Yushchenko listed нардепов from BYuT with the criminal past

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The president Victor Yushchenko declares that the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fraction Oleg Lyashko is three times an offender.

He told about it at a meeting with the public of Hmelniky area.

"Who from you for Lyashko three times the offender voted?. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Lyashko, the vice-chairman of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning the budget has a rich track record: 3 lawsuits, one prison term, property confiscation", - the President told.

Besides, according to Yushchenko, one more deputy of Rada from BYuT - Andrey Portnov was the person involved in criminal cases, including as the suspect.

Thus, according to the President, at present Portnov is responsible for a successful outcome for the candidate for president, the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko of judicial proceedings.

"Portnov is the chief coordinator today legal processes on ensuring necessary consideration on elections (the affairs concerning) candidates for president, madam Tymoshenko. The main direction of activity of Portnov - preservation as a certain person in court to give results of elections for Tymoshenko", - was told by him.

Besides, according to Yushchenko the person involved in criminal cases was also the first deputy of BYuT fraction in Rada Andrey Kozhemyakin.

Also the President noted that about 25 deputies of Rada from BYuT are related to large business that causes certain questions to their activity as deputies.

In addition, he noted that some deputies from BYuT, and also the government officials appointed on a quota of this fraction, have related communications with the persons holding high state positions while Tymoshenko denies existence of such communications.


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