Portnov: next year Yushchenko can sit down on a dock

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In BYuT refute statements of the President for allegedly participation of deputies from BYuT to criminal cases and call it attempt of political punishment over opponents.

As reported the UNIAN in a press - service BYuT, according to the deputy leader of BYuT fraction Andrey KOZHEMYAKIN, V. Yushchenko undertook reanimation of custom-made criminal cases which were started still by the president Leonid KUCHMA on all who didn't want to be reconciled with authoritarianism in Ukraine.

"YUSHCHENKO once again proved that he is very good and consecutive pupil Leonid of KUCHMA", - he told. A.KOZhEMYaKIN noted that all these custom-made criminal cases about which V. Yushchenko spoke, "burst as soap bubbles, and the innocence of people who appeared in them, was proved in vessels not to one instance". "And here those criminal cases, which production it was illegally stopped as, for example, on artificial bankruptcy of Ukraine bank, still expect the continuation. It is obvious for this reason V. Yushchenko periodically falls into a hysterics and tries to accuse all and all", - the People's Deputy emphasized. On his belief, there is nothing strange that the incumbent president "with pleasure turned into a loud-hailer of pronouncing a custom-made compromising evidence in Victor YANUKOVYCH'S staff" and hopes thus "to elicit to itself at least any cushy job at YANUKOVYCH and, thus to avoid own responsibility".

In turn, the People's Deputy from BYuT Andrey PORTNOV declared that next year V. Yushchenko can sit down on a dock in the case of bankruptcy of Ukraine bank. "Upon termination of presidential powers and removal from Victor YUSHCHENKO of inviolability in February, 2010, he has every chance to rise before court and to change the procedural status with accused for the defendant" - declared A.PORTNOV.

The People's Deputy assured that never was accused on one criminal case, "unlike V. Yushchenko". "Victor Andreevich in the diatribe forgot to inform society on results of investigation of criminal case about bankruptcy of Ukraine bank. I will remind that criminal case concerning the accused Yushchenko V.A.it was illegally retrained from serious crime in not heavy and in connection with election as the President of Ukraine it is closed in connection with the termination of limitation periods, that is on the nereabilitiruyushchy bases", - he told. A.PORTNOV noted that in BYuT will surely study legality of closing of this criminal case and will apply all legal opportunities to accountability of his key persons involved. Besides, he if V. Yushchenko has any data on crimes added, he needs to address immediately in law enforcement agencies and to give all known information on them. "Differently there comes legal responsibility for crime concealment", - he added. A.PORTNOV also reported that it once again appealed with the claim to court concerning slanderous statements of the President in the address.

As it was reported earlier, during a meeting with Khmelnytsky's voters, on Sunday, V. Yushchenko listed many surnames of deputies from BYuT fraction, adding comments like existence of criminal records at this or that deputy, participation of this or that deputy in the illegal actions connected with plunder of property, murders and other crimes.

In particular, among deputies from BYuT were called as the President of a surname of Oleg LYASHKO, Andrey KOZHEMYAKIN and Andrey PORTNOV and some more tens surnames. Also the President emphasized that about 25 deputies from BYuT are related to big business that causes certain questions to their activity as deputies. Besides, he noted that some deputies from BYuT, and also the government officials appointed on a quota of this fraction, have related communications with the persons holding high state positions while Tymoshenko denies existence of such communications.


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