The governor is the owner or "accompanying person"?

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The management of the Nikolaev regional administration often complains of the government. Nikolayevtsa such complaints repeatedly heard both from the governor Garkusha, and from his deputies. Alexey Nikolaevich likes to admit a hairpin stealthily, especially on television - having frowned dense eyebrows continually he scolds the government for "a mistake and omissions": for "rash" compensation of the Soviet deposits to old men, for a rise in prices, for inflation. Thus, however, the governor diligently avoids to tell the concrete names and positions. Two hares kills at once - and before Balogoy "devotion" plays, and the relation with anybody doesn't spoil.

Doesn't lag behind the boss and a site of the Nikolaev regional administration. Everyone who won't be too lazy to come on it, will be able to read such complaints in the look developed that is called.

For example, recently deputy governor (fulfilling during Garkusha's holidays) Natalya Brakovan spent his duties a briefing on the subject "Condition of Financing and Execution of Social Programs in Nikolayevshchina" at which in detail I stated claims YEAH to the government and even expressed concern about current situation.

Here that tells Is rejected.

On branch "health care" in 2008 is provided at the expense of means of the state budget purchase of medicines, the equipment for total amount of 34,6 million UAH, including according to the "Centralized Purchase of Radiological, Diagnostic and Other Equipment for Healthcare Institutions" program for the sum of 5,5 million UAH. As of 01.06.2008 it is received the equipment only for last 2007 for the sum of 3,1 million UAH. And in the current year financings from the state budget according to this Program it wasn't carried out.

According to the "Centralized Actions for an Organ Transplantation and Fabrics" program 200,5 thousand UAH are provided. As of 01.06.08 20,4 thousand UAH, or only 10% of the planned sum are received.

According to the "Ensuring Medical Actions for Fight against Tuberculosis, to Prevention and AIDS Treatment, Treatment of Oncological Patients" program financing in the sum of 18,3 million UAH is planned from the state budget.As of 01.06.08. it is received: the equipment for the sum of 2,2 million UAH (for 2007), medicines - for the sum of 3,4 million UAH. In 2008 financing according to this Program wasn't carried out.

The difficult situation with debt on the social programs, arisen owing to insufficient financings from the state budget, is observed on the following subventions:

"A subvention on granting to the population of privileges and subsidies on payment for zhilishchno - utilities". Only 36% of the approved volumes of appropriations for year owing to what on 01.06.08 there was a debt - 4,5 million UAH

are financed

"On granting privileges and housing subsidies for firm fuel and the liquefied gas to the population. Only 41% of the approved appropriations for year are financed, the sum of debt makes 1,9 million UAH

Pressing question is financing at the expense of means of the state budget of preferential transportation of citizens. Due to the insufficient financing there was a debt to carriers which makes 2,7 million UAH, of them 1,5 million UAH - before "Elektrotrans". This fact leads to that carriers refuse to transport the population, and it, in turn, increases social tension.

Only in May the government started allocating funds for the School Bus program.

The Nikolaev area in the current year on acquisition of school buses 2 million 660 thousand UAH are provided. For this time 798 thousand UAH are financed, but it is impossible to use even these means as the Ministry of Education and Science still didn't hold the tender.

At present the additional need for school buses for area makes 106 units.

In the Nikolaev area there are not installed gas two areas that causes social tension among inhabitants of these settlements, is Snigurevsky and Krivoozersky areas.

In 2008 the government reduced volumes of the state allocations for reconstruction zhilishchno - municipal services.

In general financing of works from the state budget for repair of municipal roads is stopped. If in 2007 on these purposes 33 million UAH are used, in 2008 of financing isn't provided not so.

From - for the terminations of financing of complex reconstruction of quarters of outdated housing stock the emergency in 2-x multi-storey buildings - on Karl Liebknecht St., 4, in Nikolaev and on st. is created.Rodimtsev's guardsmen, 59-and, in Pervomaisk that demands urgent resettlement of residents of these houses...

Understanding concern of regional administration about current situation, it would be possible to continue to state it to a claim to the government. But, probably, will suffice - because there was a new, very interesting situation.

The management of area complains of the government. And here - to Nikolaev there comes the head of the government. By this time holiday leaves the freshened-up and sunbathed governor which is met by a premiere, accompanies it, sits with it and sees off him from Nikolaev.

And what? Garkusha asked the prime minister why social programs aren't carried out? At least on one of the above points - asked?

If asked why nobody knows about it? Why, on the same site of the Nikolaev regional state administration there was no information: "Alexey Garkusha put an edge before the prime minister - the minister a question of financing of social programs in the Nikolaev area! ". And - the developed answers: the prime minister - the minister explained the insufficient funding reasons, told when, as well as according to what schedule these debts etc.

will be satisfied

But the imperious site is silent, is silent гаркушина a press - service, the governor is silent also. So, the devil wasn't asked by Garkusha.

What turns out? To Nikolaev there arrived the prime minister - the minister, in person - not for a holiday, and with "business trip". That is, the prime minister arrived personally to look, listen, see, hear that here occurs that is required to area that doesn't suffice etc. Personally I came into regional administration. If it asked in fact why this or that program isn't carried out, it could, at least - to promise, assure, call terms, to give (right there! ) instructions to ministers to take under personal control, etc. It was necessary to ask only! But - any question from the head of area in fact didn't sound. It seems, also there are no problems at us. Yes, probably at Garkusha with private life of problems isn't present. But - it is a question of social programs! They concern thousands and thousands of people which receives less that a minimum which guarantees the state. Isn't present elementary, promised, guaranteed - and the governor is silent.

Is silent - even concerning those questions which, on ascertaining of the regional administration, cause in it "concern" or increase "social tension" in society.Then to be cried to journalists on the careless government - we can, and tell the head of the government the same - language suddenly a spasm reduced. Or heart? For fear?

For what then the governor is necessary? To accompany visitors of officials, under the protocol? Only? It is so possible to put the governor any a top - model - it will be bright and beautiful to accompany officials it, with gloss!

Or to complain to journalists of non-performance of state programs? It is so possible to put in a governor's chair 90 - the summer old woman - she will perfectly cope with this task, the benefit to complain of "tops" to girlfriends - to grandmothers for long life learned.

What then the price of words - "the skilled head", "the strong business executive", "professional", etc.? What price of words: "Alexey Garkusha is where his knowledge and talents are necessary most of all"?

Yes in that is continually that Garkusha - the official of the highest Soviet test, which task - to smooth acute angles; not to solve a problem, and to shade them, to do everything so, no problems and are present. Never Garkusha will ask pressing questions to the higher head. Not for nothing, as a knife to a throat, there was an unplanned address of the farmer to Yulia Timoshenko in Guryevke - then at Garkusha directly breath intercepted. Certainly, to it it was enough. The prime minister didn't have enough still any not legal questions! Therefore our correspondents weren't allowed in a journalistic pool - God forbid, not to ask Tymoshenko's direct question of rather real affairs in area. Here the governor's adherent Yury Tikhy (such people - always adherents of the owners) who now the press - services works as the chief garkushiny tried...

As a result - all are happy. And Yulia Vladimirovna who did a bit of traveling on fields - plants and talked then to a so-called asset of area, - and Garkusha who adequately accompanied the prime minister and kept silent. It executed the mission. Really, as "accompanying person" - it is almost irreplaceable.


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