criminal incidents is observed now. In particular, this year statistical recession on a third in this direction is observed. The militia could expose in 2009 - m over 60% of robbers and robbers, and it is more, than in previous years. And still it is worth attaching reduction of number of autostealings, rapes, property crimes to our asset.

At the same time, a problem there are thefts. For this reason the militia started careful documenting of the smallest crimes that gave the chance to expose hundreds pocket and room thieves, many of which for years remained inaccessible.

It is possible to continue this list, to speak about different divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but I will mark out one: everything who serves in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, can with highly raised head, with a sincere heart to tell - the militia doesn't eat bread for nothing. We made everything that promised in high words of the Oath.

The militia lives in a hard time when neither the salary, nor material security of its activity doesn't meet requirements of service. However, I am convinced that the vast majority of colleagues serves not only for money, but also from - for belief. I believe that heartrending experiences of minutes, including thanks to our joint activity.Therefore I want to wish all who is in ranks of militia department that the house them the world always expected, rest and love. I wish optimism, because this the most necessary for any citizen which trusts in the country, a family and itself. I wish victories because they very much don't suffice to all of us and Ukraine. Happiness!

Yours faithfully,

Minister of Internal Affairs

Yury Lutsenko


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