Bloody slaughter in the Nikolaev shop – one corpse, the second – without hand (SHOKIRUYUSHCHIE

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In the Nikolaev regional department of militia the message arrived that in shop of the settlement of Slivino there is a fight. To the place of an event I left it is investigative - task force. Fight traces in shop were obvious: the broken trade equipment, the trashed store windows, a floor it is covered with blood. In shop the man sat, and near it two women - - all of the Gipsy nationality fussed 31 and 27 years. At the man the hand was wounded, urgent medical care was necessary for him.

Establishing circumstances of a fight, employees of militia interrogated witnesses and established that same "Trinity" which for that time already gave out itself for victims appeared initiators of such disorder. The picture of events started clearing up. As established a consequence, everything didn't end with hooligan manifestations.

That evening two women accompanied by the man, being in a tipsy state, came into shop. The company was again treated with alcohol, eyewitnesses report. Having seen behind the next little table the young pair, one of women started provoking quarrel with foreign young man and even tried to begin fight. The guy was the athlete therefore with attacking I had no special efforts. Having pushed away inadequate madam, the man suggested to disperse from the world and not to arrange misunderstanding, but the unruly company didn't pay attention to it, and to the guy the man already went for dismantlings.

The guy evaded from blow, and the Gipsy a hand broke glass of a door and strongly wounded a hand. As the young man tells, women continued to arrange uproar, without paying attention to the injured partner. The young man tried to provide to the "injured" forward first aid - to tie up towels a hand and to stop a wound. The enraged hot women continued to attack at this time the guy and his companion. Therefore, understanding that there is nothing to do here more, the guy with the girl hastened to leave shop, having left brawlers in private with their problems.

The conflict, probably, would be and is settled if that ill-fated minute I didn't come into shop 35 - the summer local who, coming back from work, decided to buy gifts for the children. Having crossed a threshold, he even didn't expect that will get to trouble. Osvirepevshy women abandoned the wounded gentleman and all the rage poured out on the visitor of shop. The man beat without analysis by hands and feet, then an empty bottle and the broken leg of a table. Having found forces to escape from "embraces" of the flown into a rage women, the man hurried to leave home. But in two hours after a beating he died from closed cherepno - a brain trauma. For this time all circumstances of that evening are established. Both women are detained and are in a temporary detention center. To their satellite amputated a hand - the lack of attention affected from ladies. The Gipsy already repeatedly came into the view of militia.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area, on this fact criminal case on signs of the Art. of 121 h is brought. 2 (Deliberate heavy injury), but the death of the man provides the bases to guards to crime retraining in the station of 115 h. 2 (deliberate murder). The wounded gentleman too didn't remain unattended, against him the brought criminal case according to the Art. of 296 h. 2 (Hooliganism).


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