In the Ministry of Internal Affairs claim that the car of the Crimean deputy brought down the pedestrian

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The Mercedes car with which as the militia claims, the driver of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea Nikolay KOTLYAREVSKY operated, injured the pedestrian.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, in the message the press - services of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Crimea is said that accident happened in the second half of day on December 29 on 115 - m highway Krasnoperekopsk kilometer - Simferopol.

"32- Nikolay KOTLYAREVSKY'S summer driver, operating the Mercedes car belonging to the deputy, I made arrival on the pedestrian. 45- the summer inhabitant of the village Beloglinka of the Simferopol area got serious injuries. For the victim are diagnosed: open fracture of the right shin, closed cherepno - a brain trauma, brain concussion", - the press - militia services is told in the message.

"According to preliminary data, responsible for road accident the driver of the car which made arrival on the person at the shined crosswalk" is, - declare in the Crimean management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

This accident is in the report of GAI of an autonomy. The state traffic inspectorate doesn't draw conclusions about guilt of participants of traffic. "The driver made arrival on the pedestrian who crossed the carriageway from left to right in the direction of the car", - is told in GAI report. It is also specified that the pedestrian was drunk.

The deputy declared that the car belongs to his father, and at a wheel of the car there was a driver. "According to that information which I have, the driver is innocent. At the time of road accident as the militia and "ambulance" recorded, the injured pedestrian was strongly drunk, the blow was lateral therefore the mirror of a side view of the car is damaged only. Besides, the speed of movement of the vehicle wasn't exceeded", - N. KOTLYAREVSKY in the comment "Crimean news agency" told.

He declared that later on a scene there were representatives the Organized Crime Control Department. As the deputy claims, they took away the driver and unsuccessfully tried "to agree". In particular, insisted that it gave evidences that at a wheel at the time of road accident there was a parliamentarian. "They found confirmations of that at the time of road accident at a wheel there was a driver, instead of I, than were strongly disappointed", - the deputy told.

Besides, employees the Organized Crime Control Department, N. KOTLYAREVSKY declared, demanded from it to arrive and offer explanations concerning road accident. "Though I am involved in it not, and the driver", - was indignant N. KOTLYAREVSKY.

In addition, according to the parliamentarian, militiamen demanded to remove prints of his fingers, in the car without the permission carried out a search, withdrew money, papers, a video camera. "I refused flatly to give prints, softly them sent and left, having specified that it not functions the Organized Crime Control Department to investigate road accident. It is excess of their powers", - N. KOTLYAREVSKY told.


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