"If there was a good laboratory, we would "sow" more cases of the Californian flu in Nikolayevshchina", - the chief облздрава Svetlana Hotina

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When the second began incidences, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" met in the chief облздрава, the deserved doctor of Ukraine Svetlana Grigoryevna Hotina. It found time to meet us contrary to very intense schedule. The first question, naturally, concerned a new wave of incidence.

- That today with an epidemsituation in Nikolaev: the second wave began?

- It expected. Said that as soon as children will go to school, we assumed and as showed life, the second wave began. Rates of incidence increase at the expense of children.

- How many still it is possible to expect such "recessions" and "waves"?

- The next holidays - children's morning performances, "Fir-trees" - they in any way don't promote dissociation of children, and on the contrary. Even without epidemics, after morning performances many children got sick are overcoolings, contact with sick children. Therefore today the main tactics how to save the child, it to avoid mass holidays, morning performances and other collective actions. For example, at us, in medical institutions where there are children, we don't assume New Year's morning performances. Individually Father Frost will carry gifts to everyone.

- Medical institutions are completed with preparations, are ready to a wave?

- Yes, we received on 1 million 440 thousand UAH medicines from the health protection Ministry, and on 1 million 500 thousand UAH we bought from the means - at nanosecond delivery came to an end. That is practically on 3 million UAH expensive antibiotics, antiviral, solutions for a dropping are in addition acquired at intoxication - but it everything for patients with flu and its complications. 2/3 we distributed on places and 1/3 we will keep in reserve. Allegedly, after January holidays children will be ill, and the third wave, on long-term supervision is the end of February - the beginning of March. On force, I don't think that it will be higher, than these two splashes.

- How with branch financing, whether suffices, on what money is allocated?

- Money was allocated from the budget of area of 199 thousand - infectious diseases hospital for adults at Titovsky thanks to whom the boxed room is finished, stocks of dezsredstvo, chemical reactants, medicines are updated. Money is allocated for tailoring of masks from the regional budget - 315 thousand hryvnias, and from state - 900 thousand masks are sewed. Still we received 30 thousand meters of a gauze in addition on tailoring - they will be reserved until further notice.

- Whether there is an urgent need in funds for other needs?

- Need was always, is and will be, without looking at that now we receive is centralized medical ventilation apparatuses, пульоксиметры, oxygen concentrators are everything for patients with heavy course of an illness. 2,9 million means to us arrived, strictly directed on fight against flu and its complications, pneumonia - we generally buy the respiratory equipment, bronchoscopes - what always doesn't suffice. Therefore the base of reanimation significantly improved. Besides, from the regional budget funds, 2,2 million, were already allocated for purchase of 16 ambulance cars, and five mobile flyurograf on 5,5 million earlier. In time funds were allocated from the regional budget to epidemic, at session on September 16 - now bring many patients of the car are very necessary. Now procedure of drawing up contracts and payment comes to an end, we count that till December 20 of the car will be bought.

- Whether there was in Nikolaev epidemic of the Californian flu to what two cases testify. Whether it is necessary to expect this virus still?

- We investigate on viruses very little. At us just now the regional sanstantion received for state funds of PTsR is expensive laboratory which in two hours gives the chance to learn, what type names this flu. Not simply And or In, and and various combinations of H and N. This laboratory will allow to improve diagnostics cardinally. For today only more than 300 people are surveyed, the laboratory is loaded. And the situation, as well as across all Ukraine - certainly, a virus is, and it mutates, migrates. Now in the majority seasonal flu meets. Thanks to laboratory we would sow, of course, more than such cases, but it isn't of great importance - clinic, approach, tactics, hospitalization - practically doesn't differ. Strategically we are ready to any patient.

- What problems or difficulties in branch in fight against this illness are nevertheless?

- There is a problem of shortage of shots - there are no pediatricians, therapists, those who directly serve patients. Both the second - the diagnostic and medical equipment. It is yet enough of IT. For example, we have now a heavy patient in Pervomaisk - we can't transport, hospitalize it because it is necessary реанимобиь which would be state-of-the-art equipped. But the Ministry assures, as they too will deliver such reanimobiles to us - therefore, we will hope. Flu will pass, and reanimobiles remain to work in areas, in the city so it is big plus. "There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped".

- What situation with birth rate and mortality of children in the Nikolaev area?

- Birth rate in comparison with last year decreased. In comparison with last year at us since the beginning of year was born 50 children less, the number of abortions increased a little. Though last year was better 2007-го on 1000 childbirth. Possibly, this influence and crisis consequences, socially - economic factor. But payments on children proceed.

Death in infancy in the Nikolaev area meet very seldom - we are in the five of the best areas. Problem is the death at home, it in comparison with last year decreased, but, nevertheless, this phenomenon is - seven children died at home without rendering medical care. As a rule, it is a problem of asocial families. On the first place death of babies from injuries (the TV fell to the child), asphyxia (I choked, having choked on milk).

As for women in labor, last year four, this year two died, and it is bad that these cases are. But I don't know such areas wherever one didn't die - all the same it happens. One at us died in the city - impreventable death, and one - in Pervomaisk.

- As for a sad rating of the Nikolaev area on incidence of HIV and tuberculosis - what here a picture?

- It socially - economic diseases. For the last four years there is a gradual decrease in incidence on tuberculosis. In 40% of cases at identification of an illness disintegration of pulmonary fabric - the started cases is already found. As a rule, it is people who returned from imprisonment places. Though, unfortunately, today tuberculosis stops being an asocial illness - students, people with the reduced immunity get sick more and more.

If to be protected from tuberculosis happens it is problematic when we don't know that, for example, the infected person nearby sneezed, and it is possible to ache vozdushno - a drop way, from AIDS there is every chance to be protected. In fact, it not to be pricked and lead a moral life.

- You conduct a personal reception of citizens - with what most extraordinary, frequent questions to you address?

- The biggest specific weight of addresses to me are personnel questions. As a rule, with squeal, with tears, with damnations young specialists run from our area. They don't want to work - branch of medical workers at the place second from below on a salary. After us only cultural workers, to them are even worse. Today a young family if the husband and the wife have an initial salary on 1070 UAH, can't construct life. The profession of the physician becomes not only in the Nikolaev area, but also in all Ukraine - low-prestigious of - that it isn't paid. This main thing. The second - to go to the village where there is no the infrastructure, many don't want. The most widespread method to avoid working off - is concluded by fictitious marriages. According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers if, for example, one of spouses, having the highest educations, lives in Odessa, the second has the right to reunite a family and not to go on working off. Today there is also a reserve of housing, the apartment - such orders repeatedly were given to heads of the district state administrations - but young the expert don't want to go.

There are no therapists and pediatricians, family doctors. With obstetricians - gynecologists rather quietly. With surgeons in areas there is a shortage - in the city a surplus.

- You were a chief облздрава at the governor Sadykov, remained and at Garkushe. With whom it was easier to work who paid more attention of branch how the head of area?

- Health or trouble unites all. All understand that it is necessary to pay to this branch due attention. At Sadykov we lifted delivery room, reanimation for newborns, Children's home. Garkusha came - was much made for the village - on 2 million the equipment on FAPY was bought, 1,9 million - on repair ФАПов, are bought today flyurograf, "ambulances", repair in regional hospital. Here it is impossible to draw an analogy - there is more successful fiscal year, there is less successful - too a lot of things depend on it. At Sadykov we bought magnitno - the rezrnansny tomograph, at Garkushe - the angiograph.

- And except financial questions, can with someone more simply, it is more difficult to work with someone?

- Only the one who doesn't work, has no problems. Problems arose with both, but the medicine unites. Judging by that it valid one of those branches which always try to finance normally, found a common language.

- Whether it is expected on the eve of new year of involvement of sponsors and patrons for the specialized help to specific sick children, families, especially heavy patients?

- It is heavy. We have a fund which works hard years with leykozny children. But, in fact, I often should write letters and to ask money for this or that operation, but today heads of the propertied enterprises respond to a request for the help much less often. For example, operation on hearing aid which costs 360 thousand - the patient wrote down on free operation, but the turn will approach, at best, in about 12 years. And during this time the child should develop, of course, parents look for means.

My personal position, and I was to trust, as the branch position - goes election campaign - we to all normally and patiently we belong, but we don't want that in medical institution there was any selective point. In a time off the collective can meet any candidate. And if there are gifts from parties, unambiguously, anybody won't refuse them - if it is "ambulance", the equipment, still something.

- Whether you watched a TV series "Doctor House" and series of the Physicist or chemistry? What your opinion on the movie as the colleague House as the series wagged on people - whether they began to make themselves diagnoses - at us is people nevertheless inspired and impressionable …

- "Doctor House" does much less harm, than advertizing of medical preparations on television. When recommend a diarrhea pills, from pain, for heart - here it, in my opinion, the most terrible. Because we don't know, what etymology of the same diarrhea, pain can be preceding infarction, the oncology, still something develops. The illness is behind a mask of pain. And the person watches advertizing - "Solpadein"! Blow to pain! And he drinks, and leaves from the timely address to the doctor, from diagnostics. Same "Gepabene" is not candy in packing - one preparation will approach, another isn't present, there is a mass of the accompanying. And today people self-medicate. Time - and this the most valuable leaves.

In Ukraine today it is possible to buy in a drugstore practically any preparation, except narcotic that abroad you never will afford - only according to the recipe of the patient.

There is a Ministry No. 360 order which regulate the quantitative accounting of preparations. Since January 1 will become tougher control on an otpuskaniye of medical preparations. There will be groups without recipes, and groups on recipes. Before epidemic people drank everything the preparations, many to themselves did much harm. Any tablet is a chemistry, with it it is necessary to be careful.

And "Doctor House" stimulates people to be interested in the health - we have mainly a relation of people to the health the most nigilistic. Even when there are symptoms, all of them wait, hope at random that will pass. At us from those six people who lie in reanimation now with heavy pneumonia, the majority initial hospitalization in writing refused. While the situation wasn't aggravated. That is the relation to the health - superficial and irresponsible.

I watched the first series of "Doctor House" with interest - they have very good consultants, but nevertheless as to the doctor, after a certain period it bothered a little. I will tell honestly: sincerely I envied their opportunities of diagnostics. Now the series "Lie Theory" are more interesting to me.

- Many thanks for interview!


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