Yury Kosmachevsky — "the black raider" Crimea

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The personality of arbitration operating - on Kosmachevsky is well-known far outside the Crimea. Yury Ivanovich deserved to himself glory of "grave-digger" of the enterprises and firms for which various "raiders" apply. "ЮрВаныч" is a good judge of bankruptcies of the enterprises: he dashingly sells for nothing someone else's property to foreign citizens, thus not рассчитаваясь with creditors of any turn!

Naturally, "raiders" in financial means don't hesitate, and Kosmachevsky is ready to execute any their whim, applying thus any methods, up to physical impact.

Gangster communications of the liquidator

Law enforcement agencies of g - N the arbitration managing director for the first time came into the view in 1997 on suspicion in participation in murder of the deputy minister of resorts and tourism of the Crimea of Dmitry Goldich. Certainly, anybody directly didn't connect the liquidator of the enterprises with physical elimination of the official, but the surname of our hero appeared in quickly - the search business No. 22562 started by Management on fight against economic crime not so incidentally. The matter is that Yury Ivanovich loved and loves "useful" acquaintances. And this acquaintance as we already spoke, he renders various services.

Literally in few months after Goldich's murder of g - N Kosmachevsky establishes together with a certain citizen of America, the inhabitant of Philadelphia Andrey (Andrew) Mogilyov the enterprise under the name "Ayfeks — Ukraine". Means, misters - founders are well familiar among themselves.
As it became clear over time, members of an alushtinsky gang of the Georgian appeared performers of murder of Goldich. They - that also gave evidences that one of members of an organized criminal group "Mudflow" Sergey Kryukov, by the way, well familiar with Andrew Mogilevsky ordered murder of the deputy minister. Exactly thanks to it under a surname Koletti Kryukov also located in America.

And here according to the mistress murdered, I ordered Goldich's murder directly Mogilyov because as a result of swindles of the deputy minister Andrew with whom swindlers didn't pay off suffered, "having thrown" and it, and Salem group.

However, and Yury Ivanovich Kosmachevsky maintained the most cordial relations with other members of group: for example, having left structure of founders joint with Mogilyov firms, in a year the liquidator accepts the "seylemsky" order on bankruptcy of "Interkontbank". For elimination "friends" invited Yury Ivanovich as the person in every way protecting their interests, to head the enterprise. Whose exactly interests were represented by the liquidator? You judge: cofounders of "successfully" ruined bank were among: the leader of an organized criminal group "Salem" of "Funnels", the customer of murder of Goldich "Hook", and also businessmen - seylemets. But also on this background Kosmachevsky's "feats" don't turn pale at all.

As water can go to the head

Serious collision with bandits was reflected on health of - on the liquidator at the end of September, 2001. The Solvent LTD. enterprise belonging to one of criminal groups both making harmless mineral water and "slaboalkogolka" appeared a stumbling block for it. "Seylemtsa" involved in his elimination in connection with bankruptcy of the arbitration managing director. Clear business that property of plant fell into the "necessary" hands. But the former owners were extremely dissatisfied with behavior of the liquidator. Also decided it "to scold". As a result of such "suggestion" Kosmachevsky got to hospital with concussion. But "scheduled maintenance" didn't prevent the liquidator to put up for sale enterprise property. Naturally, for nothing, and, clear business, in favor of "".

In the Crimea nobody doubted that attack was directly connected with professional activity of the arbitration managing director, and in particular, with implementation of liquidating procedure of JSC KPKF Solvent. However, well knowing about Kosmachevsky's frauds victims assure that not only more likely not so much for "Solvent" suffered the head of the liquidator. In it the g is a high time - the N the liquidator becomes the director general of JSC Krym-Capital-Registr which was engaged "is information - the computing activity connected with databases". In fact, the enterprise was engaged in registratorsky activity in stock market.Naturally, Yury Ivanovich perfectly realized that information on owners of securities - a trade secret and its publication is strictly regulated. But I couldn't refrain from its sale to "businessmen" from an organized criminal group as very much loves money. Selling information, Kosmachevsky shared with the guide of the Crimean management of the State commission to securities and stock market. That those "didn't notice" its rough trade activity.

In July, 2004 it providently met the large official of GKTsBFR and asked to prolong the license which term came to an end in October, 2004. The official "met requirements" of Kosmachevsky for 5 thousand dollars.
By the way, shortly after the liquidator beat, in his head the "light" thought of creation of public organization under the loud name "Board of Arbitration Managing Directors" was born. Aurally, it seems, the state organization, isn't less. Actually, this organization was necessary to the liquidator first of all because at it he had the right to create own security service, and it to it, judging by its affairs, oh, as is necessary. To himself, naturally, Kosmachevsky assigned a part of the head, the chairman of board - sounds - that loudly.

On anything, in fact, Yury Ivanovich approached not influencing public organization to creation creatively: I called same, as well as he arbitration managing directors of terrible letters like "to be immediately", and even threatened to deprive of the license otherwise. The meeting took place... at restaurant where the liquidator declared that supposedly now I at you main, therefore, it is necessary to unfasten "membership dues". The majority listened to the colleague in perplexity and left a hall because "roof" didn't need. Needing remained.

Capture on - Kosmachevski

In the scandalous biography of the arbitration managing director there are a lot of the pages demanding the separate story - the whole poem can be written about stories of bankruptcy of "Krymavtogaz", about g creation - number Kosmachevsky of a so-called Uniform financial settlements center which it, using the communications, both I "created", and I liquidated in the Crimean Council of ministers.

We will remind that the production conveyor of "Krymavtogaz" started glitching in 2002. In a year Nizhny Novgorod "GAS" was compelled to suspend, and then and to stop assembly of the cars in Simferopol from - for accounts payable in 63 million hryvnias.Later Economic court of the Crimea the plant was declared bankrupt, concerning it liquidating procedure is open, the arbitration managing director Kosmachevsky (No. 116209 license AB of 20.01.2005) is appointed the liquidator.

Rather freely Yury Ivanovich addressed with enterprise assets - the bankrupt, being covered with that at that time it was registered as the adviser to the Constant Representative of the President in the Crimea. Therefore quite cynically the liquidator treated a wish of the government of an autonomy not to split up plant for small components, and to sell it the whole industrial complex. Kosmachevsky simply divided property into less interesting and more favorable offers under which by the time of the beginning of the auction it already had buyers. On auction on sale of property of JSC Krymavtogaz which for the first time took place on March 17, 2006, five lots for total amount more than 34,85 million hryvnias were exposed.

However at the starting price only two lots - car repair shop to Belgorod - Dniester were sold to Odessa region and the most delicious of all property "object of incomplete construction" - Mir movie theater. These objects sold for 228 thousand and 1,24 million hryvnias. The last was bought by TES firm. In terms of dollars - at the price of five one-room apartments.

But where Kosmachevsky "drives", never does without scandal, even at such auction which actually didn't take place: except the "friendly" buyer for the liquidator, the Krymzhilinvest firm applied for former "World" also, but her representatives simply didn't let on auction.

The official representative of firm Ruslan Burdeyny explained that his company submitted an application to established periods, paid a registration contribution in the sum of 150 thousand hryvnias and was officially registered as one of bidders. But the protection of "Krymavtogaz" invited by Kosmachevsky didn't let representatives of "Krymzhilinvest" on the enterprise territory where the auction was held. Security guards at all didn't hide that submit to orders of the liquidator. According to Burdeyny, "the Mir movie theater, obviously, already has an owner", so it and appeared. Though the representative of this firm claimed that "Krymzhilinvest" could pay much more, than the starting price of object because on a movie theater place the firm planned to construct a housing estate.

However, Kosmachevsky had counterarguments - according to him, "Krymzhilinvest" simply was late by the beginning of the auction."Those people who didn't get, were late, - the liquidator of "Krymavtogaz" declared. - The entrance was at ten o'clock closed not to disturb tendering". However, seemingly, they were late for this auction long before their beginning: as practice testifies, at the liquidator Kosmachevsky on each sold object the buyer always is ready.

However, results of auction on sale of property of bankrupt "Krymaatogaz" can be challenged by the Russian creditor of the enterprise - automobile group "GAZ". Lawyers of the company carry out expertize of legality of auction on sale of part of property of the company. Information on check was confirmed also by the director of the department of GAZ group public relations Vladimir Torin. And the representative of the Russian company "GAZ" in committee of creditors of the enterprise - the bankrupt Vladimir Polsky declared during auction that "there was no need to declare the Crimean car assembly enterprise the bankrupt and to begin procedure of his elimination. Plant declared bankrupt though on balance it it wasn't, and the expert assessment wasn't, the economic analysis wasn't is everything was decided".

Besides, mister liquidator so underestimated the real cost of objects of sale that dared to declare cynically that "the starting price of the enterprise doesn't meet all debts". At the same time it is clear that total amount of debt of "Krymavtogaz" to repay and it isn't required - after payments to the main creditors and the state the bankrupt is subject to elimination, and the remained debts will be written simply off.

However, having started elimination, Kosmachesvsky encountered not less delicious object, early belonging to "Krymavtogaz" - branch of the Simferopol base the "Avtogazservice" which was in Alushta. However the desired object with so favorable place of a dislocation at that time was already sold to the individual and wasn't, unlike the main plant, state ownership.

But the g - N Kosmachevsky ran over the new owner of object purely "on - пацански" - time supposedly I am the liquidator of the main enterprise, and to sale of that you bought, weren't in time, you owe me 7 pieces of dollars. Quicker.

But the new owner of the base who has bought it also from the individual absolutely officially, solved money (in fact,) not to bribe the liquidator. And for what, actually? The arbitration managing director threatened the foe with court where didn't fail to address, achieving 7 thousand dollars.But neither Appeal, nor Supreme courts didn't recognize lawful such obvious extortion, and consolidated the rights of the new owner for this object. Almost for the first time Kosmachevsky "flew by". However, alushtinets didn't begin to write the application in law enforcement agencies that the liquidator extorted from it money. And it is a pity are serious bases for cancellation of the license of the arbitration managing director.

However, following the results of "activity" of the liquidator on "Krymavtogaz" nevertheless criminal case was brought. But, as well as six another available criminal cases, it lie without movement. To see, much still the enterprises expect bankruptcy performed by Yury Kosmachevsky "necessary" to criminal structures.

One more episode of activity of is connected with Alushta - on Kosmachevsky who reached full mutual understanding with the wife in the questions "eliminations" of the enterprises. It should be noted that by the nature of the activity Tatyana Kosmachevskaya is the chief state registrar in Simferopol. Thanks to their criminal tandem "the liquidator - the registrar" the alushtinsky sanatorium "Sea corner" without the knowledge of the real owners was transferred to other citizens. It at all didn't make work to Kosmachevsky' family, a look, we will repeat, uses of official position by Tatyana Aleksandrovna. The spouse together with the husband simply was withdrawn by registration documents of sanatorium and within one day rewrote (re-registered) the enterprise on the people necessary to them.

The liquidator raged

It is possible to tell and about purely criminal manners of our "hero" to whom the real physical impact on dissatisfied with process of the elimination of this or that enterprise carried out by it isn't alien. The former shareholders of one of joint stock company which thanks to Kosmachevsky there was open company, and then to them it was sold almost free of charge, still with horror remember how people of the liquidator "pressed" them, buying up at them actions of the native enterprise. As a result "pressure" including "hooligan attacks of unknown", many voluntary and gratuitously transferred stocks to the arbitration managing director, having considered that "it is more necessary to it", and to them - "without need".

However, all these subjects stand separate consideration, and here on capture by "crew" of the liquidator of the city of Armyansk it is worth stopping, perhaps.First of all because some (more than five) criminal cases are already excited by results of its "activity", including on infliction of bodily injury to the "discordant" head with his "liquidating" policy of one of the local enterprises. However, Kosmachevsky's many "feats" didn't receive even initiation of legal proceedings: having beaten personally the husband of the local official, it, nevertheless, avoided responsibility. As the banal hooligan, with own hand crushed windows in local, Armenian, department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, and the next brought criminal case already about it still it seems as is investigated. Only without special results, despite presence of witnesses and directly the performer in the person of the liquidator.

However, all victims shouldn't count on militiamen from Yury Ivanovich's acts, seemingly: the arbitration managing director talks to local militia haughtily and by order, despite "weight" of shoulder straps on their shoulders. Whether not therefore, what its "seylemsky" roof is still impregnable these militiamen of any rank?

By the way, approaching the main attracted object in Armyansk - to Sivashsky anilinokrasochny plant - Yury Ivanovich took notice" on stroitelno - assembly management, as well as the above plant, belonging to "Titan". It dashingly made bankrupt this enterprise, not in view of that it any not joint stock company or open company, and completely was in state ownership and elimination wasn't subject. Especially as, besides, contrary to the legislation, creditors debts compensated not money, and enterprise property. I didn't stand aside from "property" and g - N the liquidator who has received for successfully carried out swindle with bankruptcy of 4-x the room apartment in the same Armyansk.

But recently (at last - that! ) activity of our hero it seems as interested militiamen seriously: in May the prosecutor's office of the Crimea brought criminal case on materials of check by Management on fight against economic crimes of procedure of bankruptcy of "Sivashsky anilinokrasochny plant" which JSC Krymsky Titan owns.

To the head of joint stock company Alexander Nechayev more than once suggested "to forget" about the losses put to plant with the arbitration managing director. Especially as, according to our data, the influential Crimean deputy, one of the former leaders of Salem group "protects" the liquidator. But Nechayev didn't give up and initiated check which yielded results, unexpected for militiamen.

It appeared that thanks to Kosmachevsky the property of plant was very actively sold plundered) from 2004 to 2006. And on date of transmission to "the Crimean Titan" plant actions in December, 2004, any more weren't opportunities to control enterprise property as it was "under control" the arbitration managing director Yury Kosmachevsky. The liquidator at that time transformed three enterprises entering into structure of plant, from joint stock company to open company then alienation of assets of the enterprise was made.

G - N the liquidator claimed and claims that supposedly all actions with property of Sivashsky anilinokrasochny plant were carried out "with the purpose to pay off with creditors". But creditors, actually, were categorically against property sale.

Consequences of activity of mister Kosmachevsky became known after recognition by Economic court of the Crimea of Sivashsky plant by the bankrupt. But here Yury Ivanovich "selflessly" departs it seems as aside, inviting other arbitration managing director - Larisa Petukhova. And that continues Kosmachevsky's nice business. It "liquidated" property assets of the enterprise - the bankrupt for the sum of 45 million hryvnias. From which creditors yet didn't see anything.

But here Yury Ivanovich why - that as the main enemy chose the only thing working at the territory of Sivashsky anilinokrasochny plant the enterprise - NPP Plastopolimer. Or rather, working as Kosmachevsky by hook or by crook interferes with his activity: that electricity will cut down, doesn't allow to work of employees. And why? Yes because this enterprise on the lawful bases owns the land bought at auction in SAKZ territory. And after all the enterprising liquidator quite could sell this land. If, of course, to win "Plastopolimer". And the property on SAKZ in the form of property and the territory "is so expensive" to the liquidator that for the sake of it he will be ready to do anything.

Whether will risk this time power (considering as those) structures to stop illegal actions of "the black raider", to investigate, at last, criminal cases available for them, to qualify Kosmachevsky's acts according to articles of the Criminal Code? Or firm "roof" of the become impudent liquidator nevertheless will forbid militiamen to put their noses in, liquidating, put? And "security officers" will once again be wiped, having counted the criminal - the liquidator unapproachable and inviolable? We will wait...

P.S.The data stated in article are far not the full list of acts of - on Kosmachevsky borrowing in a rating of "black raiders" Crimea one of the top positions. In this regard still many dark affairs wait for the assessment - if not in actions of law-enforcement structures, so, at least, in journalistic publications. Therefore continuation follows …


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