The drunk husband killed the wife a bylets on the head in the face of the drunk mother-in-law

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As speak in the people, vodka to good didn't lead up anybody. Here and this history ended tragicly thanks to vodka. Evening in a family began as always, after work of the spouse houses gathered and the feast began. In the village the family had very bad reputation: the wife - deprived of the parental rights, children brings up mother of the husband, and still spouses strong drank therefore people for work didn't want to take them. Only one occupation for which they had a piece of bread and a bottle are grazed rural cattle, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

That evening Oksana and Sergey were not one, them called on mother of the wife who also led a similar life therefore welcomed "to roll to children a wine glass". And all, apparently, as always - told, drank alcohol. But at Sergey the mood because the beloved wife refused to make for it a dinner started spoiling. Long he didn't begin to ask it, and at once "was put by hands".

Having expelled Oksana in a blizzard on the street and having closed doors on the lock, I continued to drink with the "dear" mother-in-law. The woman started freezing and asking home, the man became kinder a little and let the rebellious wife. Decided to drink "for the world". But after a shot glass on duty reminiscence of Oksana's disobedience started evoking in Sergey rage, and, having grabbed with a bylets from a sofa, he started beating her on the head. When came round, I poured to the beloved wife of 100 grams of "medical mixture" then Oksana fell asleep.

But the woman hadn't to wake up, she died of the got injuries. Mother also wasn't going to protect the daughter because the one who will pour more was the companion it. And that the daughter fell asleep about a table on a floor, too I didn't react in any way, and simply I continued to drink with the son-in-law.

Employees of Berezansky RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained the suspect. Criminal case is brought. The investigation is carried.


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