When at the scout "the roof" goes: why scouts commit suicide

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Why the scout commits suicide? Usually it happens in desperate situations, there is no place when to recede. In life the such happens, but is rare. After all the spy as anybody is able to keep the life. He will look for an exit from any situation. Our story that forces the scout knowing that the suicide only helps the enemy to say goodbye to life.

The suicide is in the list of irrevocable losses of investigation on the last place. And was and on - to another. It is possible to remember 37-й year of the last century when in a mass order scouts preferred to be shot if only not to fall into hands of investigators of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. And then there was a war, and scouts blew up themselves not to hit Gestapo paws. Preferred heroic death to prospect to become traitors. Still there was "a fight for peace around the world" with investigation participation. And all these years the suicide, in fact, was death in the battlefield. Business is business …

Loop of the scout

The author of article came to investigation at the beginning of 60-x years. I got to the Scandinavian line of external counterintelligence. The chief of this line the colonel "Ampere-second was my first mentor. ". Externally and internally it reminded the film actor Depardieu. Rublenny an axe of a menacing look of people with good-natured character. In 40-е were ended by faculty of law of the Moscow State University and worked as the investigator in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. In 50-е "Khruschev's cleaning" bodies from violators of a sotszakonnost began. During checks "Ampere-second. " it appeared almost only escaped investigator of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Lifted business which he ran. On the back of documents with illegal sentences to victims of "beriyevsky terror" found autographic records of the investigator "Ampere-second. " about its dissenting opinion ("I don't agree"). Examination established that the signature original, and records are made in those years. The courageous and basic person left in bodies, sent to investigation. He knew German, learned Danish. I worked as the resident in a number of the Scandinavian countries.

The knowledge of the international legislation did it irreplaceable. Pre-war study in the Moscow State University affected still. It all the same that in MI-6 to be the graduate of Cambridge.I told that almost all students of its group became professors, and many - members of board of Ministry of Justice. As all field investigators, "Ampere-second. " I was the inveterate chess player and the good psychologist. Under circumstances I didn't cave in. Never I complained of the state. Radiculitis as at each inveterate fisherman, it wasn't counted. I loved the Danish beer, witty I poured popular expressions and quickly I found a common language with any "contact". I hired the western colleagues.

And suddenly at the end of 80-x me the message that "Ampere-second struck. ", made by this time in generals, I committed suicide. Circumstances remained obscure. It isn't accepted to climb in investigation in secrets of department. The general those years - too high post in investigation. Therefore on that case which has struck all especially also didn't make comments. Guessed. And where conjectures begin, legends are born.

In the world of espionage to distinguish suicide from heart attack or from elimination or others the undesirable witness sometimes happens very difficult. All understood that it was no step of the person broken by a serious illness. Health at it would suffice for three. "Ampere-second. " I treated soldiers who are capable to stand up to the end and adequately to meet death when it will come. Rather he was capable to die in a big way - to come to offenders, to pull a ring … let will do some flying.

As the chess player, he was able to provide actions of the opponent not on a step and not on two forward, and it is much more. And nevertheless I withdrew, having chosen a loop.

The scout in cover

Happening, circumstances develop in such a way that differently as through self-elimination they can't be resolved. The will weakens, the resilience and meaning of the life are lost. The person driven into a corner is at the extreme end of the resources.

At the beginning of 90-x in Moscow before retiring, the colonel of investigation opened the business in the sphere of intermediary activity. "Shady businessmen" "threw" it for the sum of some million rubles. Began to threaten, demanding to repay a debt. Turned on "counter". The colonel found hung up in a country house. There was no place to run.

At a suicide of a guarantee aren't provided

About suicides in a lobby of investigation poison different baizes. In New - York one foreign scout in 60-е jumped with 84-го a skyscraper floor. So its stream of air beat to glass on 83 - m a floor. I survived. Any more I didn't try. Less the scout was lucky from one "Post-Soviet" intelligence service.It, noting the appointment to a new position, I arranged "registration". I accepted superfluous and I began "to poison" from an apartment window on 16 - m a floor. I fell and broke. Speak, pushed "colleagues - drinking companions", applying for his position. Witnesses, matter of course, didn't appear. And differently what of them scouts?

In Paris in 80-е was the intelligence agent who solved from - for "interpretations" of the cooperation with a foreign intelligence service to arrange itself beautiful death. I poured waters in a bathtub, I lit candles, накидала petals of roses, I put on in an evening dress. I swallowed a poison. From an overdose it began to tear. The poor thing was struck by the head about a toilet bowl and died. However, at all as gathered.

When at the scout the roofgoes

Not all are capable to sustain overloads of prospecting activity in others country. Here that occurred in the summer of 1961 in New - York. The employee of residency of Czechoslovak investigation Zhizhka worked in the UN. During a nervous breakdown I suspected of work on Americans own wife. I liquidated it. Trying to run, I entered firefight with police. Cops in the circumstances shot the diplomat. Them acquitted.

In the British investigation there is a Scale nervously - mental firmness. It displays resistance of future scout to stresses and his ability to adapt in extreme conditions. As a result for work as field investigators take only 2% of candidates. Only they treat group with high nervously - mental firmness. 30% checked possess sufficient protection from a stress - factors. Such use on sites of providing field investigators. At 50% checked level of adaptation "is satisfactory", and 18% have high level of existence of a depressive syndrome and for execution of an active service are unsuitable. Everything is very simple.

Performance of a suicide

Following to recognize that for elimination of undesirable persons of intelligence service quite often dramatize suicides of the victims. It concerns to the traitors, undesirable witnesses, and also to those who too close approached to secrets of special importance.

In 80-е in London three employees of the Soviet trade mission allegedly committed suicide. All bodies of "suicides" were sent to Moscow where experts - pathologists made the conclusion that in bodies of victims there were traces of psychotropic drugs. During inquiry data were obtained that all three regularly communicated with the staff of the British intelligence services.During the same period the major of KGB who has visited in London the local dentist suddenly died.

Analysts of KGB believed that recruitment of the Soviet citizens by the British investigation in the territory is considered the most reliable and safe. Thus to MI-6 in case of need go on a performance of suicides of tenacious candidates. If recruitment of the foreign diplomat - the scout breaks, it most often smells as undesirable international scandal. Then it is necessary to remove "the traces". Rule for all investigations one.

When suicide of the scout is more favorable than his arrest

At the beginning of 80-x, having obtained data that the general of GRU D. Polyakov is the agent of CIA, the chief 1-го department (the American line) the general Dmitry Yakushkin was very alarmed by PGU KGB. In conversation I shared: "After all general of investigation! Who then can be trusted? What example of the young? ! " I insisted that the management of investigation raised a question of concealment of the fact of treachery of the general before the party Central Committee, having covered business by its suicide. But KGB counterintelligence in the person of the chief 1-го department of VGU of the general Ram Krasilnikov didn't allow to take away from itself "operational bread" and realized business on the full.

Whether the scout perishing from the hand is guilty?

Not each suicide will bear on itself the stamp of a mortal sin. The scout caught in a camp of the enemy, swallows of a pill with cyanide and thus isn't subject to censure. It fearlessly was lost from the hand for general welfare, idea, a debt; for the sake of a victory of the country.

I hear bilious objection: "the heroic death" scout means weakness of his preparation. He didn't manage to provide probability of capture, capture, treachery. Misters, weakness of preparation isn't connected in any way with weakness of spirit of the scout who has decided on such act. There are cases, when for saving of information of other option, except elimination of its carrier, no. Even if it is the scout. The similar has no relation to a suicide. It is part of work - same how to format a disk. For it to scouts the country of an award casts.

By the way

How to fight against a suicide

In England when among youth during one period the number of suicides sharply increased, the press began to print colourful photos of those who was run over by a car and whom killed in newspapers. As a result the number of suicides decreased almost twice.

P.S.As for secret "Ampere-second loop.", about which there was a speech in article beginning, it and remained unsolved. From those who could solve versions of the reasons of the suicide much and in the live - that didn't remain. The truth is known, perhaps, only by the former chief of external counterintelligence general Oleg Kalugin. But he lives in the USA. His subordinate in the device of external counterintelligence on the Scandinavian line Vladimir Mednis as - that complained that in anger the general those years allegedly threatened it with physical violence for non-obedience.


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