"Gepa" - Kharkov eliminates people of the mayor Dobkin?

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At the end of the last month the adviser of the Kharkov mayor O. A. Medvedev who since April, 2006 held a position of executive committee of the Kharkov city council managing affairs, and since April, 2007 - the adviser of the Kharkov mayor died. Many mass media reported about this event, as about death of the deputy of the Moscow regional council of Kharkov O. Medvedev to whom more than a year ago improvised G. Kernesa the nose and ears were cut off. As it became clear later, these are two absolutely different persons though in their biographies there are many similar fig.

Most likely, the "second" Medvedev who is carefully protected by intelligence services from final punishment, still will play the fatal role in destiny of "Gepy".

"Lung cancer" became an official cause of death of the young, healthy by sight and cheerful adviser of M. Dobkin. As for informal causes of death of the person close to M. Dobkin who was devoted in many aspects of corruption and "lawlessness" on - Kharkov, that, according to competent sources, they aren't connected absolutely not with consequences of a prokurennost and a dust content of the Kharkov imperious offices. According to experts, lung cancer could be caused in Medvedev by the directed influence of isotopes with which long time intentionally poisoned "person Dobkin".

For experts on unofficial Kharkov policy isn't a secret that despite "on - human" the premises of own hotel "National" provided by "Gepoy" under mourning memorial service, the relations at Gennady Adolfovich with the dead never were human.

About a year ago, before O. Medvedev's appointment to a post of the adviser to the mayor, between G. Kernes and then still the executive officer of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies occurred the serious conflict which has ended with drawing insults and injuries to O. Medvedev.The professional bureaucrat decided to open eyes to the direct head M. Dobkin on a number of the problems connected with "boundless" nature of G. Kernes, and to raise a question of redistribution of powers in team.

Not to the liyena will be to note that the question of powers in Kharkov is basic, and even "corner" (first of all in the economic plan). As, despite unprecedented level of corruption in the Kharkov authorities, M. Dobkin doesn't take real part neither in management of the city, nor in adoption of capital-intensive decisions. If M. Dobkin entirely accepted situation at which he had an opportunity, without penetrating in real financially - economic processes, to receive fixed "license fee" for own autographs under documents and to earn from prosperity of family business, such situation couldn't satisfy the informed and ambitious Medvedev.

Before M. Dobkin weak-willed and completely operated from the outside overestimated weight Medvedev put the dilemma, which decision, probably, and became for it fatal: "or I, or "Gepa"! ". As a result, M. Dobkin not only "handed over" the person betrayed to, and not only allowed "Gepa" "to lower" the competitor, but also discharged Medvedev of administration of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

As soon as Medvedev "lost", having transferred to a rank "the adviser to the mayor" on whom already nobody consults, against the former bureaucrat large-scale work on intimidation and slow expression from a dobkinsky environment was developed. Except constant public insults, "Gepa" did everything possible for blocking of autonomous activity of Medvedev, having discharged it even of questions of analytical and information support.

Today "Gepa" is far outside the hometown and the fatherland, having filled up diaspora of the Ukrainian corrupt officials and criminals in Russia. On informal, but credible information to come back to the duties of the Secretary of the Kharkov City Council and the citizen of Ukraine he hardly gathers. In the homeland to "Gep" waits not only another - well - Medvedev, but also "Lutsenko's eagles". And also about 10 criminal cases, on a bigger half from which it can be easily retrained from the witness in the accused.

However the most dangerous and constantly increasing category of the expecting - "the deceived investors" JSC Harkovskaya Korruption from which by advance payment money was taken for the solution of numerous questions and which under present circumstances to solve not probably. With this category options of "lung cancer" won't pass. It is rather, "cancer" will deliver to "Gep" …

P.S. In the light of the latest events, in the juiciest situation there was the Kharkov mayor M. Dobkin who if something happens will have to:
a) to be responsible for "Gepa" before all whom that threw;
b) to look for into place "Gepy" of other person and long to bring him up to date (real ideas of the mayor of activity of the city are reflected in all known roller :);
c) to carry out orders of "Gepy" in a remote mode;
d) to be afraid of punishment from outside "Gepy", as the main witness of many resonant affairs, including purely criminal.


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