"We could bring criminal case, but after all Dmitry splashed acid in a face of the boy... unintentionally"

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In Nikolaev 52 - the summer man to whom the former cohabitant refused renewal of the relations, splashed in a face sulfuric acid... to her seven-year-old son. The boy got burns of the third degree, and the criminal still is at large.

52- the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev tracked the former cohabitant when she went to school for the child. Having waited when the woman with the seven-year-old son leave to the yard, it suddenly jumped out from - for a corner and... I splashed to the boy in a face sulfuric acid. The child it is heart-breaking I cried, and dumbfounded mother, having seized the son by a hand, I ran with it back in school. The unfortunate boy, whose person literally boiled from got burns, one of employees of the school, given the child rescued first aid. The criminal, having made the dirty deed, I disappeared.

"Dima made impression of the decent and conscientious man. And the main thing - very much I loved children"

We met seven-year-old Vitya and his mother Irina Kornysheva (names of heroes of the publication are changed for ethical reasons) in burn office of the Nikolaev city hospital No. 3. The part of burns on a face of the boy already started being tightened, turning into rough hems. And the most damaged sites of skin still are stuck with the plasters soiled by medical ointments.

- Each time I shudder when I look at these scars round eyes, - Irina sighs, tenderly ironing the son on the head. Having attentively looked at me, the boy tries to smile poorly. - Fortunately, the sonny managed to narrow eyes - doctors speak, worked a self-preservation instinct. Though couple of drops of acid nevertheless got to eyes. When Vitya carried to hospital, proteins of his eyes reddened, he complained that sees nothing. I then so got a fright that the son lost sight!

Seven-year-old Vitya Kornyshev delivered in the Nikolaev city hospital N 3 in an awful state: the face of the boy reddened and strongly swelled up, cheeks were blown out to the unnatural sizes, eyes swam away. The child shouted and cried, begged mother to explain, "why eyes don't see and everything so hurts". Having learned that happened to their young patient, physicians were terrified.Mother of the boy told that acid in Vitya her former cohabitant whom it turned out for some months before splashed. Staff of burn office reported the matter in militia.

- Still doesn't go in as he could such create, - Irina admits. - After all in Dima I liked just his good attitude to children. Vitya and Andryusha (Irina's younger five-year-old son. - Buses) even the father called it.

- There was a father, and now not a father... - the boy, having leaned against a mother's hand, thoughtfully looks out of the window. - He wanted to hurt mother. And I made to me.

- We got acquainted with Dima two and a half years ago, - Irina continues. - At me by then already was two children from first marriage. Vitya and Andrey of the father practically don't remember - even when we still lived together, he didn't stay almost at home. The whole nights I drank, with someone I walked and only at daybreak the drunk I became hollow to the house. When I at last filed for divorce, wasn't going to get the relations with someone else. Family problems it was full up, I wanted to devote all the time only to children. But most it was difficult. We lived in a small lodge at mother, kopeks which I received for cleaning of railway cars were my only earnings. And there was Dima. We got acquainted incidentally - it at that time worked at furniture factory, and I walked every evening with kids at a playground nearby. It started approaching to us, gave to children of candy, started with me conversation. I told that some years as divorced, one lives, both prepares, and erases, does zakrutka and earns. In a word, I tried to make impression of the conscientious, hardworking man whom presently you will meet infrequently.

- It managed it?

- It was pleasant to me. And not so much it, how many the good attitude to children. Vitya and Andrey didn't know that such a full-fledged family, and Dmitry constantly gave them candies, gave money, entertained them. Even mother said that it concerned them as to the native. First I was confused a little by our age difference - whether a joke, 22 years! But it beautifully looked after, met me from work, helped about the house. Never I came to the pay day empty-handed - constantly I brought to children full bags of fruit and toys. To me with it it was comfortable and reliable. And soon he got over to me.

Irina with Dmitry lived together two and a half years. The woman silently rejoiced that at last found family happiness.Therefore when Dmitry started coming back home tipsy, it first didn't attach it special significance - you never know, after work the husband met friends and "couldn't but pass with them on a shot glass". However soon "meetings with friends" became a habit. Dmitry even more often came home having drunk, and on remarks waved away supposedly not so often to itself I allow.

- Wishing to keep a family, I closed to it eyes, - Irina is distressed. - Here it also mounted upon a neck. Already I could get nasty, and to raise the voice. For emergence at work in a state of intoxication it dismissed. And incident when it, having been home drunk became a last straw, with scope hit Andryusha with a palm on a face. At the son from a nose blood scattered, and Dima didn't apologize at all. After that I showed it the door.

- How it reacted to it?

- Surprisingly, but its reaction was absolutely indifferent. I shrugged shoulders and I went to collect things as if long ago already I waited for this moment. Some weeks I heard nothing about it. And then suddenly I arrived and I declared that wants to live again with me. Certainly, I refused. Problems also began with that moment. Dima literally pursued me. Happened, I come for work, and he already waits for me about cars. Hardly will see, starts persuading to return. Being refused from me behind refusal, he flew into a rage, threatened - say, you still will regret that pushed away me. And one night I put Vitya to bed as suddenly I heard a roar and a ring of the broken glass. I ran to the neighboring room, and the window there is smashed, on a floor the big cobble-stone lies. The neighbor told that saw in the yard Dima who threw a stone in my window and escaped.

"We yet don't give a mirror to the child - if it has a nervous breakdown, process of recovery will be dragged out"

- And in a week it was again to me for work, - Irina continues. - At two o'clock in the morning I cleaned cars as suddenly on a threshold of a compartment there was drunk Dima with a beer bottle in hands. what do you want? - I asked. - Leave, I should work! " Without having paid even attention to my words, it passed in the next compartment, sat down with feet on the shelf and unperturbably continued to drink beer. When I asked it to leave again, it is unexpected... I covered me with a string of obscenities and I started shouting frenziedly: "You have another, huh?! Admit! " Trying not to pay attention to its hysterics, I continued to wipe a napkin a little table. And suddenly it approached closer and... I sprinkled to me in a face from a gas spray. Everything floated before eyes, I started choking.Then he punched me a back, twisted behind the back of a hand and started beating on the head. Trying to be released, I fell in a compartment under a little table, and it continued to finish me feet, - the voice of the woman interrupts, she starts fingering a blanket nervously. - I sobbed, begged him to stop that there are forces shouted, but is useless - Dima as if flew into a rage. When I fell, at me the mobile phone dropped out of a pocket. Having grabbed a mobilka, Dima once again kicked me with a foot sideways and left. Overcoming belly-ache, I got up and trudged in shop. Mechanics found Dima in the next car, took away from it my phone and caused militia. When Dima fined three hundred hryvnias, I breathed sigh of relief - thought, he understood that me is to whom to protect, and won't stick more.

But not here - that was - already next day he called and demanded... three hundred hryvnias which collected from it. "I didn't take them from you and anything to you shouldn't", - I blurted out and hung up. On the same day to me in a window the cobble-stone again flew, this time the stone fell about a bed of the child. I was afraid to leave children of one in the room, at the nights was on duty on a balcony, checking, whether there is no Dima in the yard. Life turned into any nightmare. Once he trapped me in the city, jumped out from - for a corner and, having roughly seized me by a hand, again started demanding money. "I don't have anything! I beg, leave me alone", - I sobbed. "A shadow for you I will go, yet I won't achieve that you will get to reanimation. Or at once on a next world", - it hissed and left. These words are still heard to me at night...

- Mothers, you didn't tell how it a hook beat you, - Vitya who all this time listened carefully our conversation gave a vote.

- As - that time I came back from work, and Dima waited for me about the house in bushes, - Irina nods. - When I passed by, it suddenly jumped out of an ambush and started beating me on feet any curved wooden stick. I screamed and rushed off up hill and down dale. Heart jumped out from a breast - was afraid that it will catch up with me and will kill. Then I already understood that this person is capable of everything.

Next day, seeing off the son in school, Irina felt for herself shadowing. I turned back - anybody. At five o'clock in the evening it came to take away Vitya from an after-school club. Bringing together the child, the woman also didn't suspect that Dmitry hides round the corner.

- We didn't manage to open a gate as Dima partitioned off to us the road, - worrying, Irina remembers. - And in the next second it got from a pocket any to bank and...I splashed out its contents towards Vitya. The sonny it is heart-breaking I cried, I looked at him and screamed for horror: skin on his face instantly reddened and was wrinkled, Vitya clasped cheeks hands and sobbed. I yet didn't understand that occurred, but knew that something awful. I remember, I seized the son by a hand, and we ran back in school.

- We left, and it is time - and scattered on me a hand! - Vitya speaks. - It was so sick, so hot! Especially here was ill, - the boy touches the cheek stuck with a plaster. - And now hurts...

- When I understood that happened to the son, my feet gave away, - brushing away the tears which have run on eyes, Irina speaks. - The secretary of school began to wash out to it eyes, and I began the real hysterics. Shivering hands I gathered 103, appear, "fast" never will arrive. I so was afraid that the son will go blind and remains the disabled person, tears dimmed eyes, in a throat there was a lump. I knew for a long time that Dima hates me. But for what it spoiled in anything not the guilty child? ! That evening was the most awful in my life.

Unexpectedly the boy jumped from a bed and called me.

- The aunt, go here! - it beckoned me a hand. - You look that to my new backpack it happened, - Vitya stretched me a blue school portfolio, in some places corroded by acid. - It and here got. Now books couldn't be put...

- The backpack - nonsense, the main thing that you at me healthy were, - Irina carefully attracts to itself the son and kisses on a forehead. - The world not without kind people. Having learned that happened, school teachers and parents of schoolmates supported us. And still we are very grateful to doctors - thanks to them the sonny gradually is on the mend.

- The child has burns of the third severity, - the attending physician Yury Onoshchenko told. - Now it passes an intensive course of treatment but as burns will quickly heal, anybody can't tell. We don't give a mirror to it - if it has a nervous breakdown, process of recovery will be dragged out. While burns heal normally, probably, the boy at all won't need plastic surgery.

"We could bring criminal case, but after all Dmitry splashed acid in a face of the boy... unintentionally"

When medics reported about state of emergency in militia, the Nikolaev militiamen detained the malefactor. There was it so: Irina called the former cohabitant on appointment during which he and met police officers. By the way, at a search in the man in a pocket found...to one more bank with sulfuric acid. Later Dmitry admitted to militiamen that didn't want to pour acid of the child - solution supposedly prepared for Irina. But as for the first time its plan was ruined and instead of the woman the boy suffered, he decided to spoil her during the second meeting.

However further an event developed as follows: Dmitry interrogated, and three days later... set free, at all without having brought criminal case!

- All problem that nobody knows when the injured boy will finish a course of treatment, - the chief of the Center of public relations of the Nikolaev regional militia Olga Peredirenko explained to "FACTS" a situation. - Under the law we can't bring criminal case, it doesn't become known yet as the injuries put to it - depending on that are qualified, how many the child still will stay in hospital, it becomes clear, heavy they or average degree. Then it will be possible to initiate proceedings upon infliction of bodily injury of a certain severity. At this stage it is impossible. Respectively, and to detain the person who has splashed out on the boy acid, we can't. (? ! - Bus).

- Incident, certainly, wild, but what here you will do? - Olga Peredirenko added. - Cases when we can't initiate proceedings from - for treatments of the victim, - not a rarity. For example, in Nova Odesse a year ago the cohabitant shot to the woman at an eye from the pneumatic weapon. She can't still receive necessary medical decision from - for treatments in different establishments, we can't bring criminal case. And her cohabitant is at large and isn't detained even not.

- In the beginning I couldn't believe: how Dmitry could release? - Irina speaks. - If it guessed on the second meeting with me again to bring to bank with acid and at all isn't sorry about deeds who will give me a guarantee, what he won't trap me tomorrow round the corner and won't realize the zlonamereniye? This person is obviously unhealthy, he on mind can have anything. Now I come back in the evening from work and I shudder from each sound - suddenly it goes behind? We with mother already forgot that such a quiet dream. The door lock - unless a barrier to the person who promised to do me in?

Trying to find out why socially dangerous criminal still is at large, I called the deputy prosecutor of the Factory area Yury Sabule.

- Purely on - human I feel sorry for the mutilated child and his mother, but after all there is such concept as illegal detention, - Yury Sabula told. - Present, we will initiate proceedings, we will detain Dmitry, and then suddenly it will appear that the boy has slight injuries. It will become clear that we at all had no right to hold responsible in custody and broke the law. In that case it will get off with a penalty, and then still will make us a complaint. (And to whom a complaint if Dmitry, bailing will be made, again will decide on attempt? - Edition)

- But why now it is impossible to bring criminal case? Let not to detain responsible, but at least to take from him recognizance not to leave!

- We could initiate proceedings on article of the Criminal code of Ukraine "Deliberate drawing slight injuries", but it will be wrong. Judge for yourself: it after all splashed acid in a child's face... unintentionally. According to him, he wanted to spoil the woman, instead of the kid - acid got on the child incidentally. And responsibility for unintentional drawing slight injuries by the legislation isn't provided. If it appears that the child has moderate severity injuries, in a root everything will change it - we will immediately bring criminal case and, maybe, even we will detain responsible. But for this purpose it is necessary to wait while the boy will finish a course of treatment and will pass examination. For now at most that we can make, is to initiate proceedings upon attempt at drawing to the woman of heavy injury. Now this issue is resolved by the regional prosecutor.

The correspondent of "FACTS" didn't manage to contact Dmitry. Irina gave me its phone, which number, was disconnected, in the apartment where it, allegedly, could be, nobody opened a door. Where he now and when will return - knows nobody.

P.S.Unfortunately, it is far not only lately a case when militiamen thoughtlessly release socially dangerous criminal on freedom. It is worth remembering only the Lvov recidivist who has made a number of armed attacks on schools and hospitals, - hardly the court made the "humane" decision to release it on recognizance, the criminal a knife in heart killed the world champion in powerlifting Yury Zabolotny.

In January "FACTS" reported about 53 - the summer inhabitant of Vyshgorod who in an attack of jealousy beat the former spouse and cut off it both ears.Vyshgorodsky militiamen then at all didn't arrest the criminal, having explained it to that he... mentally unbalanced and it all the same won't put, at most - will sentence to compulsory treatment. Say, why to arrest if then all the same let out? Only after the publication of "FACTS" the criminal was detained.

Ekaterina KOPANEVA "FACTS" (Nikolaev - Kiev)


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