In Nikolaev ex-police officers swung the weapon and threatened to dismiss acting militiamen who arrived them to calm

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On December 17, near one of pubs around bus station there was a fight between three visitors of this institution and two men in the form of one of security firms.

As eyewitnesses of an event told, two men in the form of security guards with a stripe of security firm "Tsenturion Yug" approached to bar around 21.00 and began to stick to visitors. Verbal sparring proceeded not long. According to witnesses of "action", the man, possibly were warmed up by alcohol and tried to start a fight. Some blows even achieved the object. Obscene abuse and threats which accompanied actions of people in the form of security guards, couldn't but draw attention of the personnel of pub and those called a police squad.

In spite of the fact that the staff of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia arrived on a call quite quickly, one of "security guards" was in time also поразмахивать traumatic "weapon".

According to the same eyewitnesses, the arrived staff of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs too could calm not at once "brawling protection". From lips of the man who minute earlier swung the gun and it was presented by the militia major, to law enforcement officers threats about their dismissal fell down.

To calm the excited participants of action, on one of men even it was necessary to dress handcuffs.

All participants of fight were detained and delivered in the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs.

As reported a source in law enforcement agencies, two men who tried to show resistance to militiamen, were ex-the police officer at present working in security to firm and the director of this security firm. The certificate of the police officer was are printed on usual paper.

It should be noted that at the citizen who swung the traumatic weapon, was at itself permission to its carrying.

As the head Sektora on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia reported, this moment investigative actions are carried out and event details become clear. Only on their termination any decision on this incident will be made.


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