Death of the restaurateur in Dneproperovsk: versions of explosion (blasting)

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This tragedy happened in Sunday, June 29, at 18.37. That day friends and relatives of the victim celebrated birthday of his daughter who has arrived on this occasion from - for borders. About six o'clock in the evening Leonid Vladimirovich expressed desire to sweep on the powerboat. He managed to sail from the coast of meters on 20 when burst explosion.

The full name of a network of the restaurants created by Leonid Kotlyar and his spouse Lilia, "Hospitality and rest corporation". Today it is the largest in Dnepropetrovsk, 6 institutions are its part: "Corsair", "Farm", "Lagoon", "Nest of a wood-grouse", "Den" and "Golden Cockerel". The history of a network began in 1998 - then in November the restaurant under the name "Noble" opened. The conceptual solution of the first institution Kotlyarov was a little non-standard for our city. Rich "imperial" rooms, "palace" kitchen, luxury atmosphere... By the way, the building in which the restaurant, really historical took place: if to trust legends, Catherine the Great there stopped.

At that time in Dnepropetrovsk the real restaurant boom was observed, one behind one the set of institutions opened. I didn't lag behind colleagues and Leonid Kotlyar.

In April, 1999 the Hutor restaurant opened. In 2000 in "Noble" there were global changes: the billiards club "Gusarsky" began to function, the hotel and a banquet room "Three boars" were constructed. They completely changed the concept and an institution interior. As a result the "hunting" Russian restaurant "Berloga" opened the door. In 2002 the recreation facility "Nest of a wood-grouse" received guests, and the Golden Cockerel restaurant opened on August 7, 2003.

According to employees of a network "Corporation", at creation of institutions third-party experts - designers, decorators, developers of the concept never were attracted. The idea of each of restaurants completely belonged to founders, and they directed construction, literally "completely". Many clients thanked a couple Kotlyarov for warmth and hospitality.

The Hutor restaurant, unlike other institutions of the empire of Kotlyar, "shot" at once after opening. In 2000 in it loudly I celebrated anniversary of the termination of Physics and Technology faculty of DGU not who other, as the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma with classmates. High-ranking so it was pleasant to Leonid Kotlyar's namesake in "Farm" that on February 12, 2001 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin who has visited on a visit Dnepropetrovsk here has a dinner. Kuchma in an institution of Kotlyar and other colleagues - presidents carried. To the correspondent of "The left coast" has the luck to participate personally in a dinner on the occasion of reception of the president of Slovakia Rudolf Schuster. Tasty house sausages to which treated guests were especially remembered...

However, later the elite restaurant began to appear in the press absolutely in other occasion. In February, 2002 in one of buildings of a restaurant complex there was a fire. Ignition managed to liquidate without special consequences. The official reason - violations of the rules of operation of elektrbytpribor. To whom doesn't happen... In June, 2007 - again a fire! This time one of cases burned down completely. The reason same - electrical wiring short circuit...

While militia and bomb experts in any way don't make comments on incident. That mined the boat, detectives can't speak until will find the remains of the explosive device. Before versions of technical malfunction of the boat are studied.

Their two: the first - a cause of the tragedy in the engine. Explosion resulted from malfunctions of an electrical wiring of the engine of the Honda brand which was installed on a motor boat. "Malfunctions of an electrical wiring of the engine could cause ignition of fuel and the subsequent explosion", - it is noted in the report of staff of explosive service UMChS in the Dnepropetrovsk area. In the same place it is written that the security guard of the victim in the indications claims that repeatedly warned him that the engine is faulty.

According to the second version, explosion provoked a faulty gasoline tank. Allegedly the standard fuel tank by the boat was remade in the handicraft way - as a result of its volume increased almost twice. It is obvious where - that on a joint and the crack from which there was a leakage of fuel was formed. The workers serving the boat, say that heard a gasoline smell. Results of diving works which aren't finished at present yet have to confirm this version.

However, in many causes suspicion that the superreliable Finnish boat could blow up in itself moreover so that divers looked for its fragments and remains of a body of the lost restaurateur on all water area of an institution more than days. And here two ill-fated fires in "Farm" which then too wrote off for malfunction of an electrical wiring are at once remembered...

Still on July 1 upon death of the owner of Hutor restaurant investigative management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Dnepropetrovsk area brought criminal case according to Art. 115 p.1 (premeditated murder).

"On the this case the task force is created and investigation of the fact of death of the director of Hutor restaurant is made, - declared on a press - conferences the head of department of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and interests of the state of prosecutor's office of the Dnepropetrovsk area Roman Soskov.

The Dnepropetrovsk officials and businessmen from morally - ethical reasons refuse to give any comments on this subject. All of them unanimously positively respond about the victim, say that the person he was unconflictive and not connected with dirty political dismantlings. Many, thus don't trust in the official militia version with malfunctions in the engine.

We will consider three possible versions of the event which haven't been connected with breakage of the motor or a gasoline tank of the boat.

The first that occurs in this situation - repartition of the restaurant market in anticipation of Euro-2012 began. However, this version is easily scattered if to consider that objects of "Hospitality and rest corporation" are located far from epicenter of future football holiday: stadium in the downtown or at least long-distance routes on which fans will move. Besides, to speak about superprofitability of the elite restaurant complexes located in quiet cozy corners, it isn't necessary. There is an opinion that expensive restaurants, unlike objects фаст - foot, at all don't make profit. Them keep in quality of collateral business for carrying out business - meetings.

From here the second version - the dead, except restaurant, participated and in others business projects, and the tragedy can be connected with one of them. Existence at Leonid Kotlyar of the business interests which haven't been connected with a public catering and entertainments, was confirmed in an informal conversation by one of the high-ranking city officials.

And, at last, third version: the lost businessman could become involuntarily the owner of information compromising any of clients of his restaurants.You never know that the security guard could see or record the surveillance camera. Under certificates of representatives of the commercial structures, many businessmen from the near and far abroad preferred to have a rest in "Farm" and other restaurants of corporation of Kotlyar. Usually detectives in such cases do the careful analysis of corporate parties in the institutions which owners suffered. Also will be illogical if the Dnepropetrovsk militia doesn't fulfill also this version.


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