To Kiev on "panel". The world in which there live "moths"

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Prostitution, as we know, was and remains the most ancient profession. As they say, there would be a demand, and the offer always will be. In ours and without that liberated time, and at times and simply - dismissed, the side between the prostitute and the free woman deprived of any complexes, practically is washed away.

If the prostitute works honestly and without deception, according to the scheme - money forward and here to you I, - that many modern girls practically aspire besides: to receiving money, material benefits, the gifts, pleasant pastime also we are ready to exchange in exchange for this body. On the one hand they as though, "decent", and on the other hand - an essence same. Only they cost much dearer to boyfriends. How now find prostitutes?

If before a press I dazzled with announcements of so-called massage offices or providing escort services, now the militia very much watches closely it and women of easy virtue, as a rule, prefer to work alone, leaving the phone numbers in saunas, bars and restaurants, and also at taxi drivers. Then, having secured the order, arrive to the right place. And to pay less: services of the souteneur and responsibility in case of detention militia disappear. The truth is possible also criminal liability.

To the reader, probably, the interesting will know how select prostitutes or who them becomes. As a rule, the addicts drinking or socially not equipped, having psycho - physiological problems people become prostitutes. They prefer to earn though a little, but on a stream: standing on a bypass road and offering the services to drivers passing by. Often, having received the earned money, they hurry to exchange them for drugs, and then again come to work, showing the updated state. Lately the quantity трасовичек, called in the people "humeral", sharply decreased. That the militia constantly doesn't give them life affects. Now it is possible to meet one - two on all bypass road - and that, only that near each column of the militiaman you won't expose that.

I will notice that except singles who work at own risk, exist also organized criminal groups. The special attention of service is directed on them on fight against crimes connected with human trafficking (SBPSTL) of the Krivorozhsky gorupravleniye of militia. Here one of recent examples.

During carrying out quickly - search actions by staff SBPSTL KGU the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk area revealed the criminal group specializing on human trafficking, that is search, recruitment young, and also minor girls of the Krivorozhsky region for a transportation to Kiev and sales to souteneurs which in the subsequent organize sexual exploitation of girls as prostitutes.

Besides, information which was received during polls of "victims" of criminal activity, testifies to unity, firmness, accurate cast in criminal group, and as to an orientation of her members on commission of serious crime - "human trafficking".

This organized criminal group consists of two subgroups: "Krivorozhskoy" and "Kiev". Cast in "krivorozhsky" group looked as follows:

Svetlana B., the native of of Krivoi Rog, the Dnepropetrovsk area, the citizen of Ukraine, is registered in Krivoi Rog,
- is the organizer of "krivorozhsky" criminal group. She directs criminal activity of members of an organized criminal group and as directly is engaged in the organization and a transportation of the enlisted girls to Kiev where carries out their direct sale to souteneurs - to members of the "Kiev" subgroup

Anna S., the native of of Krivoi Rog, the Dnepropetrovsk area, the citizen of Ukraine, is registered in Krivoi Rog - hired and as directly I organized a transportation of girls to Kiev.

Members of the "Kiev" criminal group were:
- Fedor B., the citizen of Ukraine, is registered and lives in Kiev - is the organizer of the "Kiev" criminal group.
- Ivan K. living also in Kiev - the second organizer.
- Oleg T., the resident of Kiev - the security guard.

The specified persons involved as accompanied the enlisted girls to Kiev. On available to data, for the transportation, the enlisted girls to Kiev members of criminal group used railway transport, namely the train "Krivoi Rog — Kiev" and motor transport.

The analysis of information received with PZhD concerning acquisition by persons involved in travel train tickets and as the data obtained during polls of victims, testify and confirm frequency of commission with members of an organized criminal group of the crime provided ч.3 by Art. 28 and Art. 149 of UK of Ukraine. So according to available authentic data in January, 2007 members of criminal group enlisted inhabitants of of Krivoi Rog: Victoria K. 1988 year of birth, the native of of Krivoi Rog whom 28.01.2007 accompanied by Svetlana P. transported to Kiev where transferred to members of the "Kiev" criminal group for a reward. Further Victoria was subjected to sexual exploitation.

At the beginning of February, 2007 members of criminal group enlisted the inhabitant of of Krivoi Rog: Tatyana K., 1987 year of birth, the native of of Krivoi Rog, the Dnepropetrovsk area, the citizen of Ukraine registered in Krivoi Rog. which 05.02.2007 accompanied by Svetlana P. by train No. 76 "Krivoi Rog - Kiev" transported to Kiev where Tatyana also was subjected to sexual exploitation.

As it is known that in February, 2007 Anna S. responsible for recruitment of prostitutes and Svetlana P. - the organizer of criminal group fraudulently under the guise of employment in night clubs of the capital enlisted and 28.02.2007 transported to Kiev minors: P.'s marine, 1991 year of birth, to Valentine Ch., 1990 year of birth, the native of Krivoi Rog which in the subsequent were subjected to sexual exploitation by members of the "Kiev" criminal group. For more than 5 months of girls violently forced to be engaged in prostitution.

On this fact the Krivorozhsky department of fight against organized crime brought criminal case on Art. 149 signs ч.3 by UK of Ukraine.

As according to available authentic data members of the specified criminal group are involved in recruitment and a transportation, to Kiev for the purpose of the organization of sexual exploitation of four more minor inhabitants of Krivoi Rog age of 16-17 years.

Oplatny transfer of the enlisted girls to members of the "Kiev" subgroup is carried out so:
- on arrival in Kiev at the railway station Svetlana for a reward transfers the enlisted girls to members of criminal group, and they place further girls on rented apartments and if members of the Kiev criminal group came on the car, paid for girls in Krivoi Rog.

The scheme of work of prostitutes on criminal group looks as follows. For the purpose of receiving services of sexual character clients order girls to "dispatcher" on number of the mobile phone in saunas, hotels, etc. then security guards with the driver take out prostitutes to the place specified by the client where for money of the girl render sexual services. Gained from occupation by prostitution security guards take away money personally and transfer to organizers.

In end it is necessary to tell about in what conditions trustful krivorozhanka had to work in the capital. In - the first, at once on arrival in Kiev, girls were told that they already owe money for journey. In - the second, them carried on the market where bought clothes and reported that the debt, respectively, grows at once approximately to 800 US dollars. In - the third, the astronomical sums for rent of housing and food were added. Generally, about that really to earn money for itself the girl soon forgot. But it still not all.

In one apartment lodged 7-8 girls. Fed with porridge and other food remarkable only one - the low price. Soon, as it follows from testimony, girls didn't want to work more and wished one: to escape home. But here that was - protection vigilantly bore the service. Especially dull beat, put psychological pressure. Such concept as day off or rest from - for feeling sick at girls it wasn't simple. Being live goods, they had to work always when it was demanded by owners. Now all persons involved in this business are established, the consequence on criminal case is complete and sent to court.


More than a half of Russians consider occupation by prostitution by the compelled step and don't condemn representatives of this profession, sociologists state. More than a half (54%) citizens of Russia regard prostitution as the compelled step, it is noted in survey conducted on June 21-22 in 46 regions of the country. Public opinion fund (FOM).

The most common causes respondents call poverty and lack of means of livelihood (34%), lack of a choice (14%), unemployment (6%).

Thus about a third of respondents (29%) believe that women start being engaged in prostitution owing to personal tendencies and features of character.The aspiration to easy life and big money as the reason was specified by 14% of respondents, 9% believe that women choose this profession from - for immorality and dissoluteness, 6% are convinced that the reason - in natural predisposition to similar occupation, reports

As a whole more than a half of respondents (52%) don't condemn women who are engaged in prostitution, however approximately as much (51%) respondents with them doesn't sympathize. More than a third (38%) treat such profession with condemnation, sympathy feels as much respondents (37%).

Thus 46% of respondents found it difficult to estimate earnings of women of this profession and to compare them to the average level of the income in the settlement. Another 15% declared that in their district of prostitutes isn't present.

Among those who has idea of earnings of prostitutes, a quarter (24%) are sure that in their city or a mudflow of the prostitute on the average earn more, than other people of able-bodied age. Another 10% speak about parity of earnings, and only 6% are inclined to think that prostitutes earn less.

43% of respondents consider that the majority of prostitutes would give up this occupation if found work with the same level of the income. However a third of respondents (31%) are sure that in this case prostitutes wouldn't refuse the profession.

At the same time, about a half (48%) consider that prostitutes marry over time, but only 29% of number expressed this opinion are sure that such marriages are successful.


According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Russia more than 1 million women are engaged in prostitution. Meanwhile, this community remains to one of the most closed. As confirmation the results of sociological poll published by Public opinion fund (FOM) serve. Russians have no unambiguous judgment about the reasons pushing prostitutes on the panel. 52% don't condemn them, but 51% don't sympathize with them. And only 38% support legalization of love business under the state control.

Exactly 160 years ago prostitution and brothels in Russia were officially legalized by Nikolay's I decree and started being assessed with a tax. In the USSR there was a system at which women of easy virtue sent to "special establishments of compulsory labor re-education", and in years of "Big terror" - straight in GULAG.In May, 1987 article punishing for occupation by prostitution by a penalty in 100 rubles was introduced in the Administrative code (at that time the minimum wage). Similar article is and in the modern legislation (a penalty to 2 thousand rubles). Nevertheless, population of "moths" grows prompt rates. Now their over 1 million, in one only to Moscow about 200 thousand. Actually, of course, it is much bigger: after all it is the lawbreakers revealed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

What pushes all of them on the panel, to rental apartments, in hotel rooms and saunas? According to survey conducted by FOM, 54% of Russians consider this step compelled. And explanations wonder such that you are given as it still all Russians didn't go in the prostitute: "Salaries at people small", "the need forces", "they have no other choice" and it is simple "want to eat". Thus 43% of respondents say that the majority of the women who are engaged in prostitution, would give up this occupation if opportunity to get other job was presented to them, is equivalent the paid. And though 52% of prostitutes don't condemn, 51% don't sympathize with them.

On a question, whether earn prostitutes in comparison with other able-bodied people much, 46% found it difficult to answer. 15% declared that in their places there are no the women who are engaged in prostitution. But among those who gave the substantial answer, the confidence that prostitution - a highly paid profession prevails: only 10% speak about parity of earnings.

Russians about, whether have foggier representations at the women who are engaged in prostitution, any general features, the traits of character distinguishing them from other people. 38% believe that there are (immorality, dissoluteness, persistence and characteristic appearance), 30% - that isn't present, 32% found it difficult to answer unambiguously. Are indistinct at respondents of FOM and idea of that, as usual there is a further destiny of prostitutes, whether they find family happiness. And absolutely terrible statements confirm that prostitutes and we live in two different worlds: 12% consider prostitution by occupation in principle immoral, and only 3% reflect on the ruined lives of the women involved in this business.

"The sphere of sexual services - массивна, but is hidden from society, - commented results of research FOM the sexologist, professor Alexander Poleev. - To that two reasons: intimate nature of these services and uncivilized forms intim - business in Russia.Myths about prostitutes - for example result that they don't want and can't be engaged in anything other or that earn much. If it and is fair, concerning only any part of "moths". It is necessary to transfer the market of sexual services to civilized forms, at last: profession it not only deep-rooted, but also absolutely necessary as there are categories of men which can build the sexual relations only with these women. Will be the winner all - and we, both prostitutes, and the state which will allocate them with the accurate rights and duties, will oblige to pass medical control, will tax. Then the attitude towards them in society becomes absolutely another".


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