Tymoshenko allows repeated privatization of regional gases and criticizes heads of regions - "debtors"

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko charged to make till May 15 changes to tariffs for delivery and gas transportation for salary increase to technical workers облгоргазов.

It gave such assignment on May 5 after meeting in Cabinet of Ministers. She noted that now the average salary in the oblgorgazakh makes 600-800 hryvnias, and completeness shots - 65%.

"I want to look that you will do when it will be, say, 45%. It will be accident", - the prime minister told, addressing to heads of the regional and city gas-distributing companies.

She also noted that thus increase of a salary has to concern only technical workers, instead of the management of the companies.

Tymoshenko also charged to Ministry of Fuel and Energy to create the working group on the head with the minister Yury Prodann for development within month of the comprehensive program of reconstruction and modernization of local gas networks of Ukraine.

"I want to see in a month the comprehensive program of reconstruction and modernization of gas networks, and with the counted money on the periods, and also with prime medium-term and long-term prospects of an expenditure of these capital investments", - she told.

The prime minister - the minister suggested to include in structure of this working group of representatives of engineering structure and owners of local networks, and also the trade-union organizations.

It also charged to this working group within a month in detail to analyse all components of tariffs for transportation and delivery.

"Spread out these tariffs for molecules and atoms, understand, what expenses go on technical requirements, study, what real losses of gas. And I ask to put the full economic calculation in a month that we need to do with tariffs", - the head of the government explained.

As it was reported, in November of last year the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko declared that initiates introduction of a ban on operation of gas-distributing networks on which more than 40 years modernization wasn't carried out."We have to make such decision that networks to which more than 40 years, shouldn't be operated in gas-distributing system", - Yushchenko told, having reminded of the tragedy in Dnepropetrovsk.

The president also suggested to consider separately a question of activity and a condition of gas-distributing networks, since questions of property and transfer to rent before establishment of the state control of activity of such structures.

Distributive gas networks which are state ownership, in 2001, according to the contract with a recreation center "Gas of Ukraine" NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, were transferred to regional gases to using.
The general extent of the Ukrainian gas-distributing networks makes more than 300 thousand kilometers.

Tymoshenko also doesn't exclude repeated privatization of regional gases, in case of a default of debts for the consumed gas.

"If for a month all debts for which regional gas bears responsibility directly aren't closed, I ask to begin bankruptcy procedure. There is enough curtseys, it is enough to beg and expect", - I told Tymoshenko.

The prime minister - the minister charged to Ministry of Fuel and Energy, NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, to the Ministry of Justice, FGI and the Ministry of Economics to create for this purpose the relevant working group.

Tymoshenko, besides, charged to prepare the bill which will allow the state to appoint interim managers of regional gases, in case of the beginning of procedure of their bankruptcy.

"Around the world such system works faultlessly. If the private owner leads up a blind alley the company which is the monopolist on delivery of the energy carriers, all countries on this case have special procedure of interim managers before situation normalization. If the system lost controllability, temporary management of the state is appointed until the real competition with investment and social conditions will be announced, with conditions of labor unions and local budgets and honest privatization will be carried out, I emphasize not gas networks but only regional gases which don't carry out the function", - she explained.

Yulia Timoshenko charged Ministry of Fuel and Energy and NAK "Naftogaz Ukraine" to develop the bill providing investment responsibility of owners of the power companies. "Nobody promised that without investments it is possible to privatize the most important functions of the state", - she emphasized.

Tymoshenko also at meeting with heads of local administrations and heads of the gas-supplying organizations scarified the Kherson area for the lowest indicator of calculation for gas - 49,5%.

In response to an explanation of the reasons of such situation of the deputy head of the Kherson regional state administration Alexey Bespalov the prime minister - the minister gave Odessa region where, according to her, problems similar, however level of calculation for gas makes 106% as an example.

Tymoshenko emphasized that low interest of calculation for gas arises because of unsatisfactory work of regional gases, the insufficient coordinating role of the regional state administrations has a certain impact on it also.

"I want to ask you a simple question, - she told, addressing to Bespalov. - You know, our Russia doesn't wait, you know that every week to us remind that Ukraine has to pay. Debt today - in areas. And if Odessa can work, I will call still the Sumy area which too can work almost for 100%, and it not such rich and industrial area … Tell, how much time you need for you, as worst area from all to close a debt which you have, nearly 32 million hryvnias"

In reply Bespalov noted that "if there will be a government resolution, actually one month …".

In turn Tymoshenko addressed to it with a reciprocal question: "And and here Cabinet. In the Odessa and Sumy areas there are resolutions of Cabinet of Ministers special for them? ". The prime minister emphasized that all areas work on an equal footing, and asked to forget about means of the state budget.

"The state budget covered three-year debt which was on gas, a three-year robbery of NAK of "Naftogaz" and money laundering in NAK. It was closed by the budget and paid all debt", - told Tymoshenko.

In reply Bespalov declared that elimination of debt requires 3 months.

"Then write the letter to "Gazprom" and report that 3 months Russia will wait for calculation for gas", - declared to Tymoshenko and gave two - three weeks for the solution of a question with debt in area.

She also called among the largest debtors for gas the Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk areas.

Tymoshenko is sure that the management "Ukrgaz - Power" will be brought to trial.

"You remember, how many told, what "the Ukrgaz - Power" will work at domestic market of Ukraine for life, and what they spat on the government, on the prime minister, on NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, on Ministry of Fuel and Energy? Also said that they have another "control center of flight" to which they report and where they constantly will milk domestic market of Ukraine infinitely, and destroying all systems. Show me, where now "Ukrgaz - Power", and it yet the end. I am sure that for it will be also criminal liability from the first and to the last head whoever they were today - deputies or simply dismissed people", - emphasized with Tymoshenko.

"Ukrgaz - Power" - the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy joint venture and the RosUkrEnergo AG companies (Switzerland), was created in February, 2006. It was the only supplier of natural gas to Ukraine. "Ukrgaz - Power" sold to industrial consumers of Ukraine the natural gas acquired at RosUkrEnergo.

On March 12 at negotiations in Moscow between the management of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy and JSC Gazprom the decision on elimination from the gas market of Ukraine of the Ukrgaz — Power company was signed.

As it was reported earlier, the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko at governmental meeting declared the concern about a condition of internal calculations for natural gas.

"The situation with calculations of areas for natural gas is disturbing. These calculations aren't carried out in due time, not conducted in full. The government and the budget can't infinitely allocate funds for a covering of deficiency of calculations for natural gas", - told Tymoshenko.

The prime minister - the minister emphasized that calculations for the consumed natural gas were and remain for the government a subject of national security of Ukraine.

"We can't watch how in one areas pay off almost for 100%, and in other areas - don't hold out even to 60%. It speaks about the negligent relation to system of calculations, about absence of responsibility at those heads which today such calculations show", - she added.

Tymoshenko paid attention to that fact that the majority of the gas-supplying enterprises in Ukraine are private.

Also at meeting the vice-chairman of board of NAK NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Vladimir Trikolich declared that "Naftogaz" is ready to submit together with regional gases for consideration of the National commission of regulation of power industry uniform offers on tariffs for gas.

According to him, these offers will consider growth of expenses for operation of pipelines, costs so-called "technological gas", and also a salary.

Thus Trikolich noted that it will be possible to speak about inclusion of increase of a salary in tariff structure only after regular number in the oblgorgazakh will be brought into accord with standard requirements.

"For the last years the number of workers of regional gases increased by 10-12 thousand people. Thus the amount of transported gas decreased. That is, not all workers of regional gases are related to gas transportation, and their salary won't join in a tariff for transportation. It is our position, and I want that heads of regional gases understood it", - Trikolich told.

Also Trikolich declared that the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy plans to finish this week registration of the contractual relations with облгоргазами concerning operation of gas-distributing networks (GRS).

"We conduct this work since January 1 and, I hope, we will finish it next week. Thus we have to understand, how many gas is transported on pipelines as their reconstruction and operation is conducted. Technological expenses and commercial losses expenses on installation of counters, system of fund raising and quality of rendered services" will be considered thus, - he noted.

He also noted that in his opinion, not all regional gases will be able to sustain the market competition and will be able to provide quality of services in operation and gas transportation which demands NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy.

Also Trikolich declared that the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy will stop all contractual relations with regional gases which to this term won't transfer settlement accounts to "Oshchadbank" since May 15.

He noted that "Oshchadbank" thus guarantees the correct distribution of funds from the specialaccount, providing assignment of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy of payments for gas against the population and budgetary organizations. "Other funds, including for gas transportation, remain it", - Trikolich noted.

Earlier the Minister of Fuel and Energy Yury Prodan reported that now the accounts didn't transfer "Volyngaz" to Oshchadbank, "Lvovgaz", "Zhitomirgaz", "Makeevkagaz".

Besides, Trikolich at meeting declared that commercial losses of gas at облгоргазов "have to disappear as a class".

He noted that now so-called commercial losses of gas sharply increased. In his opinion, it occurs because облгоргазы I receive gas as Ukrainian production (for the population and budgetary organization), and the import gas intended for prompotrebitel. "It mixes up and not always there is an opportunity it to track. By it is explained that fact that commercial losses sharply increased in 19 regional gases belonging to one group", - Trikolich emphasized.

According to NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, it is possible to solve the specified problem due to registration of the new contractual relations at which облгоргазы will receive means for services in transportation from NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" which will be directly engaged in gas realization.


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