Experts: about 60% of the Ukrainian gross domestic product faded into the background

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Tenization economy of Ukraine in conditions financially - an economic crisis gained total character and is estimated by certain experts and researchers in volume to 60% of gross domestic product which poses real threat of national security of the state at the present stage, economists consider.

As the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper (No. 51, 26 of December, 2009 reports - on January 14, 2010), about it is spoken in the national report of NANU "Socially - an economic condition of Ukraine: consequences for the people and the state".

"It is possible to state the actual completion of process of restructuring of shadow economic activity in state scales. This activity became economy making it. It serves economic and political interests of certain influential structures and a business community", - economists note.

The majority of experts consider that 25-50% of a turn of private enterprises aren't reflected in accounting documents (a shadow turn). Level of leaving in a shadow depends on that it for the enterprise, "who stands behind it", etc. In the majority of ten small enterprises can reach 80-90%.

According to the independent experts, the most widespread types of shadow activity are: optimization of taxes, prostitution, drug traffic, work of illegal migrants, gamblings. Also illegal return of a value added tax, salary belong to widespread types of shadow activity "in envelopes".

In the report it is noted that the shadow address also is present at such fields of activity: trade (80%), construction (66%), real estate (60%), gaming (53%), public catering (53%), mass media (53%), transport and transportations (46%). In trade in excise goods the considerable share is made by unaccounted volumes of tobacco, alcoholic beverage and other products.

Corruption level in the spheres which are carrying out deliveries of energy carriers, a land allocation under construction, operations with commercial real estate (rent) and privatization of the state property is rather high.There is a considerable gap between the market and "holiday" prices of "production" and, respectively, possibility of receiving excess profits that is a source of bribery and "kickbacks" with which most of all firms work in construction (91%), trade (75%), the real estate sphere (75%), agriculture (58%), an energy drink (58%).


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