To everyone on requirements

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It is often possible to hear at first sight fair indignations - the country is 17 years old soon, develops, on the one hand, normally, and with another - all the same happy it isn't enough. Very often it explain already with badly jammed stamp that the Ukrainian political Olympus was created just about 20 years ago. But here that is interesting: there was it in absolutely other political system, other country and during other era which needed other requirements. If about system and the country more and more or less clearly, what didn't turn out with era change?

Requirements of eras

At all in vain there was a saying "everything is good in its season". It is obvious that at different stages of development of society of requirement, opportunity and desire of people strikingly differed.

So, in times the rodoplemennykh of the relations the survival, instead of thirst for beautiful life was a cornerstone of human existence. It is necessary to tell a couple of words about hierarchy of human wants which just and are the reason of all high-quality changes in the history of mankind. Best of all they are stated in Maslou's so-called pyramid. The first level - it physiological is a need for food, drink and a reproduction. The following step - care of own safety. And further already are need for communication, love, public recognition and individual realization.

But progress doesn't stand still, new inventions, improvement of conditions and quality of life released time enough for satisfaction of higher requirements, than hunger, thirst and lust. The modernization mechanism was so started. To the middle of the 20th eyelid modernization was meant by the term an urbanization - growth of urban population, industrialization - economy orientation on the industry, the sekulyarization - reduction of influence of church, and a lot of things is many other things that was new to people of this period.After World War II where - that with 50-x years of the 20th eyelid it is accepted to count the beginning of a new era - a postmodern era. Modernization was directed on satisfaction of requirements of the first steps of a pyramid. The person didn't need to think every minute any more, where to find food and how to take cover from bad weather. The postmodern brought to the forefront of requirement of individual realization and aspiration to self-improvement.

Many consider a postmodern as the modernist style which was beyond decency. The main thesis of a postmodern - transition from material values to spiritual, such post-materialism.

Here also one of the main reasons why access to the power at us is still perceived as the invitation to a magic tablecloth is covered. To the majority of politicians of an old school - materialists to think of something above "apartments, dachas, cars" - a consumer ideal of the USSR 60-80-x years of the 20th eyelid, even to mind doesn't come. New generation of influential people of business, having reached a certain level of material benefits, seeks to realize requirements of the highest steps of a pyramid of Maslou - to subdue other areas, to embody children's dreams, to prove to itself unlimited opportunities of human reason. Knowing it it is easy to explain, for example, opening of PinchukArtCentre by Victor Pinchuk or benefit concerts of world stars. And here Roman Abramovich, feeling like at the ocean of oil business the skilled seaman, I decided to reach victorious heights also in football management.

That day future prepared for us

If Pinchuk and Abramovich are able to afford rather expensive self-realization, simple citizens should look for cheaper ways. Searches of lead presently someone to alcohol or drugs - but nevertheless you shouldn't consider similar attempt to leave from problems as a way to self-improvement. Many turn the looks to various beliefs (and the Christian religion traditional for us becomes closer to masses). In due time searches of own identity generated mass cultures of hippie, the punk and fate. During a globalization era when the concept of personal space is leveled, more and more people feel requirement to return to the nature, to lead the full life which hasn't been subordinated to the working schedule.

Separate consideration is deserved by concept of downshifting - a choice between composure and material benefits.More and more office collars make a choice not in favor of the further career, whatever perspective it was, and in favor of the family relations. Though downshifters were also about two thousand years ago: the example of that is the Roman emperor Diokletian who replaced political career with cabbage cultivation at itself in the village. Now the most known downshifter for fun call Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who replaced a post of the president with a chair the prime minister - the minister.

The Ukrainian society - one of the most politicized not only in Europe, but also in the world. Any news - even from culture or sports area - right there passes through a prism of the political analysis. Surge in similar activity of citizens lasts four years. Grandmothers at entrances discuss serial passions in the Verkhovna Rada, children in a sandbox play in "orange" and "is white - blue", students and pensioners earn on annual elections. Ukraine is in a condition of permanent political excitement. Therefore the people quite soberly can judge acts and statements of politicians that is immediately reflected not a rating of the last, and most often - not to the best. Ukrainians started feeling need to be the active participant of political life. And thus they already look not only at a material aspect of any event.

Alternation of generations always is given hardly. Once the natural course interrupts events - right there is a historical gap, that now it is accepted to call generation gap. From here and the conflict of fathers and children, and the heavy relations at even more serious level - at the level of the state. When the nation possesses identical requirements, it is consolidated, and the conflicts at the level of the Supreme power - when tops want, and bottoms can't any more - stop being a problem.


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